10 SUPER FUN Kindergarten Math Activities – (2023 Edition)

| Last Updated: June 15, 2022

Bringing up children is a big responsibility, and making sure that their educational needs are met is necessary.

Math is one of the subjects that children often complain about later in their lives. This is mostly due to a weak understanding of the subject.

Here are some great math activities on the market that will make sure that your toddler loves his kindergarten maths and excels in it. 

Great Kindergarten Math Activities

Math activities designed specifically for kindergarteners will keep your toddler engaged in learning. Moreover, these will give them the necessary mathematical prowess needed to stay up to speed with the ever-evolving world.

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1. Button Counting Activity

Toddlers eagerly learn by color sorting and matching activities. Button sorting cups can help indulge your child in math activities.

All you require is a collection of buttons of different colors, which should exactly match the color of the cups. You should make sure that the color of the button does not differ even slightly from that of the cups, as it will raise confusion for your child, rendering the purpose of the activity useless. 

Make a cut in the lid of the cup with a knife. The opening should be large enough that the buttons pass easily. This is an essential step, as it ensures that no mess is created while your students perform the activity. 

You may also give a demo to your students by slipping the colored button in the right cup. Furthermore, you may ask the kid to count the buttons while they slip it into the cup.

For more information about this activity, visit aboutfamilycrafts.com.

Shapes | Geometry | Recognition Skills

2. Shape Scavenger Hunt

Shapes are hard to remember for a kindergarten student. Looking for fun ways to help your child or student learn different shapes?

A scavenger hunt will help them acquire recognition skills. The teacher will hold out objects of different shapes, teach the students the names as he/she holds them out, and then ask them to find similar shapes in the room.

This activity will help them recognize and memorize shapes. 

Geometry is a big headache for kindergarten students, and they try to cope up with shapes on their own. Teachers can play a vital role in helping their child overcome this difficulty by giving a demonstration of this activity.

In addition to shape recognition, you can also ask the child to count the objects. Categorizing these objects by their shapes will also help them learn how to count.

Check out more about this activity at weareteachers.com.

Math | Counting | Motor Skills

3. Pearl Color Matching

There are many fun ways of helping children learn the basics of mathematics.

The free printable pearl color matching activity is another such activity for your toddler.

This math activity assists the child in improving counting.

To the teachers’ delight, it is easy to set-up besides being full of fun. All you need to conduct this fun-loving activity is a collection of colorful pom-poms and printable cardstocks. Arrange the pom-poms besides the cardstocks, and you are ready to begin the color matching activity.

In this activity, you must ask the toddler to place pom-poms in a bucket that matches their color.

For example, purple pom-poms are supposed to go in a purple bucket. You must emphasize teaching the names of the color to the child while they perform the matching activity.

This helps the child in memorizing the names of the colors in addition to counting. 

In the end, ask the child to count the pom-poms of each color that they have collected in each bucket.

Visit kindergartenworksheetsandgames.com for more details about this activity.

Writing | Color Recognition | Sorting Skills

4. Sorting Activities

Sorting skills is an activity your child will love to perform. It not only assists in enhancing math skills but also teaches the child how to cut and use glue for pasting purposes.

For conducting this activity, two columns are made by the teacher: one follows the counting, leaving the other column blank.

The child is asked to cut and paste the right number of printed pictures in front of the right digit. The toddler enthusiastically participates in this indoor math activity, as it involves art besides mathematics. 

Furthermore, you could ask the pupil to write the alphabetical counting in another column. This will aid in overcoming spelling mistakes.

Thus, sorting activities can help improve more than one skill, making it one of the best kindergarten math activities. The instructor or parents must fill the first question as a sample for the child so that they know how to cut and paste neatly.

If you’re confused, don’t miss the details available on MiniatureMasterMinds.com.

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5. Jingle Bell Shapes 

Christmas presents a great opportunity to help your child enhance their math skills.

Children are eager to decorate Christmas trees; take the chance and indulge them in this matching activity. Jingle bell-shaped Christmas math activity is a fun way for your child to explore different shapes and construct new ones.

The items required for this activity includes jingle bells, printed shape on paper, and pipe cleaners.

Firstly, take the jingle bell and tie it with the ribbon to give it the shape you desire. For instance, you could draw a triangle as a representative sample and ask the pupils to draw different shapes as printed on the paper.

The toddlers must be asked to classify the shapes and count the quantity of each shape formed. Added to that, teachers can ask the child to rewrite the name of the shape that he/she built from the printed paper.

Check out the details of Jingle Bells Shapes by visiting LittleBinsForLittleHands.com.

Math | Printables | Thinking Skills

6. One Bowl, Two Fish Number Bonds

Kindergartners can learn multiple math skills by utilizing Dr. Seuss-inspired printable worksheets.

This fun math activity makes your child break down the numbers five and ten in a variety of ways. The coloring activity involved in these worksheets enables better visualization of numbers by toddlers.

Moreover, the effective worksheet activity allows the child to solve number bonds or the simple addition of number pairs.

You can teach the toddler how to break down the numbers in a variety of ways. You can break 10 into 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, and so on. Moreover, coupling these with a coloring activity will make the child more interested and adept at solving number bonds.

To establish a relation between the empty boxes, the toddler fills in spaces with the right numbers. Therefore, this indoor math activity provides a platform to teach how to solve multiple math problems in a variety of ways.

This polishes the child’s thinking skills and allows them to think out of the box.

Confused? Visit planesandballoons.com for details regarding this math activity.

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7. Easter Patterning: Algebra

Teachers often find it difficult to teach their pupils about patterns. However, you can make patterning and algebra easy for your pupils with this math activity.

Easter Patterning aids in teaching algebra to kindergartners in a fun way; thus, the child gets a better understanding of patterning. 

Get some Easter-themed shapes from a local art supplier or make them out of cardboard or a chart paper. Ask your students to make copies of the shape, number them, and use them to make equations. 

For example, you could make an Easter bunny numbered eight, an Easter egg numbered two, and an Easter basket numbered ten. So, the child will place a bunny and put a plus sign in between and place the basket on the other side of the equals to sign to depict 8+2=10. Similarly, you can ask your students to use other numbers to come up with different equations. 

This activity will teach the child pattern making and how to use variables to approach problems just like algebra does. This is a great math activity and won’t bore the children.

Every child’s perception is different; thus, a great variety of patterns are available at the end of this activity. 

If you’re unsure, you can visit StayAtHomeEducator.com for more details.

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8. Counting Monster Eyes

Getting kindergartners involved in math activities can be a very tiresome job. Teachers have to work hard to make activities full of fun to attract children’s attention. 

Halloween brings with itself various opportunities for performing math activities that are both catchy and beneficial for your kindergarteners.

A Halloween themed activity with monster eyes is one of these fun math activities.

For this activity, prepare a worksheet that has drawings of monsters with different colors of eyes. There should be some space at the bottom of the sheet, and different eyes repeated with a blank space next to them.

The child would count the number of eyes on the worksheet that matches the one at the bottom and fill the number in the blank space.

It is a great activity to polish children’s observation skills and helps them with counting, addition, and pattern solving.

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9. Write The Room

Kids love to Write The Room. It is a joyful activity for your child. Due to the incorporation of movements, this activity is one of the best for toddlers who have just begun schooling. 

The teacher will draw ten empty frames on a piece of paper that is on a clipboard. Cards numbered from one to ten will be hidden all over the room. The children will then start looking for the cards and fill the relevant empty box with the number they have discovered.

Taking small steps is the key to getting your toddler or pupil interested in math. Starting with numbers up to ten is best and more numbers can be added on once the children are more capable. Visit SparklingInPrimary.com for more details about this activity. 

Sensory | Fine Motor | Memory

10. Learning Numbers With Balloons

A lot of daily activities incorporate math, and they make it easier and fun to teach the subject to children.

One such activity is learning numbers with balloons.

Toddlers will participate in counting balloons without any reluctance. 

Take the balloons and number them from one to ten with a marker. Then hide them in the room, and ask the kids to find them. The only rule this activity has is to discover the balloons in descending order.

If the toddler finds a balloon with a number out of order, he/she must place it back and continue searching for the right numbered balloon. 

This fun math activity improves memory and number recognition and is perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids. Moreover, it saves the extra effort of preparing worksheets for an activity.

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What Supplies Are Needed For These Activities?

The indoor and outdoor math activities mentioned above require a few materials. Stationary is an essential requirement for all of the above-mentioned fun math activities. The stationary may include paper, worksheets, colored pencils or lead pencils, and a permanent marker for writing purposes. 

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed.com

Moreover, the glue may also be required for pasting activities. Teachers won’t have to invest a lot in organizing these math activities as most of the stuff needed is already in a classroom, and they are easy to set up too. 

Some of these fun math activities require worksheets, printables, or a room to hold the activity in a friendly environment. Kids learn with interest when indulged in activities that are more like games rather than a boring paper activity. 


Indulging kindergartners and preschool children in these fun math activities will help them in developing a basic understanding of shapes, numbers, and patterns. Besides this, these activities can improve their mental development while teaching them the art of problem-solving in a fun and interactive way.

Therefore, teaching in a friendly atmosphere helps the child grasp things quickly in the best possible way.

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