10 Best Line-Up Songs for Preschool Activities

| Last Updated: January 27, 2023

Get ready for some preschool fun with our top 10 line-up songs! These catchy tunes are perfect for lining up, transitioning between activities, and adding some energy to your classroom. These songs are sure to get your little ones moving and grooving from classic nursery rhymes to new favorites.

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1. Are You Ready for the Hall?

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Hallway songs are a unique and exciting way to make everyday class walks more fun for parents and teachers. Parents can bond with their children while also teaching them important concepts through singing and dancing to their favorite nursery rhymes or made-up songs. You can gradually add more complex concepts like rhyming, phonics, and sight words into the songs as your child grow and learns.

For teachers, hallway songs are a creative and engaging way to introduce new material to students. You can use songs to teach vocabulary words, historical facts, or scientific concepts, which can make learning more memorable and interactive. Moreover, it can be also used to review material that students have learned.

The hallway can be a great venue for making learning more interactive and involving movement and singing which can improve the coordination and memory of children. It’s a great way to start the day in class, create a lively ambiance and get students into a learning mindset. Hallway songs are a great way to make the everyday walk to class more exciting, interactive, and effective way for both parents and teachers to help children learn important concepts and skills. 

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out teachingmama.org

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2. Hallway Line-Up Song – The Kiboomers

Photo credit: youtube.com

You’ll love how easy it is to teach important classroom rules like lining up and transitioning between activities with these fun, catchy songs. And the best part? Your students will love singing and dancing along too! With the ‘Line Up’ video and song lyrics, it’s never been easier to make learning fun.

As you watch and sing along with this video, you’ll notice that the lyrics teach your students simple classroom rules like paying attention and following directions. The song is easy to follow and catchy that your little ones will enjoy singing along and it will stick in their head, making it easier for them to remember.

The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes is a great tool for both parents and teachers to use in the classroom or at home. It’s a perfect way to make learning fun and interactive. It can help to increase the participation and engagement of the children in the class. So why wait? Hit play and let the singing and learning begin with The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes!

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out The Kiboomers.

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3. Line-Up – Noodle & Pals

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The wacky and playful characters will take you on a musical adventure as you learn how to line up like a pro!

As a parent, you’ll love seeing the big smiles on your child’s face as they sing and dance along to catchy songs like “Line Up, Line Up” and “Straight as an Arrow.” And as a teacher, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to incorporate these fun songs into your daily routine.

Get ready to giggle and groove as Noodle & Pals teach you everything you need to know about lining up in a way that is both entertaining and educational. So, join in the fun and watch as your little ones go from wiggly worms to a well-lined-up class in no time!

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out Noodle & Pals.

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4. Line Right Up

You’ll love how easy it is to incorporate these catchy songs into your daily routine and watch as your students transition from one activity to the next with ease. Not only that but singing releases endorphins which helps to create a positive and happy classroom environment.

As a parent, you’ll appreciate how these transition songs help your child’s daily routine feel more structured and organized. And as a teacher, you’ll love how easy it is to grab your student’s attention with a catchy poem or chant.

These transition songs are not only fun, but they also help to improve classroom management and make your day run more smoothly. Sing and watch as your students transition like champions with these poems and chants.

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out littlelearningcorner.com.

Organization | Following Directions | Taking Turns

5. The Line-Up Song

The “Lineup Song” is a fun and catchy tune that can help both parents and teachers teach kids the importance of following instructions and staying organized. It’s a great way to teach kids how to be responsible and respectful to others, especially in situations when they need to wait for their turn.

Singing the song with your child before leaving the house in the morning or before any transition during the day can be included in your everyday routine as a parent. Before going on to the next activity, it’s a great way to help your child focus and stay calm.

When it’s time for lunch, recess, or to move on to another activity in the classroom, the song is the ideal tool, in the opinion of the teacher. This could help as an awesome way to move to another activity or as a reminder of the right behavior.

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out songsforteaching.com.

Photo credit: youtube.com

The “Line Up Song” by GoNoodle is a fun and energetic way to help both parents and teachers teach kids the importance of following instructions and staying organized. The song provides simple instructions set to upbeat music and an accompanying dance routine, which makes it engaging and enjoyable for kids to learn.

By dancing along to the song before leaving the house in the morning or before any transition during the day, parents may use it as a technique to help their child focus and stay calm before transitioning to the next activity.

When it’s time to line up for lunch, or recess, or to transition to another activity, teachers can utilize it in the classroom. This could be a fun and simple way for kids to remember to line up and transition, making it more fun than just giving plain instructions.

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out GoNoodle.

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7. Everybody Line-Up

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Parents and teachers can use Nancy Kopman’s catchy and fun song “Everybody Line Up” in a variety of ways to encourage kids to learn and practice a range of skills.

“Everybody Line Up” by Nancy Kopman can be a fun and interactive way for you as a parent to introduce music and rhythm to your child. Along with practicing following instructions and gross motor skills, you may dance and sing along to the music with your child. You can even turn it into a game by challenging your child to beat their personal best for how quickly they can make their stuffed animals or toys when they hear the chorus of the song.

This song is a great way for teachers to introduce music and rhythm to their students. Use the song to practice your coordination, teamwork, and following instructions. Having the students line up in numerical order allows you to review ideas like counting and numbers. You can use it to tell students to line up to leave the room or go to lunch.

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out musicwithnancy

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8. The Line-Up – Rocking Dan

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Are you tired of chaotic and noisy lineups? Do you want your class to be able to line up quickly, quietly, and sensibly? Look no further than “The Line Up Song” by Rocking Dan!

This catchy tune is the perfect solution for getting your class in line and ready to respectfully leave the classroom and move around the school. Not only is it fun for the kids, but it also clearly lays out the expectations for lining up, making it easy for them to understand and follow.

Imagine your classroom transformed, with your students excitedly singing along to the song as they line up in an orderly fashion, ready to take on the day. With “The Line Up Song” by Rocking Dan, you’ll have the best-looking line your school has ever seen! So why wait? Get your class singing and lining up with “The Line Up Song” today!

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out Rocking Dan.

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9. Ants Go Marching

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Ants Go Marching” is a nursery rhyme that combines education and entertainment. It follows ants marching, and counting up to ten, making it a great tool to teach kids numbers and counting in an interactive way. The ants in the song perform different actions such as “stop” and “hoorah” that children can act out. 

Singing “Ants Go Marching” with your kids can be a great way for parents to connect with their kids and give them a fun method to learn numbers. This can be done by having fun while marching about the house with their child and acting out the song’s different actions.

For teachers, “Ants Go Marching” could be a useful way to teach young kids about numbers and counting. Additionally, it can be used to improve coordination and gross motor abilities in children as well as teach them about different acts and movements.

The song is memorable and engaging, making learning easy and enjoyable. It’s an ideal nursery rhyme for children as it helps with number recognition, counting, and gross motor skills, making learning interactive and fun for both parents and teachers.

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out Little Baby Bum.

Patience | Singing | Taking Turns

10. Wait Your Turn

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As a parent or teacher, you are aware that teaching young children the idea of waiting for their turn can be challenging. But it’s fun and simple to learn thanks to the CoComelon song “Wait Your Turn”! Your child will start singing and dancing along in no time thanks to the catchy music and adorable characters.

This song is a great way to get students’ attention playfully and entertainingly while also teaching them an important skill that will help them in life. As a teacher, you can use it to explain the idea of turn-taking and waiting for your turn in the classroom.

“Wait Your Turn” is useful for parents and teachers to use when teaching kids, the value of waiting patiently and taking turns, in general. It makes learning fun and simple with the cheerful tune and adorable characters. It’s an ideal way to make this idea more visible to kids and help them apply it to their everyday life.

For more information about this resource, be sure to check out CoComelon.


And there you have it folks, the top 10 best line up songs for your little ones! We hope these catchy tunes will make lining up a bit more fun and entertaining for both you and your preschoolers. 

Don’t be afraid to get up and dance along with them, after all, who says lining up can’t be a party? Until next time, happy singing and dancing!

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