Top 10 Best Writing Activities for Kindergarteners – 2023 Compilation

| Last Updated: June 15, 2022

Children’s early developmental years are very important for building up the necessary skills for learning, reading, and writing.

However, most children are naturally curious and hyperactive, which is why it is difficult to engage them in boring classes.

To help you out, we have compiled some amazing and interesting fun activities that will brighten up the mood of your classroom and captivate the attention of your students while encouraging them to actively participate in class. We suggest you read this article to get some exciting new ideas for your kindergarten classroom.

Great Writing Activities For Kindergarten

Here are some amazing activities that we think that your preschoolers will love and enjoy. Make sure to keep them super fun and interactive!

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1. Giant Letter Maze

During the developmental years of children, it is very important to teach them how to grip a pencil correctly. The Giant Letter Maze is a fun activity specially designed for children between the ages of three and four. 

As a teacher, you must engage your children in a fun manner. While your students might not be able to write their ABCs just yet, you can still make them learn and sing their alphabets, all the while teaching them how to grip their pencil the correct way.

This activity takes very little time and effort to set up. All you need is to place a large sheet of paper on the ground and write the letters on it. The letters do not have to be necessary in order.

Ask the child to match the letters in the correct order. You can make this more fun by urging the children to sing their ABCs while doing this activity. Through this activity, you can teach your students how to correctly grip the pencil while matching the letters.

This improves their fine motor skills. To learn more about this activity, you can check out as well.

Writing | Fine Motor | Social Skill

2. Dough Your Letters

Engaging the preschoolers in educational activities can be a little challenging, especially if they are very active and always looking for fun things to do.

However, you can make them do their letters through this cool pre-writing activity for preschoolers.

All you need is some colorful play dough and bright drinking straws. Children love to play with colorful things. After they are done creating interesting things from their play dough, ask them to join you in this fun Dough Your Letter activity.

Flatten and lay out some brightly colored dough on the table and trace a letter using a sharp object. Now, take the straws and cut them into small pieces, and ask the students to trace the letter by placing the straws in order.

Once done, get back and appreciate your students’ handiwork. You can check out to learn more about this activity.

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3. Who Am I?

The first thing a child must learn is how to write their name. This cool self-introduction activity is a fun way to start teaching your students the basics of writing.

The worksheet is designed for kindergarten students to fill in their personal information such as their name, age, and the city they live in. 

The worksheet includes a space for the kid to draw their picture and the place where they live. It is a simple and easy writing activity that most preschoolers enjoy doing.

You can also ask the students to talk about their favorite color, sports, or book while filling the sheet to make it more engaging and fun. The worksheet, along with more details, is available on and can be printed by parents or teachers.

Print as many worksheets as you want for your classroom, and you are good to go! 

Social Skill | Creative | Writing

4. Pick a Picture, Tell a Tale

Pictures are a great way to tell a story.

They are also a great way to capture the attention of young children. You can use some amazing pictures to find clues to form a tale.

Ask the students what is happening in the picture and urge them to write a few sentences. The kids will not only enjoy it thoroughly, but this fun activity will spark the creativity inside them as well.

As a teacher, you can make this activity more interesting and engaging by asking the students to read out their stories in front of the class or to their best friend.

Print out some colorful pictures to get started. You can download some cool pictures and learn more about this activity from

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5. Find Your Valentine Card

Celebrating Valentine’s day is an amazing way to inspire feelings of love and friendship among students. However, you can turn this valentine’s day celebration into a fun and interesting learning activity by engaging students in finding their valentine’s card.

This activity is specially designed for kindergartners and grade-one students and is a great writing activity for early learners and readers. This activity takes a little time to set up but is fairly easy.

You can download printable picture cards with cool vocabulary words related to Valentine’s day and paste them all around the classroom. Print the response sheets for students and ask them to find the words on the picture cards that start with the letter given in their sheets.

The students should look around the classroom and copy down the vocabulary words from the picture cards. This activity is a fun way to teach students how to spell some basic vocabulary words and learn their meanings, all the while engaging them in a fun and friendly classroom activity.

You can download the printable cards and sheets from and find many more valentine’s day activities as well.

Writing | Creative | Fine Motor

6. Aye, Aye Captain! 

Summers are ideal for spending some amazing time near the ocean with your friends and family.

Children, especially, love the sea. Most of them get excited when they learn about the ventures at sea.

As a teacher, you can incorporate many fun activities related to the ocean that may not only help the students in learning and writing but also spark their enthusiasm, creativity, and curiosity.

This cool Pirate activity includes a pack of printable sheets with different writing, tracing, matching, coloring, and drawing sheets related to pirates. Print the sheets and allow the students to imagine pirate life and complete the tasks. 

You can download the printables from Check out many more activities available on the site for preschoolers as well!

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7. Let’s Do a Century! 

The 100th day of the class is a great day to celebrate with the children. It denotes that you have spent 100 days with the kids, laughing and learning amazing things.

This Let’s Do A Century writing activity is a great way to celebrate the 100th day of learning for preschoolers and kindergartners. Ask them to write 100 things that they want and 100 things they do not want.

The teacher can collect the response sheets at the end of the day. This activity is a great way to see what the students have learned so far while making them practice their vocabulary and writing skills in a fun manner.

You can check out more similar ideas for the 100th-day celebration for your class available at

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8. Thanksgiving Word Hunt 

Feeling a bit festive lately? Well, it is the perfect time to have some fun in the classroom.

Engage your students in this exciting Thanksgiving word hunt activity this year.
This activity will not only help them shake off some boredom, but they will also learn some new words related to thanksgiving.

To set up this activity, all you need to do is print some colorful thanksgiving picture cards with names and paste them around the room – on the walls, cupboards, and boxes. Now give a sheet to each student with pictures and ask them to find the matching picture card around the name. 

After finding the card, tell the students to write the name on the sheet and color in the given picture. This word hunt will keep your kids on their toes, and they will learn some interesting thanksgiving vocabulary as well. 

To find out more about this activity, check out

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9. Spring Writing Fest

Spring is a great time to have fun and enjoy. You can brighten up the mood of your classroom by engaging your students in cool learning and writing activities. We suggest you take your class outdoors if possible and set up a writing center for the kids.

Incorporate spring vocabulary words such as flowers, bloom, bunny, basket, green, etc., into your writing activity. To set up this Spring Writing Fest, print the response sheets for each student and provide them the necessary tools to cut, paste, write, and draw at the writing center.

Ask the students to cut the jumbled letters at the bottom of the page and paste them on their sheet after assembling them in the correct order. Now, students must copy and write the same word in front of the pasted letters, or you can ask them to write a sentence with the focus word in it.

Lastly, ask the students to draw colorful pictures that describe the given word. You can find the printing materials at Check out the site to learn more about this fun springtime activity.

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10. Reindeer Food Writing Tray 

Christmas is a great time to let out your creative, artsy side. You should encourage your students to show their fun, playful side while learning new things during the Christmas festivities.

We suggest you try this Reindeer Food Writing Tray activity to engage your students in some fun learning activities before leaving for the Christmas holidays. To set up, all you need is some oats, glitter, and a baking tray or plate.

Make the reindeer food, spread it on the tray, and use your finger to draw letters. This activity helps students learn, recognize, and practice simple words while having a little fun.

To learn more about this activity, check out

What Supplies Are Needed For These Activities?

Designing fun activities for children can be a bit challenging, but with the right supplies, you can come up with some amazing ideas to engage your students and make them learn some basic writing skills. These activities are quite simple and can be set up in a few easy steps using the right tools.

Most activities that we have compiled include printable worksheets or picture cards that you can download from the given websites. For this, you may need a color printer and paper. 

Photo credit:

Similarly, most activities include tasks such as cutting, pasting, and drawing, which is why you might need scissors, glue sticks, and drawing stationery such as color pencils, crayons, and oil pastels.

Some activities might require unique supplies, such as play dough, colorful straws, salt, garland branches, and magnet letters, to make them a little more fun and interesting. However, these things are fairly easy to find and are not very expensive either. 


Dealing with young children is not an easy job, especially if they are hyperactive and super notorious with a very little attention span. Therefore, we believe that the activities we have compiled are a great way to engage your students in some fun learning and writing activities. 

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