9 Delightful Preschool Books About Ice Cream

| Last Updated: November 6, 2022

Ice cream is a classic childhood treat that always brings a smile to kids’ faces. And what could be more fun than reading a book about ice cream? Whether your little ones dream of eating their favorite flavor or learning about the science behind making this delicious treat, these preschool books about ice cream are sure to be a hit!

Great Preschool Books About Ice Cream

It’s summertime, which is the perfect time to break out the ice cream books! These great reads will surely excite your little ones about this delicious treat. From trucks to fairies to dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone on this list. So grab a bowl and scoop up some fun!

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1. Should I Share My Ice Cream?

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The book, Should I Share My Ice Cream? is all about a big decision that Gerald has to make. He has to decide whether or not to share his ice cream with Piggie. Mo Willems has written an amusing tale about the difficulties of doing the correct thing, which is perfect for beginning readers. Fans of the Geisel Award-winning team will devour it with delight!

This book is a great way to introduce the concepts of sharing and decision-making to young children. It also promotes the importance of communication and friendship. Should I Share My Ice Cream? is highly recommended to teachers and parents of preschoolers. Your little ones are sure to love it!

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2. The Little Ice Cream Truck

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The new The Little Ice Cream Truck is a fantastic addition to the highly popular, The Little School Bus, The Little Dump Truck, and The Little Fire Truck series. On a hot sunny day, join the little ice cream truck and its happy driver, Sue, as they go all over town, delivering everyone’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

This book will surely be a success with toddlers and their parents or teachers, thanks to the jaunty song of the tiny ice cream truck which stops at a birthday party, park, and zoo.

So grab a copy of The Little Ice Cream Truck and enjoy a fun summer read with your little ones!

Science | Nature | Reading

3. Is it Warm Enough for Ice Cream?

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This Is It Warm Enough for Ice Cream? is perfect for curious young minds and will surely be a triumph for preschoolers. With its engaging illustrations and easy-to-understand text, this book is a great way to introduce the basics of science to preschoolers.

Don’t forget, Is it Warm Enough for Ice Cream? makes a great gift for the budding scientist in your life. Order now and surprise your little one with the perfect introduction to weather and temperature, as well as features delicious ice cream!

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4. Izzy the Ice-Cream Fairy

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The Izzy, the Ice-Cream Fairy is a lovely children’s book from Tim Bugbird with stunning art by Lara Ede. When Izzy and her pals operate an enchanted ice cream stand on the beach, their ice cream well runs dry. Join the fairy friends as they journey to a new land in search of more delectable ice cream and see if they can return in time for the carnival.

This book is perfect for parents and teachers of preschoolers who are looking for a fun, rhyming story that also teaches three important skills: perseverance, teamwork, and resilience. With its beautiful illustrations and funny characters, Izzy the Ice-Cream Fairy will become a favorite in your home or classroom. Order your copy today!

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5. Splat the Cat: I Scream for Ice Cream

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Come along with Splat and his classmates on a delicious field trip to an ice cream factory in this luscious I Can Read book from Rob Scotton, a bestselling author-artist of the New York Times.

Splat is wiggling all over the place on the bus, dreaming about how much ice cream he’ll be able to eat. However, when he finally arrives at the destination, it’s not quite what he expected. The mountain of ice cream has turned into an avalanche! Now, Splat and his friends have to save everyone from being buried alive under a sweet dessert catastrophe!

Beginning readers will practice the –eam ending sound and learn about sequencing as they read along with Splat in this scrumptious Level One I Can Read book.

The next time you’re looking for a fun and educational book for your preschooler, be sure to check out Splat the Cat: I Scream for Ice Cream. You won’t be disappointed.

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6. Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs

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Eric Litwin, best-selling author of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, and Tom Lichtenheld, award-winning illustrator of Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, have collaborated to create a loveable new children’s book character who will groove his way into readers’ hearts. Groovy Joe is a fun-loving dog who loves to dance and sing about everything he enjoys, from ice cream all the way down to dinosaurs!

This charming story teaches young readers three important skills: counting, sharing, and dealing with conflict. It’s the perfect book for parents and teachers to share with their preschoolers! This Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs is sure to get your little ones moving and grooving!

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7. Gorilla Loves Vanilla

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Chae Strathie’s newest picture book is comical while still educating young children on the wide variety of ice cream flavors available to them. When animals visit Little Sam Sundae’s shop, they have some out-of-the-ordinary requests. Through it all, Gorilla stays loyal to his boring vanilla flavor… or so the other animals think. By the end of their licking their lips clean, maybe those others will realize that vanilla isn’t so dull after all!

The Gorilla Loves Vanilla is a great book for introducing young children to the idea of trying new things. The simple text and bright illustrations make it the perfect choice for parents and teachers looking for a fun way to encourage their little ones to step outside their comfort zones. So why not give it a try? You might just be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

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8. Just One More

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Just One More is more than just an entertaining story; it’s heartwarming and will teach your little ones some important skills. It is perfect for parents and teachers of preschoolers who are looking for a fun read.

The book follows Jessie, a dog who is full of surprises, as she welcomes a new arrival into her family. Throughout the story, Jessie and her family learn about cooperation, patience, and acceptance – three important skills every preschooler should learn.

This charming book, Just One More, is sure to become a favorite in your household. Be sure to grab a copy for your little one today!

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9. The Sundae Scoop

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The Sundae Scoop is ideal for teaching toddlers about ice cream. How many different ice cream sundaes can you make? There are a lot of options with six ingredients to pick from. Kids will enjoy reading about the school picnic sundaes they’re making.

Math has never been so delicious! The story is engaging and funny, and the illustrations will bring a smile to your child’s face.

So why not pick up a copy of The Sundae Scoop today? Your child will thank you for it!


Check out these titles if you are looking for some great preschool books about ice cream. They are sure to be a blow to your little ones. From learning about the different flavors of ice cream to making their own sundaes, these books will provide hours of fun and education. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a few of these titles and let the ice cream fun begin.

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