5 Uppercase Letter Tracing Worksheets For Reading & Writing Success (2023)

| Last Updated: August 24, 2022

Tracing letters leads to better letter recognition, letter formation, and hones fine motor skills. By providing lots of opportunities for students to practice letters, they gain confidence in their skills and can recall the letters quicker. 

When teaching kids to write letters, you need all the resources you can get your hands on. So, here are some of the best uppercase letter tracing activities to help you out.

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1. EducationOutside’s Uppercase Letter Tracing Worksheets 

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These uppercase tracing sheets by EducationOutside give students a guide to see how to form the letter at the top and through the first line of tracing. This helps them to understand that there is a proper order to forming letters. 

After that, there are dotted lines without the guide for kids to practice, along with some fun clip art to hold their attention and connect the letter and the sound it makes.

Finally, students can practice independently writing the letter. The sheets come in both black and white and color so you can choose which you prefer.

Fine Motor | Writing | Letter Recognition

2. Printable Uppercase Tracing By TeachAtDaycare 

Looking for something straight to the point? TeachAtDaycare’s printable uppercase tracing sheets give students an easy guide to writing the letter at the top and across the first tracing line. Then, the guide goes away and allows kids to practice tracing and then writing the letter independently.

With no added colors or pictures to distract, the sheets keep kids focused and on task while learning to write their uppercase letters. This is an easy option for a quick lesson.

This uppercase tracing set by SmallTownGiggles goes a step further and encourages students to perfect their tracing by the last letter. Kids then get to cut out the boxed letter and place it in the empty space at the top of the page. 

Also included are several pictures to emphasize the sound the letter makes. This activity is great for fine motor skills and helping kids see the correlation between the letter and its sound. This is also suitable for use with Easel as a digital option.

WorksheetsWithFun has created these chunky sheets with large pictures and lines to give small hands plenty of space to write. Kids can color the letter and picture at the top, then move down and trace the letter multiple times on the provided lines. 

Lastly, students practice their letter recognition skills by finding and circling the target letter mixed in with other letters. This helps you assess how easily they can identify the letter they’re learning. Fun and easy to use, these printable sheets are ready in minutes. 

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5. MissGiraffe’s Alphabet and Picture Tracing Worksheets

For more tracing fun, these uppercase tracing sheets by MissGiraffe are an excellent choice. Not only do kids get to trace the large letter at the top, but a traceable picture is included that correlates to the sound of the letter. 

The top letter instructs students on the proper letter formation. Then, students practice writing the letter independently on the included lines. Each line includes an example letter to keep kids focused on the letter at hand. These sheets also provide the opportunity for kids to be creative by coloring the picture at the top.


Learning how to properly form and recognize letters is essential to reading and writing. The options we’ve provided are great ways to practice this skill. Every activity is easily printable and instantly ready to include in lesson plans. So, pick the set(s) that fit your curriculum best and get started.

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