Top 10 Number Tracing Worksheets for Pre-K and Kindergarteners – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Numbers are an essential part of learning and forming them is essential as kids progress in school. This skill is typically taught in preschool and kindergarten. Being able to write, manipulate, recognize, and count numbers are skills they will use throughout their lives. 

Tracing numbers is a great way to help facilitate number recognition. Students gain confidence by forming the numbers over and over again. Using a variety of ways, such as with playdough and other tactile options will further help with recognizing and forming the number correctly. 

Below, we have found some of the best number tracing worksheets available. So read through them and choose the one(s) that fit your needs best.

Great Number Tracing Worksheets

Number Recognition | Counting | Fine Motor

1. 0-20 Number Practice Bundle

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This number bundle from EducationOutside will provide lots of ways to practice the numbers 0-20. Of course, to be included on the list, it includes number tracing worksheets in both black and white and color with fun designs to enjoy or color, depending on which you choose. 

It also includes two playdough mat sets, one for the number and one with the number name so students can practice forming numbers, letters, and using their fine motor skills at the same time.

Lastly, the set provides a number of the day worksheets for tracing, writing, base ten practice, and tally marks. With this product, you won’t soon run out of ways for number practice.

Number Recognition | Writing | Fine Motor

2. Fall Themed Number Tracing Worksheets 0-10

Try this fun fall-themed set for some seasonal number practice. These tracing worksheets from TeacherHelperKits allow kids to practice writing both the number name and number on the same page. 

You can use these for preschool or kindergarten curriculums or make a busy book for kids. The clip art adds a creative element that kids can color too. This is a great activity for practicing the numbers 1-10 and requires no prep work.

Number Recognition | Counting | Fine Motor

3. WriteIdeaDesign’s Number Tracing Worksheets 1-25

Just want to practice numbers without any added fluff? WriteIdeaDesign’s number tracing worksheets focus on the numbers from 1-25. These can be turned into a daily activity to increase number identification and number writing. 

Each sheet provides many opportunities for kids to trace the focus number. You can even keep these in a binder or book so kids have all the numbers in one place. If you’re looking for straightforward number tracing practice, this activity will fit the bill.

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

4. Number Tracing Playdough Mats: 0-100 By EducationOutside

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For extended number practice, this set of playdough mats by EducationOutside has what you need. This set includes 101 printable pages for tons of number tracing opportunities. These sheets focus on numbers from zero to one hundred and are great for preschool or kindergarten curriculums. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with playdough?

You can use these for homeschool, preschool, or kindergarten number practice. Kids will love the tactile component of rolling playdough into each number and shaping it onto the sheet.

If you want to reuse these, you’ll need to laminate them or put them in a page protector but that’s it. Print these and set out some playdough, and your kids are ready to go.

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

5. IHeartTeaching’s Number Writing Practice 1-30

Next up, we have 1-30 number practice from IHeartTeaching. If you want all the practice without all the printing, this is the one you need. This product is a single page covering the numbers 1-30.

Students will trace the number and then write it twice on their own. The easy-to-follow boxes give a clean, clear layout for kids to follow. This sheet is great for introducing or reinforcing number recognition and writing.

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Following Directions

6. 0-100 Numbers Roll and Trace Printable Worksheets By TeachAtDaycare

Sometimes, just straight tracing can become boring and tedious. TeachAtDaycare’s roll and trace worksheets solve that problem right out of the gate. While you will need a die on hand, this is a fun way to practice tracing. 

Kids will roll the die and find the column that matches the number that comes up. This is two-fold and helps students recognize and match the dots on the die with the corresponding number on the sheet. Then, they trace the numbers in that row with the color indicated.

Kids will enjoy seeing the rainbow of colors across the page. Another product that targets numbers 0-100, you won’t run out of practice pages on this for a long time.

When you just want the tracing without all the added clutter and coloring, this number tracing set by TeachAtDaycare is ready in a moment. Just print these and go. No prep work and no complicated instruction. 

These worksheets target numbers 0-100 and provide plenty of tracing practice for kids. They can practice one number each day to help increase number writing and recognition. You can even make these into a book so it all stays together.

Letter Recognition | Number Recognition | Fine Motor

8. Teacher’sBreathingSpace’s Alphabet Road Mats

Everyone needs a little fun sometimes and these tracing road mats from Teacher’sBreathingSpace provide just that. All you need is the printed mats and a toy car to get moving. By adding the tactile component, you help the brain to more readily absorb and recall the shape of the number you are working on and add the element of play into the equation.

Kids will use a car to trace the road on each card. Each colorful card features a road shaped into a letter from A-Z, a number from 1-20, or as one of 13 shapes, making this a multi-discipline product. The set is a total of 92 pages.

No matter which set you are focusing on, this gives you plenty of hands-on practice for kids. 

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

9. Number Playdough Mats with Ten Frames By LaviniaPop

These number playdough mats by LaviniaPop add the component of ten frames and one-to-one correspondence to the mix. Not only do students roll and shape the playdough into the actual number, but they can also roll balls of dough to fill in each bubble of the ten frames. Included are variations of number formation for a total of 52 printable pages.

Knowing that each number corresponds to a set number of objects is a vital component to learning to count and manipulate numbers. These mats give the opportunity to practice this skill for numbers 0-20.

They also show the correct formation of the numbers and the mats can also be used for tracing, matching, and even sequencing.

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

10. YouCreate’s Writing Numbers 1-20

These number writing practice sheets by YouCreate feature numbers 1-20. They show the starting point with a large black dot so students begin in the correct position. Students will start with tracing and progress to writing each number on their own.

Each sheet features two sequential numbers to practice and also includes a sheet with a complete set from 1-20 to trace. Two different versions are included so you can choose the one you prefer. With the tracing guides, students will learn to correctly form the numbers and also see a set of dots corresponding to the number they are tracing. This allows them to understand that each number is representative of a specific number of objects. 


Numbers are essential throughout our lives and the first step is learning what each one looks like and how to write them correctly. Using tracing sheets is an excellent way to introduce and reinforce this skill. 

We hope the tracing activities above have provided you with what you need in your home, school, or preschool curriculum. All the activities are printable, fast, and easy to use so you are ready anytime. 

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