5 Fast and Fabulous Short o Worksheets – No Prep Options (2023)

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Mastering letter sounds is the foundation for reading and writing and vowels play a huge part. Vowels are found in every English word, so being able to recall short vowel sounds will give students the ability to break down words. 

The short o sound is one of these vital components. Repetition is key to learning this sound. Worksheets are a great supplementary material to use to teach vowel sounds because they are fun, easy, and can be ready in a few minutes. Check out our list of some of the best short o worksheet sets available.

Outstanding Short o Worksheets

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1. Play and Learn Short o Worksheets

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If you need engaging, fun worksheets for your student(s), this short o worksheet set from EducationOutside is a great option. You get 10 unique worksheets with one or more activities on each page. These are perfect for at home learning, group practice, independent learning, or for substitute plans. 

The sheets include activities such as find and circle, color the word, write the word, read the word, trace the word, and more. Since these require no prep, you can print and be ready to go in no time. The attractive designs will keep kids interested and can be printed in color or black and white. These are a great addition to any short o curriculum. 

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2. Easy Printable Vowel O Worksheets

BabblingAbby’s short o worksheets provide you with over 30 sheets of practice. They require minimal prep and feature six activities to enhance your teaching. You won’t have to worry about running out of short o practice with this great set. 

You get activities such as a word mat, highlighting sheet, sort/cut/paste, read/write/stamp, a short o word book, and a real/nonsense word sort. Since these activities are the same across all short vowels, kids will quickly catch onto how to use each sheet. Use these for word work, literacy stations, homework, centers, or for independent practice. No matter where or when you need them, they’ll be ready in minutes.

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3. Short O Worksheets and Activities For Learning Fun

If you need a plethora of worksheets to practice the short o sound, this short o activity set from MissGiraffe is the way to go. You get over 40 pages of short activities to keep kids learning for quite some time. These are great for morning work, literacy centers, homework, or for independent practice. 

This set includes activities such as circle and sort, word family practice, match/cut/paste, crosswords, secret words, write the word, sorting, picture matching, spin a word, alphabetical order, missing words, color by word family, and more! These interactive sheets will make learning more like play. Since they are all no prep, just print and you are ready to go.

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4. Hands-on Short Vowel o Worksheets

FirstGradeSchoolhouse has created this set of short o practice sheets to use in literacy centers, guided practice, independent practice, at home lessons, or substitute plans. These can be used anywhere you need them. With over 30 pages, you can find an activity to fit exactly where you are in your curriculum.

Each sheet features a single activity to keep kids focused. The activities include read/write/stamp, highlight a word, draw the word, writing, real/nonsense word sort, build a word, a short o book, and much more! These sheets are easy to differentiate and require no prep work, which makes your job easier.

For a creative take, these short vowel phonics friends worksheets from MichelleHudgeon are an excellent option. She turns the o sound into a character that kids can remember and engage with. With over 140 pages to choose from, this comprehensive set will keep kids busy.

These worksheets are great for guided learning, independent practice, group instruction, centers, word work, and have specific pages for home connections. The activities include sorting, segmenting, dictation, word families, blending, fluency, sorting, crafts, and more! These can be incorporated throughout the day to reinforce the concept, so you can print and be ready when your students are.


As a teacher or parent, you know that some things take time and practice to understand. The short o worksheets we highlighted provide high-quality educational content from other educators. 

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll surely find activities that meet your unique teaching needs. These sheets are low or no prep so you don’t have to do a lot of work to get these added to your curriculum. We hope you found what you are looking for. If not, check out EducationOutside.org for more topics, subjects, and products.

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