Sight Word Books: Fry’s Top 25 Sight Word Practice




Printable sight word books that cover Fry’s first 25 sight words. Each sight word has its own book.

What’s Included:

  • 25 different sight words books (each 8 pages long)
  • Black and White versions of each book are also included
  • Each book focuses on one sight word
  • Covers Fry’s top 25 words

This sight word book focuses on:

  • Writing: practice writing the sight words in sentences
  • Tracing: students practice tracing sight words
  • Reading: students practice reading sight words in multiple sentences
  • Word Recognition: students practice finding the sight words and focus on word recognition
  • Bonus – Coloring: If using the black & white version of the book the students can also color in the pictures throughout the book for some added fun 🙂

Sight Words Include (Fry’s First 25):

  1. As
  2. From
  3. His
  4. Of
  5. A
  6. And
  7. For
  8. I
  9. In
  10. Is
  11. It
  12. The
  13. To
  14. You
  15. Are
  16. At
  17. Be
  18. Have
  19. He
  20. On
  21. That
  22. They
  23. This
  24. Was
  25. With

How to Use this Sight Word Mini Book

Print the pages, cut each page in half on the dotted line and staple together as a book. These have been designed to save as much paper as possible.


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Sight Word Books: Fry’s Top 25 Sight Word Practice