11 Wonderful Letter W Worksheets – Interactive Letter Practice (2023)

| Last Updated: June 15, 2022

One of the first reading skills children need is to learn to recognize and identify each letter and the sound it makes. This can take time and focus to master. Teachers and parents are always looking for new ways to practice the letters of the alphabet.

Using worksheets is an easy way to practice each letter. We’ve tracked down some of the best options for practicing the letter w and broken them down for you. So whether you’re looking for a single worksheet or a whole week’s worth of practice, you can find it on the list below.

Our Favorite Letter W Worksheets

Letter Recognition | Critical Thinking | Fine Motor

1. Find the Way Out – Printable Letter W Maze

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This worksheet gives kids practice with seeing the letter w while challenging them to find the way through the maze inside. The letter w maze, by TSRCrafts, provides a new perspective while still helping with letter identification. 

You can use this as a transition or introduction activity, as homework, or just independent practice. Students will use critical thinking skills to navigate the maze, and also work on letter recognition at the same time. And best of all, it’s printable and can be ready at just the press of a button.

Fine Motor | Writing | Letter Recognition

2. Letter W Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets

If you want to add a few sheets of differentiated practice to your letter curriculum, this set is a great option. This letter w worksheet set from KellyConnors provides 5 worksheets, each with a different focus. The activities include penmanship practice, beginning sound identification, upper and lowercase identification, and a sentence-writing sheet. 

Use these in literacy centers, for at-home learning, morning work, or group instruction. They require no preparation, so just print them and you’re ready to go. With several ways to practice, this is a great addition to your letter of the week curriculum.

Counting | Critical Thinking | Fine Motor

3. The Letter W! Alphabet Letter of the Week Package

Not only do you get 20 printable worksheets with this package, you also get a condensed version of 15 worksheets that can be used on Seesaw or Google Slides. The digital option is great for distance learning, home practice, or just to switch up the way your students practice in class. 

The letter of the week set featuring letter w by TweetResources provides activities such as, count the letters, color by code, picture sort, fluency sentences, a show and tell page, and much more! You won’t soon run out of fun activities with this pack. All the activities are printable and require no prep work to make your job easier.

Writing | Fine Motor | Letter Recognition

4. Letter W Playdough Mats – For Hands-on Learning

Grab the playdough and let the fun begin! Kids love using playdough and teachers know incorporating hands-on activity with learning helps kids learn faster. Plus, it feels more like play than fun, so students will enjoy the activity too. 

EducationOutside’s letter w playdough mat provides a large upper and lowercase w for kids to trace with playdough. Additionally, there is a line of tracing practice and a blank line to allow kids to write the letter w by themselves. You can laminate these for repeated use or just print and go.  It’s up to you.

Creative | Fine Motor | Letter Recognition

5. Phonics Letter of the Week W Activity Pages

This phonics letter w activity set from LaviniaPop features both English and Australian spellings of words, so you can incorporate either or both into your curriculum. You can use this for pre-k, kindergarten, or as an intervention tool for students who are struggling. 

You get a whopping 80+ pages of practice, which includes 30 fun games, activities, and worksheets. This includes activities like flashcards, missing letter cut and paste, coloring, handwriting, sentence builder, posters, and more! This can serve as your complete letter w curriculum for your letter of the week. These pages require little to no prep work so are ready when you are.

Critical Thinking | Fine Motor | Writing

6. Interactive Letter W Activities

These hands-on activities are excellent for getting kids to practice the letter w in a variety of ways. Anytime you can add fun and fine motor skills like cutting, coloring, and pasting to learning activities, it’s sure to be a hit. This letter w activity pack by KatieRoltgen checks off all the boxes.

This set includes 10 activities such as, color and trace, a letter maze, a crown, sorting pages, cut and paste, and more! Just print and add these to your week’s lessons with no preparation necessary. These are perfect for morning work, literacy centers, independent practice, or for group instruction. Use them anywhere you need them.

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This set is geared toward preschoolers but can be used for any letter of the week curriculum featuring the letter w. The large, bright letters are sure to attract the attention of students, while teachers will love being able to print and go. 

LifeWithPeanut created these hands-on letter w activity sheets to engage and entertain young learners. This set includes 7 pages of activities, including coloring pages, dotting pages, bubble letters, a playdough mat, counting page, and more. Your students will love the variety and you’ll love the no prep aspect that makes planning easier.

Letter Recognition | Writing | Critical Thinking

8. Letter W Practice Printables

This practice set provides 10 great activities to help teach, reinforce, and practice the letter w. Not only do you get student sheets, this includes materials for a bulletin board, so you don’t have to purchase or create additional visuals to reinforce the letter w in your classroom. 

The quality and kid-friendliness of these is excellent and requires no preparation, so it is also easy for educators. These letter w practice sheets from TheDollarStoreByDanieDee include a variety of activities like a print and cut mini book, handwriting practice, phonics maze, letter sounds, and more.

Critical Thinking | Fine Motor | Letter Recognition

9. Fun Letter W Activities – For Pre-k, TK, K, RTI

For kids who are new to letter names and sounds, or for those who are struggling, this set is an excellent way to practice. You can start with a “Meet the Letter W” activity book and proceed to practice with playdough word mats, a writing booklet, hunt the room, and 10 other practice pages. 

This letter w set from HappyTeacherHappyKids is perfect for young learners and will give plenty of ways to practice. These incorporate fine motor skills with movement and critical thinking skills to engage the minds of your students and keep them learning. You also get a list of related books and songs to help reinforce the letter w and the sound it makes. What more do you need?

Reading | Creative | Fine Motor

10. Read to Learn – Letter W Sentences

Learning the letters and sounds is essential to reading so EducationOutside created these predictable letter w sentences to reinforce both the letter and sound. Each sentence follows the same format but uses a new picture and image to help kids learn the sound the letter w makes. 

These come in either black and white or color, so you can save ink and add a coloring component if you would like. Each sentence is followed by two star boxes. Students can read through the sentences once, color a box, and then repeat to increase fluency and comprehension.

Creative | Writing | Letter Recognition

11. Letter of the Week – Letter W Practice Pages

If you need some additional work for your letter of the week curriculum, grab this set. These letter w practice pages by MichelleGriffo will help students recognize, color, trace, write, sort, and read the letter w. 

These worksheets are excellent for homework, independent practice, centers, or anywhere you need them. You can use these for a full week’s worth of curriculum and they don’t require any prep work, so just print and add them. If you want to reuse them, you can put them in page protectors for erasable fun.


If you’re working on teaching the letter w to young students, you will need a variety of ways to practice. The more practice kids get, the better they learn new skills. The worksheets featured above have what you need to build out your letter w lesson plans for optimal learning.

Just choose the letter w worksheet set that fits your teaching needs best, print them out, and get started. There’s generally no preparation, so you can be ready even on short notice. We hope you found what you are looking for. Happy teaching!

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