10 Sweet Friendship Songs for Preschoolers

| Last Updated: October 28, 2022

Being a good friend is as important as having a good friend. Songs are a fun, engaging way of helping kids remember to be a good friend. Since songs are catchy and stick in your head, the songs we’ve chosen will stick in your preschooler’s heads and help them to become a better friend. 

These are also excellent for showing friends how much you care for them. Kids can sing along with the songs and tell their favorite people how much they mean to them. Singing is fun and interactive and inspires movement at the same time. So put on a friendship song and sing along today!

Great Songs About Friendship For Preschoolers

Singing songs is free and fun. Just click on the links provided to go straight to the song(s) you choose. Repetition is the key, and kids are likely to ask you to play their favorites over and over and over. Choose from the list below for some great friendship songs.

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1. The More We Get Together

Photo credit: youtube.com

This song is about inclusivity and reminds kids that getting together with others is bound to make us all a little happier. “Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends.” We all have commonalities that can help us be friends with others. 

Don’t pass up this catchy tune which is perfect for circle time, morning meetings, or a brain break any time of the day. Check out The More We Get Together to learn and practice this fun song.

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2. Do You See?

Photo credit: teachingmama.org

This song is sung to the tune of “This Old Man” and helps kids learn and remember their friends’ names. When starting a new class where there are many names to remember, it can be hard for kids. Teach kids this little ditty by putting each child’s name in the song and repeating it.

Use this for a morning introduction or any time of the day for a quick review of each child’s name. Have children point to their friends as you say the name. Do You See?, found on TeachingMama, is perfect for name practice and will surely become a favorite in no time.

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3. You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Photo credit: youtube.com

If the kids have seen Toy Story, they will recognize this iconic song. If not, then maybe a movie day is in order. Both the song and the movie are great ways to reinforce what it means to be a friend. The lyrics tell of a friend who isn’t perfect and knows people will be smarter, bigger, and stronger but still promises to be there. 

Even when “the road looks rough ahead” you can count on a friend to be there for you. Teach kids the words to this song and help them understand how difficulty makes us stronger friends with this sweet song. Play You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman often to reinforce this message of kindness and friendship.

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4. Meet a Friend

Photo credit: wehavekids.com

Is your child(ren) going to meet a new friend? Help alleviate nervous feelings with this song that will help them look forward to meeting someone new. Meet a Friend is sung to the tune of All Around the Mulberry Bush and kids will quickly catch on to the words. 

Build some anticipation as your preschooler prepares to meet someone and make a new friend! Whether this is a new animal, neighbor, classmate, or playmate, this song will help kids get excited and be ready for the introduction.

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5. True Colors

Photo credit: youtube.com

This song has been around since the 80s but reached newer generations as part of the Trolls movie. What a sweet way to tell friends that they are seen and known. The song is encouraging and fosters friendships by teaching kids to accept their friends for everything they are.

True Colors is a tried-and-true favorite sure to entertain and engage even young kids. Don’t be surprised if you hear kids belting this out at random times or whispering it to themselves when they are feeling down.

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6. Count on Me

Photo credit: youtube.com

Bruno Mars’ Count on Me assures kids that their friends will be there when they need them most and also encourages them to be there for their friends. The included video features kids so is sure to be a hit in the classroom or at home. 

This rhyming song is perfect for helping kids understand what it means to be a friend throughout life. It is comforting to know that you have a friend who you can count on when you need them. Kids will love this catchy song.

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7. That’s What Friends Are For

Photo credit: youtube.com

Some things never go out of style. This song has been around since the 80s but the message never gets old. In this collaboration, several voices lend themselves to the beauty of the song. What is a friend for? The lyrics in this song spell it out beautifully.

“You can always count on me, for sure,” is a message that never gets old. Let the lyrics speak to kids and show them what friendship means. Kids will pick up on the repeating lyrics and appreciate the message behind them. Don’t hesitate to add That’s What Friends Are For to your repertoire.

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8. Lean on Me

Photo credit: youtube.com

What do you do when you need a friend? You lean on me, of course. Preschoolers will love the rhythmic nature of this song that reminds them to lean on their friends when they need a little extra strength. The message behind Lean on Me applies to everyone, regardless of age. 

Originally by Bill Withers, this remake features some talented young people that might inspire your child(ren) to try their hand at singing too! We all need somebody to lean on, so reinforce this with kids so they know it’s ok to need others to help you out. And by the same token, they will see that you can let your friends lean on you too.

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9. Put a Little Love in Your Heart

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Love makes all the difference and when you have love in your heart, you’ll make the world a better place. There are so many timeless songs that have a message of love and friendship like Put a Little Love in Your Heart. 

Kids will love knowing they can make a difference in the world just by loving others. This classroom version of the song is sung by kids for kids and although the lyrics might be challenging to learn, preschoolers will quickly pick up the chorus and sing along. Play this anytime to put a little love in your classroom.

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10. Friends Song

Photo credit: youtube.com

Friends make everything from walking and sitting to eating and playing more fun! You don’t have to do any of that alone when you have good friends to come along. Friends Song features fun characters and a sing-song pattern kids will appreciate and catch on to easily.

Preschoolers will quickly realize you can do many things with your friends to make them more fun! This song also encourages movement, so let your child get up and move while they sing along with this. With no difficult lyrics, kids will remember and sing this song as they go about their day.


Friendship is a big concept for young kids and music is a great way to provide encouragement and guidance on what friends are and how to be one. Singing and dancing are sure-fire ways to get kids engaged and help them remember new skills. 

We all want our kids to have and be good friend so start by giving them an understanding of friendship with these songs for preschoolers. Thanks for stopping in to find some new tunes for your child. Come back again soon!

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