5 Engaging Short Vowel Worksheets for the 2023 School Year

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Understanding short vowel sounds is a building block to reading and writing. Once kids know the sound a letter makes, they can apply it in any written activity. Finding fun ways to help grow that letter to sound recognition is essential to their future reading success. 

We have found some of the best worksheets available for teaching and reinforcing short vowel sounds. All the products below are printable and require little to no prep so you can quickly and easily include them in any lesson plans.

Best Short Vowel Worksheets

Let’s take a look at these short vowel worksheets.

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This set of combined short vowel worksheets by EducationOutside gives students a chance to practice all five letters on every sheet. This is great for practice after all the letters have been introduced or as an assessment tool. 

Each sheet features a variety of activities to practice the short vowel sounds including, reading sentences with and without clip art clues, tracing, find and circle, color it, write it, draw it, underline it, spin it, and more. The sheets are each unique in the number and types of activities so they will help students stay interested and engaged. 

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2. Enormous Short Vowel Bundle For Kids

With this bundle by MissGiraffe, you won’t soon run out of worksheets. This set includes 276 sheets each featuring one short vowel sound. Each vowel is in a separate download for ease of use. 

These sheets feature a ton of ways to practice short vowels including writing, crosswords, alphabetical order, spin it, read it, word families, circle and sort, fill in the blank, and much more. You can use these for centers, at home learning, desk work, or anywhere you want. With no preparation necessary, your sheets will be ready when you are for a quick, easy activity. 

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3. Hands-on CVC Short Vowel Worksheets

JEFishy created these cute short vowel worksheets to help emerging readers. With six different sheets for each letter, you can practice the sounds in a different way with each worksheet. 

Each vowel has a sheet to cut and glue, read and write, spell and write, and dominoes. The set also includes mixed vowel sheets once the students are familiar with all the short vowel sounds. There is also an enrichment set for higher-level students included for more of a challenge or for mixed levels.

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4. Huge Short Vowel CVC Worksheet Bundle 

This huge short vowel bundle from MyTeachingPal includes a plethora of sheets for each short vowel sound. The worksheets are grouped by letter and then includes a mixed bundle as well. 

You’ll find word families, spin it, comprehension sheets, spell and find, pictures, bubble words, read and write, crosswords, color by word family, and much, much more. No matter what the focus is, kids will have plenty of ways to practice. This is great to include in a full short vowel curriculum or as an at-home activity.  With over 300 sheets, you can pick and print exactly what you need when you need it. 

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5. Fast and Easy Short Vowel Worksheets

Don’t need a giant set? These short vowel worksheets from TeachBesideMe feature three pieces of clip art per page along with four words to choose from. Kids read the words to figure out which one matches the picture and then write it on the line provided. 

Simple, easy, and to the point. This is a great teaching or assessment tool to check students’ progress any time. You get 25 worksheets so you can repeat the activity with new choices and pictures. 


Practicing short vowels is a great way to increase reading skills and comprehension. And the worksheets provided above are excellent options to add to any curriculum. 

As kids become more familiar with the short vowel sounds, they can sound out many new words and will become better, more confident readers.

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