10 Meaningful Memory Book Ideas for Preschool

| Last Updated: February 5, 2023

Memory books are an excellent project for preschoolers and a creative keepsake for parents. Making a memory book is also beneficial for children as it hones many skills, namely writing, literacy, creativity, and expressing emotions, feelings, thoughts, and ideas. 

Keep the class engaged as you ask them to make a memory book by incorporating any of the ideas listed below. We’ve rounded up ten memory book ideas to make the process of creating one more fun and exciting for the little ones!

Great Memory Books for Preschool

Fine Motor Skills | Concentration | Cognitive Development

1. End of the Year Memory Book by Early Learning Ideas

Photo credit: earlylearningideas.com

This graduation-themed memory book is specially designed for preschoolers and is a great activity to be given at the end of the school year. It comes with a template, so the class will only have to fill out details. 

This memory book resource comes in full-sheet and half-sheet options. It also has editable pages where you can personalize the covers with the kids’ names and school names. 

After you’ve printed all of the pages, help the class complete their memory books. Make sure to provide several writing and coloring materials, as the book has a lot of pages asking children to write, draw, and color. 


  • Coloring materials, such as crayons and paint
  • End-of-the-year memory book template
  • Writing materials, such as markers and pencils

To access the template, visit earlylearningideas.com.

Fine Motor Skills | Cognitive Development | Creativity

2. Homeschool Memory Book by A Creative Learner

Photo credit: acreativelearner.com

Use this resource if you’re looking for a fun and easy way of creating a memory book. This memory book will make it easier for the class to remember what happened during holidays and special events, like on their birthdays, during spring, and on New Year’s Eve. 

Download the memory book printable, fill in the blanks with the child’s details, add their pictures, and you’re almost done. Ask the children for help as you continually update the content of the book as they hit a milestone at school. 


  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Memory book printable
  • Pictures

You can learn more about this project by visiting acreativelearner.com.

Fine Motor Skills | Language | Social-Emotional Learning

3. Editable Memory Book by Pre-K Pages

Photo credit: pre-kpages.com

This is another easy-to-make memory book that requires materials that are already in the classroom. The class will get a kick out of the autograph pages as they can sign each other’s memory books! 

This memory book has many pages, so print the ones that apply to your class. Next, invite the class to complete one page every day until their memory book is complete. Each day, as the class completes one page of their memory book, have them place it in a file folder. Provide one file folder per child, so they can recognize their names and know where to put their completed page every day. 

On the last day of school, after the children have completed all of the pages, pull out each child’s folder and staple the book together. 


  • AstroBrights Paper (or any colored paper)
  • Copy paper
  • Crayons 
  • Preschool memory book printable
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

For more information about this project, check out pre-kpages.com

Writing | Fine Motor Skills | Social Skills

4. Oh The Places You’ll Go Flyer

Photo credit: simplykinder.com

Children will always remember how fun preschool is with this memory book. This one’s a little different from other memory books as the class will have to leave messages for each other and teachers have to write a message for the children.

Get each student a copy of Oh The Places You’ll Go! book by Dr. Seuss. Discuss the story of the book with the class and how important it is to try new things, have an open mind, and seize opportunities. Relate how the children can experience all of these things after preschool.

Before the school year ends, have the class sign each other’s books. Encourage them to leave a sweet message to their peers using markers or stickers. Complete the keepsake by signing the book. 


  • Oh The Places You’ll Go! Book
  • Markers
Language | Fine Motor Skills | Cognitive Development

5. Hats Off to Preschool Memory Book

This memory book looks like a graduation cap and is super easy to assemble. All of the pages are printable, so you just have to compile them at the end of the school year. 

Have the class complete the pages of this memory book. These pages vary — some will require the children to write something about their teacher, while other pages will ask them to draw images. It also has pages for their goals for the next year and favorite things about school. The kids can have their classmates sign their memory books as it comes with an autograph page. 


  • Coloring materials 
  • Hats Off to Preschool Memory Book Template
  • Writing materials

Check out smittenwithfirstblog.com to see how colorful this memory book looks once it’s completed.  

Writing | Fine Motor Skills | Cognitive Development

6. Keepsake End of Year Memory Book

Photo credit: seaofknowledge.org

Making a memory book at the end of the year is one of the best ways to celebrate a child’s graduation. The pages of this memory book are in black and white and children can color them any way they want. 

To make this memory book, print the pages you want to use. Once you’ve compiled all of the pages, have the class fill out the pages. Provide writing and coloring materials, and encourage them to be as creative as possible. You can laminate the pages or staple them together to make a keepsake book. 


  • Coloring materials
  • End of Year Memory Book Printable
  • Writing materials

Visit seaofknowledge.org to learn other end-of-year crafts perfect for preschoolers. 

Comprehension | Reading | Writing

7. My Handprint Memory Book

This memory book will keep the class busy all year long as it requires them to make colorful handprints every month. It comes with fun poems, so children can practice how to read. 

Print the pages and compile them to form a book. Provide one book to each child and guide them as they complete the pages. This memory book will require a unique handprint from the child every month, so make sure that paints in different colors are accessible to the class. 

This memory book comes with a photo sample for each month, which children can use as a reference when making their handprints. It has a final end-of-the-year poem and cover page for each child. 


  • My Handprint Memory Book Printable
  • Paint
  • Writing materials 

See what other teachers are saying about this memory book by heading to teacherspayteachers.com

Fine Motor Skills | Writing | Cognitive Development

8. End of the Year Memory Book by The Happy Teacher

Photo credit: thehappyteacher.co

Feature your class’s writing samples, drawings, and photos by completing this memory book. It comes with a 1st-grade version too, so children can continue relieving memories even after kindergarten. 

Besides letting the children complete the pages in class, you can also send them a couple of pages for homework. Just make sure to remind the kids about how important these pages are, and they should return the pages to class in good condition. 

You can print extra pages and have the class personalize them. They can color it, add stickers, or get autographs from their friends. You can also use these pages to write a special note for each child. 


  • Coloring materials
  • Glue
  • Memory book template
  • Pictures
  • Writing materials

To learn how to create these memory books in a more manageable way, check thehappyteacher.co

Writing | Fine Motor Skills | Social-Emotional Learning

9. End of School Year Memory Book by Easy Peasy and Fun

Photo credit: easypeasyandfun.com

This simple keepsake will help children practice their writing and drawing skills. This memory book will require the children to draw, write, and color!

Print the pages of this memory book and have the class have fun writing about their teacher, classmates, and school experiences. This memory book also comes with pages for friends where they can have their classmates draw a small portrait. Children can also have their classmates write down words that describe them. 

After the class completes every page, it’s best to laminate them. This will preserve the pages and ensure that the class will have something fun to look at for years to come.


  • Coloring materials
  • End-of-year memory book freebie
  • Writing materials

Download the pages of this memory book on easypeasyandfun.com

Writing | Comprehension | Fine Motor Skills

10. Student Teacher Goodbye Book

Surprise your student teacher on their last day in your classroom with this unique memory book. This is a gift they’re sure to cherish as it’s made by everyone in the class. 

This memory book has eight different cover options, a thank-you poem, and a class picture page. It also has an autograph page where every child in the class can sign and write their dedications for the student teacher. You and the class will surely have fun completing this book!


  • Coloring materials
  • Pictures
  • Student Teacher Goodbye Book printable
  • Writing materials

Click teacherspayteachers.com to learn more about this cute book!


Completing a memory book doesn’t have to feel like a chore. By introducing memory books through the ideas mentioned here, your class will surely look forward to completing every page of their memory books — whether the pages require them to draw, write, or color!

Visit our site again soon to learn about other themed activities fit for preschoolers! 

People Also Ask

This section is meant to answer some of the most common questions about memory books. Take note of the answers presented below and use them as you introduce memory books to class. It’ll be easier for you to keep the class engaged on memory books if you’re adept at it.

Why Is a Memory Book Important?

Memory books are important as they preserve poignant things and important milestones throughout a child’s life. Creating memory books along with parents or teachers also allows children to bond and foster better relationships with them. Children who have been collecting positive memories since childhood also grow up to be happier, healthier, and more resilient.

What Should Be in a Preschool Memory Book?

A preschool memory book should have the child’s portrait and pages about their favorite things, favorite things about school, and favorite teacher. It should also have the child’s handprint, future plans, and their friends’ names and autographs. A preschool memory book can also have a page dedicated to showcasing things the child will miss about preschool.

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