10 ENGAGING Skip Counting Worksheets For Kids – 2023 Round-up

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Skip counting is a building block for learning how to multiply. Children who understand this concept have an easier time understanding multiplication and division, setting them up for success in math. 

But it’s more than just a singular skill too. Skip counting enables kids to see counting patterns and better understand the relationships between numbers. Through practice, students improve their number sense and increase their number fluency and make them comfortable manipulating numbers both forward and backward.

Knowing how to skip count sets kids up for success in other areas of math in the future. So practice a bit each day. If you need some ideas, we’ve put together some great skip counting worksheets to help make the task easier.

Great Ideas to Practice Skip Counting

Purchase FromTeachers Pay Teachers

This skip counting worksheet set from EducationOutside is excellent for learning and practicing skip counting skills. Kids can practice 12 different counting patterns to help them understand the concept of skip counting, an essential skill on the path to multiplication and division.

Each page features one counting pattern including, counting by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, 15’s, 20’s, and 25’s. This set is the only one that includes such a range of counting patterns and gives kids plenty of opportunities to identify various counting patterns and practice their new skills. The printable worksheets are ready to go in a flash and require no prep work. 

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Early Math

2. Printable Skip Counting Cards by ArrowsAndApplesauce

ArrowsandApplesauce has created oversized flashcards that showcase various skip counting patterns so students can easily see and understand the concept. Cards with colorful borders include patterns for skip counting from 2’s through 15’s. 

This set also features a multiplication square to further illustrate how skip counting and multiplication are related. You can use these individually or put them on a ring for practice. Kids will love being able to look at the cards to help them recall and practice the patterns.

This is a huge set that features a variety of number activities. With over 250 pages of practice, you will not soon run out of math activities. For skip counting, this pack includes counting mats, 16 differentiated worksheets, three stations, one each for counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and seven cut and paste worksheets. 

With this one skip counting set by MissGiraffe, you can teach an entire first-grade math unit to one or more kids with little prep needed. If you want to use skip counting as part of a bigger, cohesive unit, this is where you’ll find it. Previous buyers loved the value for the money and you’ll be sure to love it too.

MariaGavin’s skip counting set includes hundreds of charts so students can fill in and see the pattern from 1-100. The target pattern is highlighted in bright, rainbow colors to draw the attention of kids, while the “in-between” numbers are black and are easily ignored to avoid confusion on what pattern is being worked on. 

You will also get three full-size classroom skip counting charts that can also be printed as student desk references. Lastly, you get skip counting practice sheets for each pattern. These are intended to be filled in with bright colors to “rainbow write” in colored rows.

Number Recognition | Recognizing Patterns | Early Math

5. Math Skip Counting Worksheet by CanadianMomsCare 

This Montessori counting set features worksheets with blanks connected by “beads” to show the progression from one number to the next. The numbers which are to be used are featured on the left side so students can reference them easily. 

These skip counting worksheets from CanadianMomsCare are perfect for learning this vital skill. The set includes 10 worksheets, each featuring a counting pattern with numbers 1-10. They even sell physical beads that you can purchase to go along with these to further enforce and give a tactile component to the activity.

Number Recognition | Early Math | Counting

6. KidMathZone’s Skip Count Worksheets

These skip counting worksheets by KidMathZone are sure to catch the attention of any student. The adorable clip art will add a fun component to learning to skip count by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, and 10’s. 

In this set, you get 16 worksheets to provide various opportunities to practice this essential skill. These practice sheets can be used for students of all ages and work for preschool through 1st grade, as well as for remedial practice for older students.

Looking for something a bit more colorful? This set of skip counting sheets by AlmostTheirHeight include colorful images ranging from hands and frogs to feet and rocket ships to illustrate the patterns. With this product, you get 83 printable pages to engage and instruct how to count by three major counting patterns.

First, you get number cards to help kids understand how the patterns work. Then, use the included worksheet pack to allow them to practice counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. You also get a bonus before and after the worksheet to assess how well students have learned this concept.

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Creative

8. WhimsyWorkshopTeaching’s Skip Counting Caterpillars

These cute caterpillars by WhimsyWorkshopTeaching allow students to practice their fine motor skills by coloring and cutting out each piece of the caterpillar while working on counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

This is a great option for independent seat or center work and will keep kids busy for a decent amount of time. Once completed, you can display them in a prominent place as a reference while students gain confidence with skip counting.

Also included are blank sheets so you can up the ante with any skip counting pattern you want and start with any number. This increases the difficulty and allows for unlimited additional practice. 

Number Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

9. LauraMartin’s Skip Counting by 2, 5, and 10 Write the Room 

Need an activity that’ll get kids up and moving? Try this skip counting set by LauraMartin. Print the cards from this set and hide them around the room. Each set is color-coded and includes a random set of numbers. Next, print and provide students with a recording sheet and let them search the room to find all the patterns. 

Once a pattern is found, the student records and fills in the missing numbers. This is an easy prep activity and only requires printing and laminating (if desired).

One additional component LauraMartin includes is counting backward, which can be an additional challenge. This 68-page activity focuses on counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s and is sure to get kids moving and learning.

Number Recognition | Writing | Counting

10. Skip Counting Worksheets By WorksheetsWithFun

These skip counting worksheets by WorksheetsWithFun give you different formats including number lines and boxes to help students become familiar with the concept. The 45-page set features 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s counting patterns.

The sheets have students continue the pattern or fill in blanks to build their skip counting skills and challenge them in different ways. They are also another print-and-go activity that requires no prep work and is ready in minutes.

You get 15 pages for each counting pattern so you have plenty of options and variation when teaching and practicing this skill.


With so many ways to practice, there really is no reason not to teach and reinforce this concept as early as preschool. As students gain success and understand skip counting, they feel more confident in other areas, including math and science. Students who can group and manipulate numbers are more likely to do well when more difficult math concepts are introduced. 

Hopefully, you’ve found some great worksheets in our list above to quickly and easily practice skip counting. Most are no prep or low prep, so why not get started today?

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