10 Alphabet Tracing Worksheets to Set Kids Up For Success – 2023 Compilation

| Last Updated: August 24, 2022

Learning to write the alphabet properly is the first step in writing for preschool and kindergarten students. However, it is not a one-and-done activity. Forming the letters correctly takes practice and repetition and is a skill that can be practiced daily in only a few minutes. 

Here are some easy printable alphabet tracing worksheets to help you keep kids learning and engaged without worrying about prep work. Just pick the set that fits your needs and print away.

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1. Upper and Lowercase Tracing Practice

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This alphabet tracing worksheet set by Education Outside features both upper and lowercase letters to help students form the pair correctly and recognize the relationship between them. A set of directions help guide students to correctly form each letter.

Each section focuses on either the upper or lowercase letter and includes a picture that begins with that letter. Since the worksheets come in both black and white and color versions, kids can either work on the eye-catching color version or can enjoy adding their own creativity by coloring the pictures. 

The PDF download is quick and easy to use and is ready when you are, so you can confidently add this to your day’s lesson plans.

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2. Alphabet Mini Book/Worksheet Bundle 

This bundle of alphabet worksheets by MissKindergartenLove provides plenty of tracing practice for students. The set includes four different types of activities; two sets of mini books and two worksheets. 

The first mini book has kids practice tracing, reading a sentence with a predictable pattern, and then color pictures associated with the letter on each page. The second mini book gives them practice identifying the letter and associated words/pictures, writing the letters, searching for the letters, and illustrating associated words. 

One worksheet focuses on hunting, tracing, and identifying the target letters, while the second increases difficulty to practicing the beginning sounds, tracing, writing, and showcasing their best independent letter. With so many activities, kids and teachers both will find these worksheets interesting and engaging.

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3. Printable Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

If you want a bit more tracing practice than just the letter, these alphabet worksheets from TeachAtDaycare also include a full sentence for kids to trace. The upper and lowercase letters at the top feature numbers to show kids the correct order to follow when writing the letters.  

The clip art adds to the fun and reinforces the sound the letter makes while giving lots of opportunity to both trace and write the letters independently. You get 26 sheets, one for each letter of the alphabet for lots of great practice. 

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4. Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets 

Whether you have a preschooler or kindergartener, these alphabet printables from WellDoneMama will delight them with the large letters and pictures right at the top of the page. The traceable letters are also a large size to make it easy for beginners. 

These cute sheets give little ones practice while also allowing them to color pictures that align with the letter they’re learning. Each line has multiple opportunities to trace either an upper or lowercase letter for lots of tracing practice.

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5. Preschool Handwriting Worksheets

Are you looking for the optimal amount of practice per page? These handwriting worksheets from DaycareStudio give exactly that. On each page, kids get three lines for each of the upper and lowercase letters. The first two lines are straight tracing practice, while the third line allows them to practice writing the letter independently.

Very straightforward and free of any unnecessary additions, these sheets will give kids exactly what they need; letter practice. The set includes one sheet for each letter and each sheet covers both the upper and lowercase letter. 

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6. Letter of the Day Worksheets

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Looking to add some variety instead of just straight tracing? Well, EducationOutside has you covered with these letter of the day worksheets. In addition to the tracing portion, kids will search for the letter, add it in the correct place in the alphabet, and color pictures that start with the target letter. 

Having a variety of activities helps kids stay interested and drives home the connection between the letter and the sound it makes. These worksheets serve the dual purposes of entertaining while teaching, which both kids and educators will love.

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7. Alphabet Tracing Worksheet Set

If you want variety, this worksheet bundle from AWellspringofWorksheets is aptly named. This set comes with 34 pages of alphabet practice. This includes 10 pages with a varying number of letters on each page. Students practice reciting each letter and then tracing only those with dashed lines. Some have kids tracing every letter in order while others skip around. 

You also get a set of 10 uppercase-only worksheets and 10 lowercase-only worksheets that follow similar patterns of tracing. Finally, you get 4 alphabet charts you can display around your classroom or keep at students’ desks with either uppercase, lowercase, or both.

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8. Uppercase Letter and Picture Tracing Sheets

This uppercase only set by MissGiraffe features not only the letter to trace but also allows you to trace and color a picture that begins with that letter as well. Uppercase letters may be trickier for kids to learn and the large traceable at the top gives dots and arrows to help them form each letter correctly.

The lower part of the sheet gives plenty of space for students to practice writing the letter independently to increase the letter recognition and formation. This includes 26 pages, one for each letter. There is also a separate lowercase version you can purchase as well. 

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9. Create Your Own Mini-Book Writing Practice

If you’re looking to save paper or space, these alphabet practice half sheets by LindsayKeegan are a perfect option. Each page is a half sheet of paper, which is perfect for small hands. These are the perfect size for use as an independent activity, practice, or as an assessment tool. You can even turn them into an alphabet book for a classroom or at-home activity.

Each sheet has students begin by tracing both the upper and lowercase letters in pencil. The lower portion then has them use a crayon to add some colorful fun to the page. There is also an associated image to color and a space to draw something beginning with the letter. A “My Alphabet Book” cover is included as well.

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10. Dot Your Letters Tracing Worksheets

For something a little different, these JenniferHeiratEarlyLearningIdeas tracing worksheets feature large dots instead of dashed lines for tracing. This allows students to use a dot marker to dab in each circle or you can utilize any small object to place in the circles. 

How you decided to trace them is less important than helping kids identify and recognize the unique shapes each letter makes. Using a different kind of visual aid can help kids recall these more readily. These are a fun center activity or for use at a literacy station. You get 54 pages, a set of uppercase letters and a set of lowercase letters so you can focus on one at a time or use them in pairs. 


Building a solid foundation of letter recognition and formation is a key component to a child’s reading and writing skills as they progress through kindergarten. Having plenty of opportunities to trace and write letters individually provides this foundation. 

With so many great alphabet tracing worksheets available, you’re sure to find one that fits your teaching style. The offerings on this list are some excellent options if you need a set. We hope you found what you were looking for. 

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