10 FANTASTIC Fall Activities For Kindergarteners – 2023 Guide

| Last Updated: June 12, 2022

Fall is the best time to explore the beauty of nature around you. You step outside and witness leaves changing colors to red, orange, and yellow. It creates a colorful and vibrant atmosphere, making you feel refreshed.

Thus, it is ideal for performing various leaf activities with kindergartners in the fall season. In fact, it is best to introduce various interactive fall activities to welcome the fall season into your classroom. 

This article highlights some interesting fall activities for kindergarten that will awaken the children’s artsy side. The comprehensive guide will present you with engaging fall activities that assist in developing fine motor skills and allow the kids to acquire new skills.

So, let’s begin exploring!

Great Fall Activities For Kindergarten

There are so many amazing fall activities that you can perform with kids. We have compiled a list of some of the best ones and provided their in-depth description. This will help you gain a clear understanding of how to execute the fall activities successfully with your kids.

Creative | Math | Science

1. Fall Tree Activity

Many fun fall activities for preschoolers and kindergartners help in honing their creative skills. These are divided into different categories that encourage sensory play, literacy, math, and science skills

Fall is the season where the kids are in awe, watching the leaves change their color and trees shedding colorful leaves all around. It is the best time where you can plan different activities to stimulate your child’s senses. One of them is fall tree art, where you ask kids to use their imagination to create beautiful fall trees.

Make use of play dough to create a tree and ask children to go outside and pick some fallen leaves. Then, guide them to use the collected leaves to create a beautiful fall tree with play dough.

Moreover, colorful shaving cream can create a vibrant tree on mini Monets. You can ask the students to paint a tree on a piece of paper with paints and then number the leaves they draw. 

There are so many fall tree ideas that will enhance the motor skills of the children. You can learn more about this activity at Fun-a-day.com.

Science | Creative | Motor Skill

2. Exploring Leaf Skeleton

Give your child a chance to explore the structure of a leaf with the leaf skeleton activity.

This activity will allow your child to explore and study the structure of a leaf. It is best to perform such an activity in the fall season, as children get fascinated with the changing color of leaves around them. 

It is an investigative experiment suitable for five-year-olds that will allow them to learn about nature. Before you begin, make sure you have all the required material. 

Ask your child to go outdoors and bring a leaf of his liking. Place it on the carpet, and gently brush it with a bristle brush to remove the fleshy parts of the leaf. 

Turn over the leaf and brush the other side until the leaf skeleton is visible. Now, keep the leaf between two sheets of cling wrap. Let your student cover the plastic with newspaper, and then help him use a warm iron to iron the leaf. The iron will melt the plastic and give a clear view of the leaf skeleton. 

Now, you may start exploring the leaf skeleton right in front of you. Discuss what the child sees and whether it reminds him/her of anything similar observed in nature.

After having performed this experiment, your students will be able to gain an understanding of the leaf skeleton. It will bring them closer to nature and enhance their creative skills.

To know more about such amazing learning activities, you should check out: Education.com.

Math | Social Skill | Motor Skill

3. Counting With Leaves

Develop a child’s math skills with counting and estimating activity using leaves. This activity aims at developing math skills, such as counting, number sense, and addition. 

After adding one leaf to the tree, ask the students to count how many more should be added. As leaves are added, ask the children to mention the new total. You may use a chart paper or a number line to record their answers. 

The activity is most suitable for three-to-five-year-olds. Young learners retain more information when they actively participate in such practical activities. Incorporating such math activities make learning new concepts fun and easy. 

You will require a tree printable and artificial leaves to perform the activity. Paste the tree printable on a whiteboard in the classroom, and start pasting leaves on the tree one by one. 

Recount the number of leaves on the tree with the kids as you end the activity. You may also increase and decrease the number of leaves from the tree, and let the students recount them. It will be a fun counting activity for kids. 

Also, you may take the students outside and make them count leaves of different colors. It will reinforce understanding of the different colors and numbers.

You can get printables and other resources related to this activity on Kidssoup.com.

Social Skill | Science | Math

4. Number Hunt in Nature

Arranging a scavenger hunt for kids could be a great way of exploring nature in the fall.

It is a fun activity that may help develop math skills. In fact, this activity could be the best way to reinforce number counting and estimation. You may take the kids to a backyard or a park for successful execution. This activity is ideal for three-to-six-year-olds.

For this activity, you will require a sharpie, felt leaves, and a backyard or a park where kids could find things. Now, number the leaves and ask a child to identify the number. After identifying the number correctly, ask him to find the same amount of things in the garden.

To reinforce mental math, put together two leaves, and ask a child the sum of both numbers. Next, ask him to look for the natural items in the garden that represent the total of the numbers. This will let the child connect with his surroundings, along with developing math skills. 

You can get more information about the activity on theladybirdsadventures.co.uk

Creative | Writing | Concept Development

5. Alphabet Games 

Stepping out in autumn is such a delight as you see colorful leaves lying all around you.

While walking through a huge pile of crunchy leaves with the kids, ask them to collect some. You could then use these leaves to play alphabet games.

You can paint alphabets on these leaves, and transform them into learning resources. Laminate the painted leaves or cover them in a plastic sheet to make them last for some time. Kids aged three to five years will love playing this game.

To perform this activity, you will require a few leaves and a permanent marker or acrylic paint. Write letters on the leaves with paint or permanent marker, and jumble them up. Next, lay them out in front of the kids. 

Ask children to recognize the letters and make words out of them. You could also ask for spellings of words that they are currently learning. This will build up their reading and writing skills

To make it more exciting, you can hide the leaves in the garden and let the children go on a letter treasure hunt.

If you want to know more about this activity and get some more similar ideas, do check out Totschooling.net.

Math | Motor Skill | Creative

6. Sensory Bin Fun

Sensory bin activities are a lot of fun for kindergartners.

You can fill these sensory bins with seasonal items that you may find outdoors or at a store. Several sensory bin ideas help in engaging young learners in various math activities.

Get fabric leaves from a nearby store to fill your sensory bin. These leaves have a neat texture and last longer than the real leaves. Place them along with different math activity cards, like those that reinforce counting, in the sensory bin. You may use ten frame cards to keep amongst the leaves. You can get these cards from a dollar store. 

As you begin the activity, have a worksheet with you to let children record their answers. It will help you evaluate how effective the activity was for kids.

To gain more clarity on the activity, check out SparklinginPrimary.com. You can find various other activities that you can incorporate in your classroom, too! 

Creative | Fine Motor | Social Skill

7. Leaf Rubbings 

Leaf rubbing is an incredibly interesting activity that you may consider this fall season. All three-to-five-year-olds will love creating leaf rubbing art. Let your children go outside and pick leaves for performing this interesting leaf rubbing activity. 

Begin by placing the leaves under a white piece of paper and rub the white crayon over it. As the white crayon is rubbed on the paper, it will have a print of the leaf that will be revealed once the child paints over it with different watercolors.

The children will get to create leaf rubbing art using the beautiful leaves. You would require a white piece of paper, white crayon, and watercolors. Make sure that you have all these items ready as you perform the activity.

As the leaves are revealed, you can discuss the different parts. You can talk about the function of the veins that assist the leaf in getting water and minerals to keep it blooming, and so on.

Similarly, there are various other leaf activities that you may consider doing with the kids. You can find them on TeachingMama.org.

Writing | Reading | Recognition

8. Beginning Alphabet Sound Activities 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your kids’ writing and reading skills, this beginning alphabet sound activity is ideal for you.

For this activity, you can use lovely letter sound clip cards that allow the children to learn how alphabets sound. These cards have different images with three letters printed on them. 

This activity will help you engage kids in learning different alphabets and words that they could make with them. You can place the cards with different images in front of the kids. Then, ask them one by one what they see and identify the correct letter on the card.

Clip cards are amazing learning resources for children and allow them to learn fast. They have a fun time learning new things. Also, such engaging activities let you bond with the children. It also aids in building creativity and literacy skills.

To get the clip cards and learn more about the activity, do visit naturalbeachliving.com.

Fine Motor | Creative | Recognition

9. Sticky Fall Tree 

Fall crafts for kindergartners are great for strengthening their motor skills. There are several fall crafts that you can consider to keep kids engaged for hours.

A simple activity of creating a sticky fall tree will end up being an enjoyable and exciting activity for kids. You can easily perform this activity in the classroom. 

To make a sticky fall tree, cut a piece of contact paper, and tape it to the wall. The sticky side should be on the top. After, cut yellow, orange, and red color papers. Ask the kids to help you with cutting as such tasks help develop fine motor skills.

Then, take brown cardboard and cut it into the shape of the tree trunk and branches. Paste it on the wall to make it resemble a tree. Once done, ask the kids to start sticking tissue paper onto the tree. 

The kids will thoroughly enjoy sticking colorful tissue papers on the tree and making it appear vibrant just like during autumn.

You can find more fall crafts ideas for kindergarten kids on HowWeeLearn.com

Science | Fine Motor | Social Skill

10. Science- Exploring the Color Changes in Leaves 

There is no better time than fall to go outside and explore different aspects of nature.

Children get curious about the changes happening in their surroundings. The most intriguing part of fall is the changing color of the leaves.

With the help of science experiments, you can make children learn about the world around them and better understand their environment. Consider this simple activity where kids will explore why leaves change their color.

Things required for this activity include three leaves, a jar, rubbing alcohol, a plastic bag, a small bowl, and a paper coffee filter. Start with breaking the leaves into small pieces and place them in the jar. Then cover them with rubbing alcohol. Mash them thoroughly and mix them in rubbing alcohol till the alcohol turns a little green.

Next, close the jar with the plastic bag and keep it in a small pan or bowl. Fill the bowl with hot water and leave the jar in it for thirty minutes. Make sure that the alcohol turns dark green. 

After thirty to forty-five minutes, place a coffee filter in the jar. You will observe the liquid going up the filter. The colors will start separating as the alcohol evaporates. Leave it for an hour to see leaves change their color.

After completing the experiment, explain to the kids why the leaves change their color and what role chlorophyll plays in it. Surely, children will find this experiment fascinating and would love to perform it.

If you want to learn more about interesting science experiments, check out alittlepinchofperfect.com.  

What Supplies Are Needed For These Activities?

Most of the activities on our list are simple and require materials that are found easily in local stores. Some of the materials can be found at your home as well, making it convenient for you to execute the activities. 

Materials such as chart paper, scissors, glue sticks, paints, crayons, and plastic bags are usually available at your home. If not, then you can easily go to the nearest store and purchase these supplies for various activities. The best part is that most of our activities can be performed using these materials only. So, you do not have to spend time exploring different places for gathering supplies.

However, you might have to purchase materials like fabric leaves, clips, or sensory bins. You may use real leaves if you find difficulty in finding fabric leaves. Fabric leaves are long-lasting and are preferred in some activities. 


To conclude, these fall activities for kindergartners are a great way of developing sensory, math, creativity, literacy, and other similar skills. Hopefully, the fall activities on our list will make learning fun and exciting for the kids. These engaging activities will keep the kids busy and help them understand their surroundings. So, let the children explore and make the most of this fall season!

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