10 SUPER FUN Sight Word Worksheets for the School Year – 2023 Round-up

| Last Updated: November 1, 2022

Learning sight words takes lots of repetition and creative ways to keep kids learning while having fun. Presenting a variety of worksheets and other materials is a quick, easy way to practice sight words.

Here, we have found some of the best worksheet printables for sight word practice out there. If you need ways to practice sight words with your students or child, check out the options below.

Best Sight Word Worksheet Printables

Here’s our list of the best worksheets to practice sight words.

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1. Fry’s Coloring Worksheets Bundle

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This bundle features the top 100 Fry sight words. Kids will enjoy using the color patterns to color each letter of the word, followed by practice writing the word, and lastly, locating and circling the word in a list of other high-frequency words. 

The pack by EducationOutside is broken into four sets of 25 for ease of use. This is great for practicing words they already know, introducing new words, and to help transition into other activities. With 100 pages of sight word practice, you won’t soon run out of sheets to work on.

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2. Customized Word Practice

If you’ve ever found the right activity but it used the wrong words, this is a great option. These easily customizable worksheets from ATeachableTeacher allow you to use any word list to create practice pages for sight words or even spelling lists. 

Input your word into each page and voila, you’re ready to start. Each page gives kids the opportunity to read the word, trace it, color it in a rainbow of theirs (or your) choosing, find and circle the word, multiple opportunities to fill in missing letters, cut out letters, and put them together to make the word, and lastly, to read sentences using the sight word.

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3. Let’s Learn Worksheets

These easy-to-use sheets are perfect for kids wanting to work on Fry’s first 100 words. TeachAtDaycare provides kids with two different ways to trace the word, once with arrows to help with proper letter formation and also dotted lines, then students can match each letter to the correctly shaped box, color in bubbles that form the word, and practice writing the word independently.

Each sheet features one Fry sight word and allows students to practice each word in a variety of ways. Printable activities are an excellent way to reinforce skills at home or at school with no prep work necessary.

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4. Jam-Packed Sight Word Bundle

If you need to shake things up from day to day, this bundle gives you four different worksheets to practice 64 sight words to keep things interesting. You can choose when to insert any of these into your daily routine to reinforce or introduce new words. 

JojoMimi’s bundle provides over 150 worksheets. For each word, you get a full page of circle-the-word fun, a coloring page, a read, trace, and write page, and also a page where students can trace, add missing letters, cut out letters and put them in the correct order, and find the word all in one sheet.

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5. Word Search

This set highlights the 40 Dolch pre-primer sight words. TeachAtDaycare offers these worksheets that kids can use to find the words and either color or dab them. 

Simply print these sheets off and you’re ready to go. Have students read the word at the top of the page and find all instances of the word. Other included words are also sight words and can be used for additional practice.

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6. 1st Grade Sight Word Bundle

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This huge bundle from EducationOutside has great printables you can use at a moment’s notice with little to no prep. First, you get sight word mini-books for all 41 Dolch 1st-grade sight words.

These mini-books have eight pages of fun activities which include writing, tracing, and searching for the word, as well as writing a sentence using a starter and three pages of sentences for fluency practice. 
You also get a set of activity mats where kids can use a color pattern to color, find, and practice writing the focus word. Not to mention the full-size coloring sheets which also provide fun, colorful practice.

Next, you get a set of flashcards that can be laminated for repeated practice and give colored dots to guide students as they read. Think that’s a lot? Well, hang on, there’s one more activity in this pack. The easy-to-use playdough mats give a tactile way to keep little hands busy while practicing sight words at the same time. You surely will keep your student(s) busy with this product.

Kindergarteners need new and novel ways to practice to keep their attention. This set targets 88 kindergarten sight words and gives eight fun ways to practice on each page. If you’d like to create a word book, this includes a cover sheet so students can claim and decorate their work.

This worksheet set from MyHeartBelongsInKindergarten not only helps students read, write, and trace the words, but also adds in the element of clapping to count syllables and a social aspect of telling a friend the word. These worksheets are great tools for distance learning too.

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8. Printable Fry Sight Words Worksheets

The top 100 Fry sight words are essential to reading success and WorksheetsWithFun came up with a bit of a different idea for practice. Like the other products on this list, these worksheets are printable and each focuses on a single sight word.  The difference is, each sheet provides multiple activities to keep kids busy and thinking.

Students can read and color the focus word, write it, find the word in an easy-to-read sentence, and fill in the word in a sentence. Each activity engages the child’s brain in a new way and helps increase word recognition.

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9. Dolch Sight Words Complete Packet

From pre-k to 3rd grade and the Dolch noun words, this option from SightWordActivities hits them all. In a progressive format that becomes increasingly challenging to target older students, this pack takes your child through the entire list of Dolch sight words. 

In set 1, kids will trace, write, color, find, and match letters of the focus word.

Set 2 lets kids practice tracing, writing, finding, coloring, filling in missing letters, reading a sentence, and using letter manipulatives to put the word in the correct order.

In set 3, kids will read, fill in boxes, trace, color, fill in missing letters, circle the letters, and do a word search to find the word.

Set 4 is a varied format where kids trace, write, color corresponding words hidden in each letter, and cut and assemble the focus word.

Sets 1-3 even include an editable version so you can create your own word practice pages for any set of words you or your child is working on.

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10. 1,000 Pages of Sight Word Practice

There are 1,000 words on the Fry’s sight word list from kindergarten through fifth grade, and this has them all. This set by EducatorSquad includes one page, each featuring a different sight word along with a list of Fry’s sight words for tracking purposes.

Each page allows the child to read, trace, write, cut, and glue each word. If you want one activity to encompass as many words as possible, this is the one you need. These worksheets work great for word work or as a center activity.

What Are Sight Words and Why Are They Important?

Sight words are commonly used words children must learn for reading success. Often, these words don’t follow the “rules” and can be difficult to sound out. The reason they are called sight words is because children should come to recognize them by sight and be able to read them quickly. 

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Since sight words make up roughly 75% of beginning reader material, knowing these words will increase a student’s reading success and fluency. The first 100 sight words actually account for 50% of beginner texts on their own!

Not having to sound out these common words gives kids confidence knowing there are words they can recognize in nearly any text they read. This allows them to concentrate on unknown words and can improve reading comprehension.

Targeting these words early on gives children a good foundation for reading and can encourage a love of reading. 

Why Use Worksheets For Sight Words?

As mentioned above, repetition is the key to success when it comes to sight words. The more times a child sees reads and practices the word, the more recognizable it is. Worksheets provide a quick activity for introducing, practicing, or a transition activity to reinforce early lessons. 

Easy, predictable worksheets give kids assurance of success and allow them to work independently on the activity. The goal of sight word practice is to create word recognition through memorization, which then leads to aiding in reading fluency. Giving kids practice worksheets usually requires little to no prep work, is easy to send or print at home, and is readily available for unexpected downtimes, creating a win-win for educators and students. 

What Is the Difference Between Dolch and Fry Sight Words?

Many of the activities above mention Dolch or Fry sight words. You may be wondering what these are and is one better than the other. 

Dolch sight words were compiled by Edward William Dolch in 1936. He created the list based on the most common word usage in children’s literature and is made of the 220 words he deemed high-frequency words and a separate list of nouns which also fall into this category. Dolch words are organized by age group. The text of most children’s books consists of 50-75% of words coming from the Dolch list. 

Edward Fry came up with his word list decades later in 1957 and is comprised of words from all parts of speech, including nouns. These lists are ranked by the frequency they are seen in children’s texts. Fry word lists contain 1,000 words and are broken into sets of 100. The top 25 Fry words account for nearly a third of the words in the published text, while the top 100 words account for almost half. 

No matter which list you use, you’ll encounter most of the same words just at different stages of learning. Which list you use is unimportant as both give a solid foundation for reading. 


Learning sight words can take some time but providing lots of practice for children is the key to mastering them. Worksheets are a great tool to use when learning both Fry and Dolch sight words. They are a convenient, printable, and inexpensive way to teach, reinforce, and practice sight words. We hope you were able to find some great options in our list above!

Happy teaching!

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