10 Excellent Weather Books for Preschool

| Last Updated: January 22, 2023

Kids find weather patterns fascinating and enjoy learning facts about them, as well as how their surroundings are changing every day. Children’s stories concerning weather can definitely relieve a child’s worries about severe weather or storms while also providing knowledge and amusement.

We’ve gathered some of the best children’s books on the weather that cover every aspect of the subject. There is plenty for kids of all ages, from simple board books to fictitious weather children’s books to stories about real-life natural disasters!

Let’s have fun exploring the world through these excellent weather stories for young children!

Great Weather Books for Preschool

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1. Hello, World!

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Young children have an innate curiosity about the world. Children’s books on the weather will perfectly assist kids in clarifying weather concepts and puzzling natural occurrences while having a great time looking at fun cheerful weather illustrations!

Toddlers, babies, and preschool children better understand through direct observation and experience. This nonfiction engaging weather book is one of the best because it concentrates on the differences weather brings to the outside environment that kids always see outside their windows.

This fun weather book provides clothing ideas for every day of the week! This helps the kid make choices on what to wear and what activity to do before heading outdoors!

You can go through this book with your children each time a new season begins. In reference to this book’s content, your children can choose their own outfits and assist you in planning each day’s schedule!

Hello, World! aims to impart basic nonfiction ideas to young children ages 1-3 through a series of books. It is an easy-to-understand story with vibrant, lively drawings. Makes education enjoyable for young kids with this fun book!

The book Hello, World! by Jill McDonald is a great and engaging board book that makes it possible to learn at home and journey around the world through stories at any period of the year!

Science | Comprehension | Cognitive

2. Clouds

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Preschoolers and kindergarteners can easily develop their cognitive skills by reading many engaging weather books!

Clouds by Anne F. Rockwell is an excellent book for teaching youngsters about clouds. The book explores the 10 types of clouds and the types of weather you can expect from each one. This nonfiction picture book will surely enable the kids to predict a change in the weather by observing the clouds outside their windows! 

The pictures from this book are appealing, and the kid-friendly material is highly comprehensive which will strengthen the children’s overall cognitive ability while filling their eyes with fascinating illustrations!

This book contains pictures of a horse, plants, trees, clouds that you can teach to your very young kids. As you tell the story, point and name those things displayed on the page. By pairing words using the pictures in a storybook, you are strengthening your young kids’ vocabulary and making them understand the world!

Besides, this kid-friendly science book for children aged three to six teaches fundamental concepts that are ideal for young minds. This can be used at home or in the classroom when teaching the unpredictable weather to kids!

If you’re looking for a book on clouds, Anne Rockwell’s Clouds is likely to be a hit!

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3. The Weather Girls

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Picture books are an excellent opportunity for youngsters to immerse themselves in the fun setting of the story through bright lively drawings! Help your kids to ease their concerns about extreme weather and gain insight into the world through this fiction book!

Sixteen small girls, clothed identically in yellow coats and blue bottoms take on a different series of fun seasonal experiences! Your kids can watch them enjoy the outdoors as the seasons change, exploring, swimming, splashing, and running. Making snowmen, hiking hills, and gathering fruits. Each page is made vibrant and intriguing through the basic and bright cartoon drawings.  

Ages four to eight are the best age range for young kids to study a weather subject. Aside from that, children can have fun with this book which is perfect to read for every season!

You can do your own storytelling with this pleasant and effective book great for small group discussion or one-on-one interaction. You can make the activity more engaging by letting the kids share their own experiences in line with the story such as horse-riding in the rain and picking fruits on a sunny day. 

Follow these adventurous girls as they scale mountains, ride in hot air balloons, and take in a sunset under a rainbow sky! The Weather Girls by Aki could be a wonderful starting place for some weather adventures in the coming days of your preschooler!

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Children can learn a variety of fun science facts, enhance their pre-reading abilities, and even the ability to know complex texts through the use of the fun colorful weather books!

The Cat and his friends explore the world by hot air balloon through numerous weather events such as storms, snowfall, lightning, hurricanes, and tornados! It incorporates things like anemometers, thermometers, wind vanes, cloud patterns, humidity, mist, air, weather superstition, and how to keep safe in lightning storms along the way! 

With this charming fiction book, young kids from three to six years old can enjoy this visual weather lesson, great for educating kids about real natural disasters and specific tools for the weather.

Moreover, this weather book is suited for developing readers that feature exciting picture book quality graphics that children can definitely love in any season!

Indeed, this captivating book demonstrates that books can be fun and educational at the same time!

Find out more in Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today? : All About Weather by Tish Rabe.

Early Learning | Language | Science

5. Little Cloud

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Books about weather and climate can empower students to gain better knowledge of how the weather and climate operate around us in various regions of the globe!

This fiction weather book features a cloud that transforms into a variety of shapes, making it appealing to children! Little Cloud changes into a simple plane, trees, animals,  and a clown by recalling memories of things it has seen before reuniting with its friends. At this period, the clouds did what clouds do when they come together: “All of the clouds turned into one enormous cloud and rain!” 

Carle’s bright collage work pops out from a patterned background of vivid blue and incorporates broad, twirling strokes similar to fingerpainting. These graphics, as simple as the text, may inspire children to look up at the sky in new ways!

Surely, youngsters from one to four years old will absolutely have fun learning with this book. This fun book employs simple charts and pictures to boost visual literacy abilities, making it ideal for cloudy days!

You can purchase Little Cloud by Eric Carle to easily motivate kids while keeping your weather concept!

Pre-reading | Cognitive | Science

6. Tap Tap Boom Boom

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Jam-packed with amazing information and photographs, picture books are ideal not only for weather study units, but also science, seasons, and more!

Tap Tap Boom Boom provides a more intimate, anecdotal view of city life. It is spectacular, the sort of break in a normal routine that would turn your small child’s eyes into a big one and is represented compellingly! The great visuals, which include drawings and pictures, reflect the bright yellow glow of summer rain which can make the children reminisce about the bright rainy weather!

The main point is that this book is aimed at youngsters ages 2 to 4. It is a terrific science visual aid on rainy days and is cognitively appropriate for young children!

This enticing fictional book is both enjoyable and educational, and it perfectly features appealing child-centered weather topics! Elizabeth Bluemle captures a brief moment of togetherness, while G. Brian Karas’ beautiful pictures depict the joy that can be found when a storm pulls everyone together and becomes friends!

In the story, people of different cultures rush to escape the howling wind and rain as a thunderstorm approaches. Indeed, Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle is a great approach to introducing kids to real-life natural disasters!

Science | Language | Early Learning

7. Worm Weather

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Everyone is talking about the weather! Weather affects our lives every day, whether it’s sunny and clear or rainy and windy outdoors!

Young kids will absolutely enjoy seeing the worm enjoy the weather through this creative and fun story! 

Reading the Worm Weather book with youngsters will make them explore and expand on their experiences, allowing your kids to comprehend and better equip them for all types of weather. Moreover, when you read stories and discuss this fictional weather book with your children, you are also teaching them about resilience and flexibility!

Furthermore, this will help children aged two to four establish and polish their language and early learning skills. You may also help your children grasp the science behind it!

When you do the reading, utilize the “Repetition Technique.” This book incorporates rhymes and a challenging collection of words that will help young kids gain special learning such as phonemic awareness, phonics, understanding, and fluency.

Rejoice in the rainy-day excitement as children splash around puddles, impacting another weather junkie, a nearby worm. Have your own Worm Weather by Jean Taft that will absolutely make your lesson more thrilling!

Early Learning | Comprehension | Creative

8. The Snowy Day

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Nonfiction works introduce weather in wonderful ways, providing excellent starting points for conversations about weather events, and will have children eager to have fun in the snow!

The Snowy Day tells the story of a boy who wakes up to find snow outdoors! Keats’ illustrations are remarkably lovely in their subdued color and arrangement, watercolors, and employing cut-outs. The serene story echoes the peaceful presence of the images, which both give the tranquility of a newly snow-covered environment that will surely be appreciated by kids and adults alike!

The youngster in the story celebrates the snow-covered city and has a day filled with wonderful experiences, including playing with footprints, banging snow out of a tree, making snow angels, and attempting to keep a snowball to use the next day!

By reading this fun graphic book to your young kids, they will surely acquire early learning abilities such as retaining simple words and their pronunciation! In fact, this certain book will absolutely help your kids to improve their ability to understand greater complex texts in the future. Additionally, this is excellent for children ages one to five.

Indeed, this book will perfectly stimulate your child’s developing mind and spark their imagination! They not only hear the story but also see the drawings and feel and smell the pages.

The peaceful fun and tenderness of Peter’s short escapades in the deep, heavy snow are fantastic for sharing on a cold winter day! Get a copy of Ezra Jack Keats’s The Snowy Day to read aloud with your lovely preschoolers!

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9. Otis and the Tornado

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Students are always fascinated by the weather! 

Have fun on a hot summer day with Otis and his farm buddies! Don’t miss out on the story like the bull in the narrative who is not interested in playing and remains in his pen. The day suddenly becomes frightful and rough because of a tornado! Otis rescues the entire group of animals, but the bull remains trapped in his cage! Otis returns to the farm as fast as his wheels will carry him to help save the day.

This fun fictional book is most appropriate for children around three to six years old. With the help of Otis, your students can instill the value of courage. Being courageous enables kids to act despite their fears, do certain actions and make challenging choices that are difficult, tough, and at times agonizing. 

Make reading the book Otis and the Tornado by Loren Long to your youngsters a completely new, more interactive communication experience. You can do that by discussing what happened to Otis and his friends, and comparing them to their own experience such as playing in the sun with their pals or watching tornadoes outside their window! 

Undoubtedly, this particular picture book lets you talk about the things you see over each page such as a tornado, animals, and a tractor (who is Otis himself)!

Indeed, this is a terrific visual weather book for windy days. Both kids and adults will definitely enjoy Otis and the Tornado by Loren Long.

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10. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

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Wind, rain, sun, fog, and snow! We enjoy reading about all of them. If you’re seeking for children’s stories to go with your weather module, look no further!

Incorporating an exciting narrative of spectacular food weather, this is designed for your 4-year-olds. The book inspired the popular cartoon movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which is a delight for both grown-ups and children alike everywhere!

In this fun and imaginative story, the townspeople’s lives were idyllic until the weather turned sour. The food became larger, as did the portions. Chewandswallow was attacked by devastating floods and food storms. The town was in shambles, and the residents were terrified for their lives!

Through this fascinating fiction book, your children will learn that life is full of challenges. They will know that in every problem they encounter, there is always a solution. 

This creative book for young kids will help them to fully adapt and overcome the challenges in their own changing lives!

Discover what happened in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett.


Children enjoy studying the weather, and educating children about different weather patterns and their explanations is an excellent approach to making natural science come to life!

This book collection comprises a variety of non-fiction and fiction works that explore all aspects of weather designed for readers of all skill levels.

These engaging and fun weather books are available just for you! More books and activities ideal for young children can be found here, so be sure to return for more!

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