9 Awesome Friendship Crafts for Preschoolers

| Last Updated: February 7, 2023

It’s important for preschoolers to have friends at a young age. Friendships help children develop many important life skills, like sorting out conflicts and getting along with other people.

Encourage the class to make new friends and help them celebrate their friendships with the crafts listed below. These crafts are preschool-friendly, and children can play with them with their friends or give them as keepsakes. 

Great Friendship Crafts for Preschoolers

Communication | Cooperation | Fine Motor Skills

1. Friendship Paper Chain

Photo credit: activitiesforkids.com

Divide the class into pairs or groups and have them complete this craft. This is a versatile craft, as children can use them on Valentine’s Day, at birthday parties, or on any special occasion. 

Have each child cut out two strips of colorful paper and encourage them to put a special note for their friend. To create the first heart of the chain, instruct the children to put the decorated sides of the two matching papers together and staple about an inch from the inch. They should form a heart. 

Next, let them bring the loose or unstapled ends of the paper down and around to form the bottom of the heart. Add the next two paper strips by stapling them to the bottom of the first heart. Instruct the children to repeat the process until they run out of strips of paper.


  • Colorful craft or scrapbook paper
  • Pen, pencil, or markers
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

For other friendship-themed crafts, visit activitiesforkids.com.

Hand-Eye Coordination | Fine Motor Skills | Play-Based Learning

2. Friendship Clay Necklaces

Photo credit: momsandcrafters.com

Children love wearing friendship necklaces to show the world how proud they are of their friends. With this craft, preschoolers can finally wear one and give one to their friends!

To begin, instruct the class to flatten the clay and press the shapes. Let them press the initials of their friends onto the shape pendant and make a hole at the top for the string. Have them mix the left-over clay to symbolize how their own and their friends’ lives are intertwined.

Next, show them how to roll balls to form beads. Once the clay has dried, guide the class to add all the pieces to the string, and they’re done!


  • Alphabet cookie stamps 
  • Cookie cutters 
  • Toothpick
  • Two colors of air-drying clay 

Check out momsandcrafters.com to learn more about this fun craft!

Sorting Skills | Visual Perceptual Skills | Hand-Eye Coordination

3. Friendship Bracelet

Photo credit: projectswithkids.com

Besides children having something to wear that matches their friends, these friendship bracelets can lift the wearer’s mood, as it comes with positive words!

Give the class sufficient time to decide on the words and phrases they want to use for the bracelet. Assist them in measuring their wrists and cutting the bead string based on their sizes.

Tape down one end of the bead string to make it easier for the children to string the beads. Let the class make their own bracelets and encourage them to be as creative as possible! Provide them inspiration, like adding a pattern with random bead colors or using one bead color throughout.

Once done, tie their bracelets with a knot. Trim the ends and leave a bit of string at the end. 


  • Beads
  • Letter Beads
  • Stretchy bead cord

The class will also enjoy these jewelry crafts from projectswithkids.com.

Sensory Development | Communication | Fine Motor Skills

4. Friendship Handprint Wreath

Photo credit: preschoolplaybook.com

This activity doesn’t require too much preparation and works as an excellent icebreaker. Everyone in class will become friends after completing this activity!

Provide a large piece of paper to the class with a hole in the center. Bring out colorful ink pads and instruct little ones to stamp their hands on the ink pad and then onto the paper to leave their prints. 

Hang the “wreath” on the door and let the children identify their handprints. This activity encourages conversations and, eventually, friendships.


  • Large piece of paper
  • Ink pads

Visit preschoolplaybook.com to see how colorful this friendship wreath looks!

Sensory Development | Social Emotional Development | Neat Pincer Grasp

5. Rainbow Friendship Sensory Bottle

Photo credit: theottoolbox.com

This is a friendship activity that’ll remind the children about the best qualities they love in their friends. They can use the sensory bottles after to relax or play with friends. 

Divide the class into pairs and have them cut friendship threads into 1 to 2″ lengths. Let them take turns filling each other’s bottles with the materials. As they’re filling the bottles, encourage the children to talk about the best qualities they love in their friends.

Once all the thread has been added to the bottle, guide the children to pour about ½” of body wash and then water to the top. Continue adding water until the suds spill over the top of the bottle. Twist on the lid and let the children give their bottles a big shake. 


  • Clear body wash
  • Clear glass marbles
  • Friendship thread 
  • Recycled Bottle
  • Super Glue
  • Water

Add the other friendship sensory activities available on theottoolbox.com to your lesson plan ASAP! 

Literacy | Fine Motor Skills | Social Development

6. Flower Kindness Craft for Friends

Photo credit: coffeeandcarpool.com

Help children show appreciation to their friends by guiding them in completing this craft. The recipient will surely smile ear to ear after receiving this thoughtful gift!

Download and print the template onto cardstock and have the children cut the different parts of the flowers. Have the children write their friend’s name on the center of the flower and their friend’s best qualities on the petals. Young children will need help with writing words.

To complete the craft, let the children glue everything together and tell them to give the flower to their friend. This is a unique and creative way of celebrating friendships.


  • Cardstock
  • Glue
  • Kindness Flower Craft template
  • Markers
  • Scissors

Download the template from coffeeandcarpool.com today to start making this craft! 

Cooperation | Creativity | Hand-Eye Coordination

7. Friendship Banner

Divide the class into groups or let the entire class work together to complete this activity. This activity will tickle their imagination and encourage them to play with colors!

Print the people figures and have the class paint them using watercolors. Use one person to represent each child in the class. Once they’re finished painting, let the paper dry completely on a flat surface.

Assemble the banner by punching a hole in each of the figure’s hands and push a brad through each hole. Repeat the process until all figures are secured in the banner. Hang the banner in the hallway or classroom window to greet the children as they arrive for classes.


  • Brads
  • Friendship printable 
  • Hole punch
  • Watercolors

Browse through teaching2and3yearolds.com to download the template and learn other friendship activities for preschoolers!

Hand-Eye Coordination | Concentration | Fine Motor Skills

8. Crown of Friends

Photo credit: firstpalette.com

This paper crown is a fun craft that’ll teach preschoolers themes on friendship, community helpers, and people around the world. 

Download and print the template on A4 or letter-size paper. Cut out the template and teach the class how to use it to draw a crown. Then, instruct them to cut the crown, add hair from construction paper or yarn, draw other details, and glue some gems. 

Finish the activity by letting the class glue the ends together to form a crown. Make sure the crown fits snugly on the children’s heads, and let them have fun wearing it!


  • A4 or Letter size paper
  • Construction paper (24″ x 36″)
  • Crayons or colored markers
  • Glitter glue, stickers, plastic gems (optional)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Learn more about this craft by visiting firstpalette.com.

Fine Motor Skills | Shape Recognition | Hand-Eye Coordination

9. Valentine’s Friendship Necklaces

Photo credit: makeandtakes.com

Valentine’s doesn’t always have to be celebrated with candies and sweet treats. For this year, help preschoolers celebrate Valentine’s Day with this unique keepsake!

Start by teaching the class to cut a small square out of the craft foam. Fold it in half and guide them to cut a heart. Let them punch one or two holes into the top of the heart and thread a piece of yarn through the holes. Instruct the class to add beads and tie a knot with the ends. 

And that’s it! The children now have cute friendship necklaces to give to their friends on Valentine’s Day or other special occasions of the year!


  • Craft foam
  • Hole punch
  • Pony beads
  • Scissors
  • Yarn

Head over to makeandtakes.com for other friendship-inspired crafts!


Teach preschoolers the importance of friendship by introducing these crafts to them. They can use these crafts to show their appreciation to their friends or gain new ones in the classroom!

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