5 Interactive and Engaging Short Vowel i Worksheets – For Student Success (2023)

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

In order to be good readers, students need to learn their letter sounds. Some of the most important letters are vowels. One or more of these five letters appear in every word in the English language, so are a vital component in reading. 

For kids learning their short vowel sounds, repetition is important. Using various methods, including worksheets, helps kids to quickly learn and apply these sounds. The short i sound is sometimes tricky. The short i worksheets below are designed to supplement your lesson plans to make the process faster and easier. 

Imaginative Short i Worksheets

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1. Short Vowel i Worksheets For Learning Fun

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EducationOutside created these fun, no-prep short vowel i worksheets to provide a variety of ways for kids to practice. The set includes 10 unique worksheets with many different activities. Each sheet includes one or more activities to keep kids thinking and learning in an interactive way. 

The activities you’ll find include find and circle, tracing, read the word, guess the word, reading sentences, finishing sentences, coloring, and more. With attractive clip art, kids will love working through these sheets. For your convenience, these come in both black and white or color, so you can choose which fits your needs. 

MissGiraffe’s short i worksheets will keep kids busy and learning for as long as you need. With over 45 sheets to choose from, you can use these for homework, distance learning, as an activity center, or for literacy stations. This set encourages critical thinking and challenges kids through many activities. 

If you need a variety of ways to practice, this is the set you want. Each sheet features one activity such as, circle and sort, cut and paste, crossword puzzles, secret words, spin a word, sentences, and much more. All of these are print and go so you can add them to your plans in minutes.

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3. Hands-on Short Vowel i Worksheets

This short vowel i set from BabblingAbby features over 30 pages of practice. With six sets of targeted practice, kids will quickly become familiar with the tasks on each page. These are excellent for word work at literacy centers, for at-home learning, substitute plans, or as independent work. 

The included activities are a word mat, highlighting sheet, sort/cut/paste, read/write/stamp, a book of words, and a real/nonsense word sort. All of the activities are little to no prep needed so you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. And kids will love finding different ways to practice this vital skill!

Whether you’re looking for independent practice or for guided instruction, FirstGradeSchoolhouse’s short i worksheets will fit the bill. With over 30 pages of practice, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Kids will enjoy the variety of creative activities included in this set. 

The activities you’ll find include read/write/stamp, highlighting the word, read, write, draw, rainbow writing, build a word, word books, and more. These are a great option for literacy centers, homework, or guided practice. Best of all, there’s minimal prep needed.

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5. Meet Icky I Phonics Friends Worksheets

This cute short vowel i practice set from MichelleHudgeon introduces the sound through an engaging character called Icky. Being able to associate a character name with the letter sound will help kids recognize and identify the letter and sound easier. This set includes over 130 sheets to ensure you don’t soon run out of ways to practice. 

Though these worksheets may require a little bit of prep work, they are well worth it. Some of the activities included are sorting, segmenting, spelling, word families, blending, word building, and more! Kids will love working through these with their new “friend” Icky and you’ll love seeing them engaged and learning.


If you need some great ways to practice the short i vowel sound, the options above are excellent additions to your curriculum. They are fast, easy, and engaging, so kids will have fun while they are learning. 

Worksheets are a perfect option due to their versatility and the fact that they require little to no prep. Just print what you need and use it for at home learning, guided instruction, independent practice, literacy centers, or anywhere you need them.

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