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Welcome to our site!

We’re glad you stopped in to check out our about us page. You may be wondering, who is behind Education Outside? The truth is, we are teachers, former teachers, homeschooling parents, and education enthusiasts who know how important it is for educators (both at home and in school) to have access to quality, engaging materials to teach kids vital skills. Although our home base is in Washington state, we have many collaborators from across the United States. 

Our goal is to be your go-to resource for various educational topics and materials. We’ve been in business since 2021 but have decades of teaching experience under our belts. We started with a small handful of employees and have added several staff members as we’ve grown. 

What is Education Outside?

Education Outside was built to come alongside teachers and parents to provide fresh new ideas for keeping kids happy, entertained, and learning. We all know how tedious essential skills can be for educators and children alike, so we aim to find and provide great ways to keep it fun.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Our staff consists of a team of teachers, former teachers, homeschooling parents, and education enthusiasts who strive to make learning as fun and multi-faceted as possible.

We thoroughly scour the internet for fun and simple ideas to be your one-stop shop when it comes to finding activities for your students. Time is precious and we know you don’t have any to waste when getting your lessons together.

Our love of both teaching and kids makes us a great resource for whatever learning objective is in the lesson book, or even if you just want to throw together a last-minute, hands-on activity for a rainy day. We also provide custom worksheets and modules to supplement your lesson planning.

How Does All This Work?

It’s perfectly natural to wonder how we choose the activities that appear on our site. While anyone can do a Google search to find the activities on our page, we put forth the time and effort to choose a variety of activities for various topics to make our site the only place you need to go to plan your lessons.

First, we research the top things teachers and educators are searching for. Then, we gather up some of the most fitting projects for that subject matter and compile them in one review. Our writers provide a quick guide to the activity so you can choose the best ones for your students. From there, we link to the detailed directions to make things quick and easy.

Our designers also create helpful worksheets you can easily print for your students. Whatever you’re looking for, we either have it or likely will soon.

Places You Can Find Our Products

The best place to find our products is right here on our website. However, you can also purchase from our Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers stores, if you prefer. We also have some physical books available on Amazon and plan to continue to add new products there. 

Books We Have Published

Having a physical book is often a necessity, and our individual practice books are great as an intervention tool, or for parents or teachers who want to provide targeted practice for their student(s) at home or in the classroom. Check out our most recent publications and be sure to follow our Amazon page so you can be notified when new products hit the market.

Let’s Connect – Find Us in These Places

You can find us and our products on Facebook, Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, and of course, in our Amazon store. If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to give a shout-out, contact us directly right here on our website.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us. We hope you visit again soon!

Hi, I'm Amanda! Welcome to Education Outside! Im passionate about educating young minds and helping parents/teachers by providing easy and effective teaching resources. Check out all of my teaching resources on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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