10 Long Vowel Sounds Worksheets – Printable Practice for Kids in 2023

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Learning vowel sounds is a building block to reading success and long vowel combinations are part of that process. 

Using worksheets to teach, practice, reinforce, and review long vowel sounds is an easy, no-prep activity to add to your daily or weekly curriculum.

Long Vowel Sound Worksheets

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This is a complete set of long vowel worksheets from EducationOutside. There are 10 worksheets for each long vowel sound. With a variety of activities on each page, students will stay engaged and interested. Why shouldn’t learning be both fun and educational at the same time?

The activities range from find and circle, trace it, color it, read it, write it, spin it, and more. Each sheet features fun clip art and comes in black and white or color so you can use it as a coloring activity if you wish. This is a great addition to any long vowel curriculum and can be used as a center, independent activity, for at home learning, and many other ways. It’s all up to you.

This long vowel activity bundle by FirstGradeSchoolhouse is chock full of ways to practice vowel sounds. Each page focuses on one activity so kids can easily understand and complete the sheets on their own, allowing you time to prepare for your next task. With over 170 pages of practice, you’ll have plenty of ways to work on long vowel sounds.

The activities include stamping, creating a long vowel book, highlighting, reading, writing, building the word, bingo, and even sentence and story writing to increasingly challenge young learners. Each vowel sound comes in its own file to make things easier on you. This set is great for word work, guided groups, centers, or as an intervention tool. 

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3. Mixed Long Vowel Words Worksheets

TeachAtDaycare’s set of long vowel worksheets provides mixed long vowel practice on every page. The set features 10 worksheets, with a different activity on each page. Activities include circling, coloring, writing, tracing, marking, recognizing, and dice rolling to help kids understand and identify long vowel sounds. 

These printable sheets are quick and easy to add to any long vowel curriculum and are sure to be a hit in your classroom. You can also have students color the pictures for added fun and creativity.

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4. Huge Long Vowel Teams Phonics Bundle for First Grade

TheCandyClass’s long vowel teams phonics bundle features 16 long vowel teams and is 110 pages of activities to keep kids learning. Each page features a different activity and targets a specific vowel sound. 

It includes activities such as sorting, dabbing, matching, building, and spinning. All pages are black and white and double as a creative coloring sheet as well. This can be used as a center, guided class activity, at home learning, or for review.

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5. Warm Up Young Minds With Long Vowel Practice

With these long vowel warm ups from MissDecarbo, you will have plenty of ways to help students work on these combinations. This set includes 118 pages of practice that is perfect for first and second-grade students as well as an intervention for students who struggle with this concept. 

The pages include read, write, trace, word search, real and nonsense word decoding, and silly stories to increase fluency. You can use these sheets for desk work, word work centers, homework, or even for distance learning and practice. Print exactly what you need and you’re ready to go.

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6. Comprehensive Long Vowel Teams Bundle

Eugenia’sLearningTools has created this long vowel set to help teach and reinforce these letter sounds. You get a whopping 215 worksheets to choose from, each featuring a specific activity. These are great for classroom instruction, activity centers, homework, and as a review activity. 

The sheets include sorting, word matching, reading and illustrating sentences, unscrambling, fill in the blank, comprehension, alphabetical order, and roll and read activities. Each long vowel sound has its own set of worksheets so you can do one vowel at a time or mix it up depending on your lesson plans. 

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7. Grow Comprehension With Long Vowel Sentence Trees

If you don’t need as much variety, these long vowel sentence trees by JodiSouthard will help kids build their comprehension one word at a time. This set includes 100 sentence tree cards. 

You may be wondering; What is a sentence tree? Well, a sentence tree builds a sentence one word at a time. On line one, kids will read the first word of the sentence only. Line two has the first word (which they already read) along with the second word of the sentence. Each line gets a little longer and gives the visual appearance of a tree. This helps kids feel confident with each word and gain word recognition along the way.

This 75 page long vowel practice bundle by Can’tStopSmiling gives teachers various ways to teach and reinforce this concept. Each sheet focuses on a specific skill including long and short vowel sort, picture naming, drawing, using silent e, changing to a long vowel sound, sorting, writing sentences, and more.

This set is great for distance learning, homework, introducing, and practicing long vowels. It features common vowel teams, silent e, words that end with ew, ay, ow, igh, and words ending with a y and making a long i sound. It covers all the bases and will be an excellent addition to your lesson or homework plans.

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9. Long Vowels Bundle – Printables and Easel-Compatible

This long vowel bundle from FishyRobb is 195 pages of practice that also includes Easel activities and assessments to make your job easier. The focus of this bundle is on vowel teams but it also incorporates long vowel homophones, which is a bonus. 

The worksheets feature activities like crosswords, word searches, word cards (with and without pictures), ladders, sort, cut, and paste, and more. The bundle includes answer sheets to make grading easier and some of the sheets can be used in the Easel program and are self-grading. You also get a 10 item spelling test to help with assessing student mastery.

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10. Comprehensive Bundle of VCE Words and Vowel Teams

TweetResources is offering this long vowel bundle to provide you with a plethora of ways to practice. With over 350 pages of practice, you’ll have more than enough worksheets to keep your students busy and learning. And variety is key to boredom-busting for your students. Just choose what fits your curriculum best, print, and go!

This set is broken down into 19 vowel combinations including vowel teams, each CVCe set, poster printables, and y long vowels. The activities include tracing, writing, coloring, sorting, sentence scrambles, word builder, cut and paste, and more. This comprehensive bundle is an excellent addition to your lesson plans for at home practice, interventions, whole class instruction, or for practice.


Long vowels sounds can be tricky for kids but with the worksheets we’ve reviewed, you’ll have the tools you need to teach, practice, and assess your students. All of the activities include many sheets so you can use as few or as many as you wish.

Long vowel worksheets are a quick, easy way to engage and interest students, and they are ready when you are. Whether you need a few sheets to add to your existing plans or a comprehensive set to use for teaching long vowels, you are sure to find what you need in one of the options above.

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