10 Must-Have Books on Safety for Preschoolers

| Last Updated: January 22, 2023

Teaching kids about safety will help prevent them from entering unsafe situations. They’ll also learn how to respond to such situations, which builds their confidence and increases their resiliency. 

If you’re on the lookout for books to teach the young ones about safety, you’re in the perfect place! We’ve listed some awesome books that can help you out.

Great Books on Safety for Preschoolers

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1. The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers

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Ever find it difficult to explain to your little ones why it’s dangerous to talk to strangers? Kids are very innocent and can be so trusting of anyone they encounter. So it’s really up to us to teach them.

This cute book is a great way to teach kids about strangers and good decision-making. In the story, we follow Sister, who has built a bad habit of talking to strangers, oh no! Read along as Mama, Papa, and Brother teach her about the important rules of safety.

You can use it as material any time of the year. It’s truly an awesome complement when teaching kids about safety. There are also quite a few vocabulary words you can help them unlock through this book.

Grab your own copy of The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers for your preschoolers aged three to five years.

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2. I Won’t Go With Strangers

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This is another excellent book discussing strangers and safety. It follows the story of Lu,  who doesn’t go with just anyone! She can be an outstanding role model for the kids, as they follow how she patiently waits to be picked up after school.

You can read it aloud with the kids along with discussing safety. You can also ask them a few questions to see if they truly understood the story and its lesson. It’s a great book that you can read anytime of the year, maybe as you end your class, or even as a bedtime or naptime story!

I Won’t Go With Strangers will surely be a fun read for you and your little bookworms! Get your own copy now and teach your kids more about personal safety. It’s best read to kids between three and six years old.

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3. Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

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Do you find it difficult to teach young children about body safety? This topic is quite sensitive and could sometimes be frightening for little kids. Thankfully, this beautiful picture book is a great way to introduce the topic to them.

In our world, today, which is very susceptible to sexual abuse of children, teaching them how to set boundaries is extremely important. Follow the story of Little Alfred and how he deals with inappropriate touching. Will he tell his mother about it? 

Alfred’s story will teach them how they should always tell their parents if any person ever made them uncomfortable. You can also teach kids how to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate touching.
Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept is a perfect read for young children aged four to eight years. Get your copy now and keep your preschoolers safe from sexual abuse.

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4. My Body! What I Say Goes!

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Here is another great book to teach children about personal body safety, consent, and respectful relationships. With its age-appropriate illustrations and engaging text, your kids can comfortably read along and grasp its lesson. It also covers a lot of topics regarding personal safety and expression that will surely be beneficial to your little preschoolers.

You can read it aloud together and have a short discussion about what they learned afterward. You can use it to discuss all about personal safety and how to set boundaries.

It’s also a great complement to lessons involving different feelings and expressions like happiness, sadness, and pride. Overall, it’s an enjoyable book and they’ll surely learn a lot from it.

This awesome book is best for kids between three and six years of age. Get yourself a copy of My Body! What I Say Goes! and start reading it with the young ones.

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5. Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect

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This is yet another awesome book to discuss body boundaries, both for them and for others. The book talks about each person’s invisible body boundary and how you should always ask for permission to enter that boundary.

It’s an excellent way to teach young kids that it’s okay to say no to touches, hugs, and kisses if they don’t feel like it. Likewise, it also shows the importance of asking others if it’s okay to touch, hug, or kiss them.

You can read this book any time of the year, together with your little preschoolers. After reading, it’s also important to have a short discussion about it and let them ask questions to make sure they truly understood what you just read. The book is perfect for young children around four to seven years of age.

Get a copy of Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect and read along with the little ones!

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6. My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes

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Follow the narrative of little Clara, as she encourages your young kids to say “no” when they feel uncomfortable with physical touch.

The book will give your preschoolers tons of tips on different things they can say or do to avoid unwanted physical touch. It also stresses out that their body belongs to them, and them alone.

This is a great read for any time of the year. You can read it aloud with the kids, or have them repeat Clara’s lines on how to say “no” to unwanted touch.

Afterward, have a short discussion, as well as a question and answer portion about it. Discussing thoroughly after reading is extremely important, so you know that the child truly understood what they just heard or read.

My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes is best for your preschoolers between two and five years of age.

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7. How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe?

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This cute and fun picture book will help young children learn all about how to behave safely and how they can stay away from harm.

Everyday things like riding their bicycle, crossing the street, or handling sharp objects, are all discussed in the book. Since the illustrations used dinosaurs, they are quite funny and will be less frightening for the kids.

You can read this book to your preschoolers at any time of the year. You can even read it again and again, from time to time.

You can also add some fun and relevant activities about personal safety for extra fun. Surely, the little ones will easily learn and retain the safety rules when presented in a fun way!

Get your hands on a copy of How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe? and teach the invaluable rules about safe behavior to the young ones now.

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8. Officer Buckle & Gloria

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Looking for another book to spice up your personal safety lessons with your preschoolers? Peggy Rathman’s book might just be what you are looking for!

The story follows Officer Buckle who tries to get children to stay safe through his safety speech. However, nobody listened to him until he brought Gloria, a police dog, to keep his speeches entertaining.

The tips that Officer Buckle discusses throughout the story are very important everyday personal safety measures for young kids. The little ones will surely giggle and have fun while learning lots of tips to keep themselves away from danger. Read it aloud or all together and have a short discussion afterward.

Officer Buckle & Gloria is the best fit for young children aged four to seven years. Get a copy now and teach the little ones how they can keep themselves safe, in a very fun and meaningful way!

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9. Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill

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In this charming story, various groups of animals demonstrate the rules of fire safety. Due to its cute and fun approach, it will be less frightening, especially for young kids. They will now be able to learn fire safety tips in a light and enjoyable manner.

It’s the perfect book to read together with the little ones during Fire Prevention Week, but it could definitely work at any time of the year as well.

You can also have a brief discussion after reading and explain why they need to learn it. Though fires don’t happen as often as other little everyday dangers, children must know what to do when they occur.

Grab your very own copy of Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill and read them with the young ones. It’s best for kids between four to eight years old.

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10. Once Upon a Time… Online

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In our ever-growing digital world today, even your preschoolers are sometimes exposed to the online world. This beautiful picture book by Bedford and Reev will teach your kids a lesson in online safety. This topic is often neglected but it really is highly valuable nowadays.

As the internet is used by people almost everyday, you can read this book with your preschoolers at any time of the year, too. The story follows your kid’s all-time favorite fairytale characters as they receive a laptop and learn all about online safety. It is a fun approach that the kids will surely love and learn a lot from.

Once Upon a Time… Online is best suited to be read to young children between four to eight years old. Grab your own copy now and let the kids learn how to stay safe online.


Educating our little ones regarding safety is essential, and should be done as early as possible. Learning about safety enables kids to be more independent, confident, resilient, and responsible for their own actions. The books on our list will definitely help spice up your safety lessons with the young ones.

People Also Ask

Surely, all these must-have books on safety are a great help to make your safety lessons more enjoyable and meaningful. However, you might still be thinking of other ways to teach safety to your preschoolers. Worry no more, we still have that covered!

How Do You Teach Preschoolers About Safety?

There are tons of engaging ways to teach preschoolers about safety. Since kids can lose interest easily, make sure to use fun, interactive, and practical activities. Adults should be their role models, so repeating and demonstrating safety rules often is also one of the best ways to teach them. Just remember, whatever method you use, consistency is the key!

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