10 ENGAGING St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Kindergarteners – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: June 12, 2022

If you are a teacher for kindergarten and are looking for some creative ways to indulge your students this St. Patrick’s Day, you are at the perfect place.

Kindergarten children want attractive ways of learning. Therefore, planning out simple but fun activities can help them learn more.

Here we have rounded up some of the most interesting and creative activities that will not only keep your kids busy but will also create opportunities for their learning.

Great St Patrick’s Day Activities For Kindergarten

Below we have listed all those activities that are great for learning and fun for children, especially those in kindergarten.

So, read on and explore some simple yet exciting ways to keep your child active and happy this 17th of March.

Science | Creative | Fine Motor

1. Make a Fizzy Leprechaun Pot

A bit of science under your guidance will make the kids have a wonderful time and simultaneously develop their interest in science.

Different science experiments can be planned out on the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. One such idea is to make a fizzy leprechaun pot.

For this purpose, each child will need a pot, baking soda, and vinegar. You can help your child make his own cute little fizzing pot.

This experiment starts by adding a few drops of food coloring into the pot. Then a teaspoon of baking soda is added. Finally, vinegar is added to the pot, and the mixture flows out with effervescence.

You can add glitter to the mixture as well to make it look more attractive. For learning more about this activity, be sure to visit LittleBinsForLittleHands.com.

Creative | Fine Motor | Writing

2. Craft a Paper Plate Leprechaun

Art and crafts are always exciting for children. They keep little minds engaged in a fun process while developing their skills, too.

You can plan many different crafts for children to make on St. Patrick’s Day. One such crafting activity is making a paper plate leprechaun. For this, the children will need a paper plate.

Start with turning the plate upside down and gluing an orange crepe paper for the leprechaun’s beard.

Then, make a green hat using chart paper. Use a black chart paper for the belt and a yellow one for the buckle. This hat is then glued to the paper plate.

In the end, draw the face of the leprechaun using a marker. You can also use a pair of googly eyes to paste in the place of the eyes, and your paper plate leprechaun will be ready.

Be sure to visit kixcereal.com for further details!

Fine Motor | Creative | Social Skill

3. Make a Little Leprechaun Hat

This cute little hat makes children very happy when they wear it after making it.

You can make it easily using glitter foam. However, be careful where cutting is required and do it yourself. Take the glitter foam and cut two circles from it using a can cozy.

One should be exactly the size of the cozy, while the other should be larger to cover the brim. Apply glue to the rim of the cozy and fix it in the center of the bigger circle.

Now, glue the smaller circle to the top of the cozy to form the roof of the hat. Next, place the hat on the head of the child and measure the size of the ribbon.

Attach the right size ribbon with the lower circle and let the child decorate the hat as he desires.

For further information on this, be sure to visit creativegreenliving.com.  

Fine Motor | Creative | Social Skill

4. Make St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary Word Cards

You can plan out several literary activities following St. Patrick’s Day. One such activity is making vocabulary word cards.

On these vocabulary cards, you can include all the words related to this event. Another option is that you can simply style the cards according to the theme and write various words on them.

This activity will make cards look very colorful and hence attractive. Little children will enjoy learning words from these cards.

You can hold one card at a time and ask the children to spell the word out loud. You can repeat the activity many times and display the cards on the soft board after having practiced.

For printable cards and more thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day’s literary activities, be sure to visit rockabyeparents.com. 

Fine Motor | Creative | Social Skill

5. Make Playdough Creations

Playing with playdough is always a fun activity for children of all ages. So, it is going to attract little kindergarteners.

You can use green clay to stay in line with the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. You can make trays for your students or give them small bowls with all the required utensils and accessories.

You can add a rolling pin, beads, coins, and glitter to their trays along with the clay. You can also give them cookie cutters to make their favorite shapes.

Then you can ask the whole class to try their best to make their favorite things out of the provided materials. After that, all you will have to do is sit back and enjoy the creativity sprouting out of the little hands!

However, you can join in your students and add a bit of your creativity into the atmosphere and inspire your little ones.

Do check out FantasticFunAndLearning.com for more ideas on using playdough for St. Patrick’s Day activities.

Fine Motor | Sensory Skill | Social Skill

6. Make Rainbow Handprints

This is a very enthusiastic and colorful activity that will capture the attention of children.

You can teach your little ones about different colors of the rainbow and then paint each fingertip with rainbow colors in order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, or purple).

Then you can ask the children to do the same. This cute little activity will help develop children’s motor skills and improve their sense of colors.

It will also introduce them to the world of painting and how one can express oneself with paints and colors. Hence, it can help develop their sensory skills.

With this activity, you can also teach them about cleanliness by spreading out plastic sheets or old newspapers below the charts on which you are hand printing.

For more ideas, you can visit b-inspiredmama.com.

Creative | Fine Motor | Social Skill

7. Clover Collage

Crafting is one of the most interesting and thought-provoking activities for kindergarteners.

You can assist your students in making all sorts of crafts related to St. Patrick’s Day. Making a clover collage is one such amazing idea. For this, you can ask the students to first draw a clover on a piece of paper.

Then, provide them with different green things for decorating it, including scraps of green papers, green beads, green glitter, etc. However, you must be extra careful if cutting is required and take the responsibility to do it yourself.

You can check PocketOfPreschool.com for some more exciting ideas regarding crafting.

Motor Skill | Social Skill | Language

8. Have a Green Snack

On this St. Patrick’s Day, you can bring joy to your little ones with basic activities. One such activity is having a green meal.

Something as simple as this can make your little leprechauns happy. When you bring something green to eat or drink to the table, joy will automatically fill the little hearts.

Peas, steamed broccoli, green beans, and wilted spinach are not just healthy but green too. They are a great meal suggestion.

You can tell the students about the importance of a healthy diet and even ask them to share their lunch. This will help improve their social skills as well.

For further information on this, be sure to visit verywellfamily.com. 

Math | Cognitive Skill | Motor Skill

9. Get Worksheets for Mathematical Questions

It is true that ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’ However, the opposite is also quite true.

So, instead of letting the children play around all day, use this opportunity to improve their mathematical knowledge and skills.

Prepare some amazing worksheets with treasure coins, leprechauns, rainbows, pots, and shamrocks. Use these figures to create interesting counting games and mazes. You can even ask your little students to assist you in making these worksheets.

If you have already taught them how to do some very basic questions of addition and subtraction, you can make worksheets, including such questions as well.

This activity will help improve their learning as well as their motor skills. If you do not have enough time to make worksheets yourself, you can always purchase them from some shop or even download them from online sources.

For this purpose, we recommend that you visit Education.com for printables as well as other similar ideas. 

Cognitive Skill | Sensory Skill | Social Skill

10. Play a Leprechaun Matching Game

Arranging small games can be very engaging for little kids. On a day like St. Patrick’s, creating special fun games according to the theme will make the children happy and cheerful.

You can pair them up to make teams and tell them to help out their team members win the games. This will help develop their social skills.

You can play leprechaun matching games with kids. For this, you will need some leprechaun cutouts of different colors.

The children will find out the ones that match. This way, their sensory skills will improve as they will try to distinguish one-colored leprechaun from another.

More about this activity can be found on Theartkitblog.com. Be sure to check it for further assistance!

What Supplies Are Needed For These Activities?

For most of the aforementioned activities, the supplies that you will require are commonly available.

For making worksheets for literary activities, coloring, or mathematical questions, all that you need are paper, scissors, glue sticks, colored markers, glitter pens, and other easily available stationary items.

For decorations and crafting, you will require paper plates, ribbons, and cardboard.

Photo Credit: EvolvingCatherine.com

Playing dough and poster paints or acrylic paints may be required as well. To help children make interesting things with clay, you may need to provide them with things like rollers, cookie cutters, beads, and glitter.

Similarly, for science experiments, you will need some special equipment according to the activity that you are planning.

For instance, baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring are some things you will need for the fizzy leprechaun pot. 

Other than that, if your school gives lunch in the cafeteria, you may want to tell the cafeteria manager beforehand about your plans for a green meal so that they can arrange accordingly on time.

Besides this, all you will need is the high spirit of every student to have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.


Any event or special day can be made even more special by putting a little effort into it.

Your little students will love the effort you will put in making those worksheets, decorations, games, paintings, and other arrangements.

So, get inspiration from our list of activities and make the next St. Patrick’s Day a memorable one for your students!

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