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Learning letters and sounds take time and repetition. It can seem like a grueling task to teach young children the letter of the alphabet and find new ways to practice. Worksheets are a perfect option because they present a variety of ways to introduce, practice, reinforce, and assess students’ knowledge of the letter n or any other letter. 

So, we went out and found some of the best letter n worksheet options to make your search easier. All of the products featured here are low to no prep, printable, and feature fun activities to keep kids having fun and interested. Click on each product below to find the one that fits your curriculum best.

Great Letter N Worksheets

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1. Letter N – Simple Sentences Worksheet

If you need some sentences for letter and reading practice, EducationOutside has created these basic letter n sentences to help you out. This single worksheet provides 6 sentences for kids to read that help them recognize both the sound and shape of the letter n. 

This requires zero prep work and you can just print and get to learning. You can use these for morning work, group practice, home learning, or as part of a center. Kids will read each sentence and color in one of the stars at the end. Once they’ve read all sentences once, they can go back and read them again to increase their fluency. Picture clues are included to make the task manageable for even the newest readers.

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2. Printable Letter N Maze Activity Page

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This printable letter n maze by TSRCrafts is a fun, no-stress activity. You can print these with a touch of a button and be ready in only a few minutes. In this activity, kids navigate (a great n-word to tie in) through the maze to find the exit. All the while, they are seeing a large, uppercase letter n which helps with letter recognition.

This activity is great for a quick transition, morning work, as a time filler, or for at-home practice. It adds the element of fun into learning and kids will enjoy finding the way out. They won’t even know they’re learning! And that’s a win for parents, teachers, and students.

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3. Preschool Letter N Activities

LifeWithPeanut’s set of preschool letter n worksheets are a great way to add activities to your letter n teaching plan. You get a variety of pages, each with a different activity to work through. This includes coloring sheets, dotting pages, counting pages, bubble letters, playdough mats, crafts, upper and lowercase sorting, and more. 

All of the activities give your students hands-on ways to practice the letter n and sound. They also provide a mix of upper and lowercase practice and use math-related activities to build their skills. These require no prep work, so all you have to do is print and go. You can use these for centers, distance learning, home practice, desk work, or group instruction. With the variety of activities, kids won’t soon get bored, so take advantage of the various sheets included.

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4. 5 Letter N Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets

If you need a set of alphabet and phonics worksheets to help you student(s) practice the letter n, KellyConnors has a set of letter n worksheets to help you out. These sheets include activities like penmanship, upper and lowercase sound and letter identification, sentence writing, and beginning sound identification. 

You can use these as a packet for students to work through, for morning work, center activities, at-home practice, or anywhere it fills a hole in your lesson plans. These will give kids several ways to practice, keeping them thinking and learning. Since these are no prep, you can add them to your curriculum in an instant.

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5. Learn and Practice Letter N {Letter of the Week}

This letter of the week pack focuses on learning and practicing the letter n and comes from MichelleGriffoOfApplesandABCs. You get 13 pages of practice with several different activities featured including letter recognition, coloring, tracing, printing, sorting, a poster to hang in your room, and a decodable book. 

All activities are interactive and sure to engage even reluctant students. These are great for literacy centers, home practice, for desk work, or wherever you find a need. Just print these out and you’re ready to teach. No prep work necessary, which makes this the perfect addition for both you and your students. 

This comprehensive set of letter n activities is enough for a week-long lesson. LaviniaPop created this letter n worksheet set so you could focus on one letter for an entire week. You will appreciate how easy this is to print and use, as they require minimal prep work. And kids will love the fun, engaging activities that hold their attention. 

With over 80 pages of practice, you can use this in class, as homework, centers, morning work, or group literacy instruction. The activities include letter sorting, posters, flashcards, playdough mats, write and wipe cards, build a sentence, booklets, mazes, coloring, and much more. This is a fabulous way to get a ton of materials in one easy download. Add this to your letter n curriculum, and you’ll be set for the week.

If you want a comprehensive set to teach and practice, this letter n alphabet printable bundle from SimplyKinder has it all. This includes over 70 pages of practice featuring a multitude of activities and ways to practice. Best of all, they require little to no prep and can be ready at the push of a button. 

Kids will enjoy activities such as vocabulary practice, stamping, coloring, sorting, craft pages, emergent readers, games, and more. You also get posters, word wall cards, anchor chart cutouts, and an organizer to use around the room or for tracking purposes. Some pages are available in either black and white or color so you can choose which fits best in your lesson plans. With this huge set, you won’t soon run out of ways to practice the letter n.

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8. Hands-on Letter N Activities

This hands-on letter n worksheet set by KatieRoltgen will keep the minds and hands of your student(s) busy and are perfect for learning or practicing the letter n. This includes 10 activities kids will love to do. You might even find them asking to do these again and again, just for fun. 

You get activities like coloring, trace and cut, letter maze, letter crown, mystery letter, sorting activities, a mini book, and more. These are sure to last a while in your classroom and are an excellent option for centers, homework, group instruction, morning work, timer fillers, or anytime you need a quick activity. These require little to no preparation so are ready when you are.

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9. Playdough Mat – Roll and Trace Letter N

Any time you can add playdough to learning, it’s bound to be a hit. These letter n playdough mats from EducationOutside do just that. The sheet includes both the upper and lowercase letter to trace with playdough, along with a line of tracing and a blank line to practice writing the letter n independently. 

The engaging exercises give kids 3 ways to practice and, if laminated, can be used over and over. You can easily print and use these, so they are a great addition to your letter n curriculum. Use these for a literacy center, hands-on activity, or anytime you need something extra.

Wow! This enormous letter n activity pack from Marcelle’sKGZone will give you plenty of ways to practice. With over 100 pages, you will have an entire curriculum to teach and practice the letter n for as long as you need it. This is an excellent option for pre-k, kindergarten, or as an intervention tool. They all require little to no prep work, so they can be printed and ready for your students in minutes.

You will get activities including tracing, rolling, writing, cut and paste, coloring, writing, CVC words, beginning sound match, art activities, and so much more! No matter where or when you need an activity for the letter n, you’ll find what you need here. The fun graphics and interactive tasks will keep kids having fun while they learn, so it’s a win-win for you and your students.


Adding worksheets to your letter n curriculum is a great way to keep kids interested and learning. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it on the list above. Since worksheets require very little prep, if any, they are ready in a short period of time. 

So just click around and find the set that works best with your unique lesson plans, download them, print, and you’re ready to teach. These are also great options for distance learning, interventions, or homework. Thanks for stopping in!

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