6 Absolutely Amazing Long a Silent e Worksheets – 2023 Teaching Resources

| Last Updated: June 12, 2022

Learning how to use the silent or magic e along with other vowels to create long vowel sounds takes plenty of practice. Long vowel worksheets provide near-endless ways to present, engage, and present this concept to students while having fun at the same time. 

Additionally, worksheets are quick and easy for teachers. They require little to no prep work so can be great for unexpected lulls in the lesson plans. Keep some on-hand when working through the unit so you never have to scramble to fill gaps in your teaching. Just hand out a worksheet to reinforce or practice the long a silent e concept.

Engaging Long a Silent e Worksheets

Looking for some fast, easy word work? If so, these long a worksheets from BabblingAbby are just what you need. This set gives you over 30 sheets of a_e practice and features one activity per sheet. 

These worksheets feature six activities that focus on decoding, sorting, writing, and reading various words with the long a silent e vowel pattern. You can use this for centers, review, introducing this unit, assessment, centers, individual work, or for whole group instruction. All activities have a hands-on component so engage fine motor skills at the same time.

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2. Boredom Busting Long a Silent e Worksheets and Activities

For teachers who appreciate variety, MissGiraffe’s long a silent e bundle won’t disappoint. With over 70 pages of practice, you can differentiate as much as you want. These sheets are excellent for home learning, centers, desk work, group instruction, or anywhere they fit into your lesson plans. 

This set is chock full of activities including circle and sort, cut and paste, word sorts, write the word, color by family, and much more. Kids will play and learn the long a silent e concept in so many different ways! Practice makes perfect and this set provides plenty of practice.

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3. Keep Busy No-Prep Long a Silent e Worksheets

With kids, repetition and variety are the names of the game. These long a silent e worksheets from FirstGradeSchoolhouse give plenty of both. Whether you need activities for literacy centers, guided practice, or individual practice, you’ll find worksheets to fit into your lesson plans. This set includes over 30 worksheets you can use with no prep work. 

The activities include, writing, drawing, sorting, highlighting, reading, coloring, sorting, and bingo for long a silent e words. Fun clip art and hands-on activities ensure kids enjoy working through each page of practice activities. Since they are printable, you can print and go, which makes your life and planning easier.

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4. Interactive Long A Silent E Worksheets

For an activity your students can really get into, ReaganTunstall’s long a silent e worksheets are a great option. This set features 5 activities that kids will love. Every activity is created to get students to interact with the sheet instead of staring at monotonous pages of repetitive tracing and writing on blank lines. And they are printable with no prep work needed to make your job easier. 

In this set kids get to read/match, trace/write/match, build/color/write, pick/glue/write, and create their own long a silent e word book. Each page includes multiple ways to practice and learn this concept, which increases your students’ success. You get over 20 pages to use, and these are great for literacy centers, word work, at-home learning, or anywhere they fit into your lesson plans.

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5. Long A Vowels CVCE Words – No Prep Phonics Printables

Ready for more fun? TweetResources long a CVCe worksheet set has what you need. In this set, you get 15 printable activity pages and 7 full size posters to help your kids recognize this important combination. 

Kids will love the variety of activities that include hunting, writing, sorting, spinning, spelling long a silent e words, and much more! Every page is optimized to provide fun and learning all rolled into one to make your lesson planning faster and simpler. These are perfect for centers, home learning, or desk work. No matter where you need them, they’re ready in minutes with just a touch of a button. 

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6. Long A Creative Activity Pack

So many worksheet options are a silent, desk activity. But LauraBoriack’s long a creativity pack provides activities that get kids out of their seats, moving, and interacting with the space and people around them. Plus, each activity features a creative element to improve the memory skills of young kids. With over 60 pages, there is no end to the learning fun. 

Each page presents one activity including read/write the room, I have/who has, an emergent reader, magic e oven, word cards, memory game, and more! All of these sheets are printable so they’re ready when you are.


Worksheets are the perfect addition to any lesson plan. Learning the long a sound can be challenging and the more times kids see it, the quicker they learn. All of the options above are printable and require little to no prep and are great choices for your classroom.

We hope you found what you were looking for on our list. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong. Happy teaching!

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