10 ENGAGING Zoom Activities For Kindergarteners – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: February 8, 2023

Zoom meetings have become the new normal for keeping people and businesses connected around the world. The application helped institutions carry on their daily business activities virtually and stay afloat.

Similarly, schools’ closure for an indefinite period compelled teachers and parents to opt for a virtual classroom setting. Zoom meetings with kids and parents help conduct lessons and create a classroom-look environment.

However, it is a challenging task to keep kindergarteners engaged through an online classroom. Teachers may feel overwhelmed while conducting an online class, given the short attention span of the kids. 

This comprehensive guide will help you find the right zoom activities for kindergarten that bring lots of learning and fun. We have thoroughly searched and shortlisted activities that would be most effective to grab your kids’ attention. 

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Great Zoom Activities For Kindergarten

Our list of zoom activities for kindergarten will help you plan and conduct engaging lessons for kids. Incorporating these activities in your lesson plans will surely provide kids with a fun learning experience. 

Reading | Fine Motor | Social Skill

1. Primer Sight Word Bingo 

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Games have always proved to be a great way to keep the kids involved and engaged in a classroom. It helps in gaining their attention and reinforcing the skills and concepts learned previously. 

You can always incorporate different virtual games in your lesson plans to give kids an enjoyable learning environment.

One of the conventional games you can consider for kindergarteners is Bingo. For instance, this Primer Sight Word Bingo set from EducationOutside. This set has 30 unique cards you can use to work with your young students on recognition and spelling of all 52 Dolch Primer words.

You may choose to integrate Bingo into other subjects too. This will help them comprehend and retain different concepts better. Also, with this strategy, you will know whether you are achieving your desired lesson objectives.

Problem-solving | Observational | Gross Motor

2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

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Talk about having a scavenger hunt in your class and witness the kids’ enthusiasm! You may consider having a scavenger hunt on Zoom call as well.

It is best to come up with exciting ideas that can help your child learn and have fun simultaneously. You can ask the children to find a particular item and show it to you on zoom call.

Just make sure that the item you ask for is commonly available at every child’s home and safe enough for the kids to carry it. Moreover, you can ask children to find things starting with a particular letter sound or any other attribute.

This way, you can reinforce different topics or concepts that may have been discussed previously. Having such interactive activities allow you to create an enjoyable learning environment for the kids.

Save your time looking for resources to get started and check out this boredom buster Indoor Scavenger Hunt printables from EducationOutside. 

Creative | Motor Skill | Speaking

3. Playing Virtual Games

Games have always proved to be a great way to keep the kids involved and engaged in a classroom.

It helps in gaining their attention and reinforcing the skills and concepts learned previously. 

You can always incorporate different virtual games in your lesson plans to give kids an enjoyable learning environment. Also, with this strategy, you will know whether you are achieving your desired lesson objectives. 

There are various games that you can consider for kindergartners. Some conventional games such as I Spy, 20 questions, Bingo, and Categories are fun to play with young kids.
You may choose a new game for each meeting. For instance, you may make children practice spelling words while playing bingo with them.

This will help them comprehend and retain different concepts better. So, make sure to add different games while planning your lessons.

To learn more about similar activities, check out RootsAndWingsKindergarten.com

Speaking | Motor Skill | Cognitive

4. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

It’s a great idea to introduce playful activities in between your sessions to make your children look forward to their zoom meetings.

One of them is to play thumbs up or thumbs down with the kids. It is a simple activity where you ask them various questions, and they respond with the show of a thumbs up or down.

The activity does not involve asking formal questions. Instead, it could be informal questions related to their likes and dislikes.

You may ask questions related to their hobbies or favorite cartoon characters to keep them engaged. Children love sharing their stories and experiences.

Besides, you can decide on a theme for the day, such as pets, playing, or food, making it fun for the kids. Performing such activity will improve your relationship with the kids as well, which can otherwise be a bit of a challenge to do virtually. 

For more details about this activity, check out SimplyKinder.com.

Math | Problem-Solving | Cognitive

5. Digital Toothy Activity

If your students are acquainted with using Toothy Task cards, then they will love this digital toothy activity.

It is the digital version of toothy task cards. You can share your screen with the students and open the digital version on your computer. 

The students will be presented with a problem sum, which they have to solve on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. After a few minutes, start counting to three and ask the students to show their answers. 

All the students will hold up their answers at the same time. For every correct answer, Toothy will get a tooth. While doing this activity, you will observe excitement among your kids.

Consequently, it will help you keep them involved for a longer time. This activity helps in developing and reinforcing math skills in a fun way.

To explore more about this activity, check out LuckyLittleLearners.com.

Critical Thinking | Cognitive | Social Skill

6. Memory Game

This is an ideal activity to develop critical thinking skills and attention to detail in kids. It also helps in improving listening skills. 

To execute this activity, you will have to prepare a board of various random items, such as a pencil, brush, paints, scissors, etc.

Present it to the kids and tell them to memorize all the items on the board within a given time period. They will not be allowed to note down the list of items or take a screenshot.

Once they have a good look at the items, take the board away, and remove one item. Bring it back on the screen, and ask the students to identify the missing item from the board.

Whoever spots the most missing items will be the winner in the end. It is a fun way to interact with the kids while on zoom call. Such interactive activities allow them to bond with you as well.

To discover more such activities, be sure to check WeAreTeachers.com.

Creative | Cognitive | Speaking

7. Storytelling Activity

Storytelling activities simulate the imagination of kids and hone their creative skills. This storytelling activity gives every child a chance to express their thoughts.

Students continue the story one by one and give it a proper ending by the end of the activity. You will begin the story with expressions like ‘once upon a time there was…’.
Then, give each student a chance to add something to the story one by one. End the story once everyone had their turn to contribute to the story.

In the process, the story may get wild, which adds fun and laughter during the session. The activity will enable the students to use their imagination, verbalize their thoughts, and develop their listening and speaking skills.

So, consider this fun activity for an interactive online session.

To incorporate more engaging zoom activities that allow for fun learning, check out SenResourcesBlog.com for more fun activities.

Creative | Social Skill | Communication Skill

8. Painting Rocks Together

Allow your students to spend some time together doing an exciting activity. Plan a virtual playdate for kids to have some fun time since kids must get the chance to develop their social skills as well. 

In times like these, where social distancing has become a need of the hour, you would not want your kids to feel isolated. This activity will give the students a chance to socialize with one another. 

Tell the students to gather supplies for the activity, including dark river rocks, rubbing alcohol, paintbrush, white acrylic paint, and clear spray sealant. Once the zoom session starts, let them discuss with their classmates what they plan to paint on their rocks.

Let them brainstorm for a while and get on with the painting part. Once they are done painting their rock, ask them to show it to everyone on the camera. Give them a chance to discuss their paintings with each other.

This activity will help improve their communication skills as well. 

You can read more about this rock painting activity on fourcheekymonkeys.com.

Sensory Skill | Cognitive | Social Skill

9. Online Charades Game

This is an interactive activity that you can play on a zoom call with the kids. Kids love playing guessing games, and such games develop team building and comprehension skills.

The game can be played in teams or individually, depending on your preference. It is recommended to split your students into two teams as it will develop team spirit among children.

Once you split them into teams, ask one of the members of team A to send a word to one person from team B via private zoom chat. Then, the team B member will have to act out the word and let his team guess what it is. 

You could also give reverse charades a try. The only difference in this game is that all the members of a team are sent the word except for one person of the group. The entire group will try to make the one person guess the word.

This may get more fun for kids. Charades is a fun way to engage the kids and enhance their sensory skills.

To learn more about this interesting activity, do check out AndNextComesl.com.

Motor Skill | Communications | Cognitive

10. Building With Legos

It is important to have interactive sessions with interesting conversations. Make sure that children get an equal chance to share their ideas and thoughts.

It builds up their confidence and enhances their speaking skills. However, there may be some kids who are shy to speak up on the camera.

So, conversation activities such as the Lego challenge will help you break the ice and allow children to speak their minds. Instruct the children to build anything of their liking with Lego and bring it to the next zoom meeting.

Students will take turns showing and discussing their models. They will explain what inspired them to build their model and what they like the most about it. 

Such exercises where children create something on their own boost their confidence and improve their fine motor skills.

They could come up with different ideas like a model of their room, a pyramid, etc. Be sure to interact with each student and acknowledge their ideas.

If you want to explore more conversation activities, check out ReneeAtGreatPeace.com.

What Supplies Are Needed For These Activities?

The best part about zoom activities is that you do not require any supplies or materials to efficiently execute most activities. In case you do need something, they are available easily online or in nearby stores.

Almost all the zoom activities on our list are easy to perform, creating an engaging and fun learning environment. 

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Some activities require you to prepare the material before your next zoom session. For instance, in the memory game, you must decide beforehand what items you will use to place on the board.

Get those items and set them on the board. Besides, there are digital resources you can use to assist in completing different activities.

Even though they are just a click away, you still need to have them figured out before the start of the session. In some cases, you would require students to have certain materials ready before the class.

Elaborate on materials that they need to get so that they have them in the next session. For instance, the painting rocks activity requires students to have materials such as river rocks, acrylic paint, and a paintbrush.

All these materials are available online or at stores. It would not take much effort to accumulate materials for the activity.


Hopefully, our list of zoom activities for kindergarten will help you plan and execute your lessons effectively. These activities allow you to grab children’s attention and keep them engaged.

They help in honing different skills such as sensory, math, language, creative, social, and others. So, make sure that you include these activities in your zoom meetings to make learning fun for kids. Happy teaching!

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