Shapes Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

Learning to recognize shapes is an essential skill for preschool education. All children learn to differentiate between the basic and advanced 2D shapes and eventually acknowledge their relationship with 3D ones later in their kindergarten studies. Our article helps parents and pre-k teachers guide their children and students in that process. We introduce gamification via … Read more

Counting Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

Counting is the basis of the more complicated concepts in mathematics. Once the child grasps the base levels, advancing and learning more complex ideas will become exponentially easier. This article gives you a few fun ideas for making counting more approachable for the kid by gamification of learning. Great Counting Activities For Kindergarten Staying on … Read more

Addition Activities For Kindergarten – Add Them Up in 2021

Kindergarten is an exciting time for a child. This is when children start communicating with the world, finding out new concepts and their fascinating connections with each other. Putting seeds of mathematical concepts and nurturing them is one of the skills acquired through your child’s kindergarten education. Adding numbers together is one of the many … Read more

Sequencing Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Parent and Teacher Guide

Sequencing is another step in a kindergartener’s logical development. It’s a necessary component for speech building, predicting steps, and breaking tasks into smaller pieces. It can even be an ideal basis for building the notion of time recognition (what takes longer or how much time a task takes) and reading words (later, sentences). Spending time … Read more

Sight Word Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

Let’s be honest—sight words are one of the foundation blocks of your kid’s pre-school education. Making them fun to learn can be the difference between your child enjoying their further studies or hating them for all eternity. Kindergarten teachers who know how to gamify the learning process get instant “street cred,” and the parents turn … Read more