Top 5 Long a Worksheets – No Prep Options for 2023

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Learning the various ways and spellings which make the long a sound can take some practice. Worksheets are a great way to teach and practice this skill.

We have found some of the best long a worksheets available for your convenience. All of the products are no prep, so you can print and teach in minutes.

Awesome Long a Worksheets

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1. Multi-Activity Long a Worksheets

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This long a worksheet set from EducationOutside targets the various spellings of long a, including ai, ay, and a_e. With ten worksheets to choose from, this activity will give kids plenty of practice with long a words. The sheets include cute clip art to keep kids interested and engaged. 

Each sheet includes one or more activities, and features activities such as find and circle, trace, read, guess, color, and complete the sentence. Kids will increase their long a fluency, writing, and reading skills. Just print these and get started. You can use these worksheets as part of any lesson plan, for centers, at-home learning, word work, or anywhere you need them.

This set of long a activities from FirstTriesandSunnySkies is a 70-page bundle for tons of learning fun. You get 14 pages of ai targeted sheets, 14 pages of ay targeted sheets, 14 a_e sheets, and 24 pages of mixed long a worksheets. With all these great options, you’ll be able to add what you need anytime you need it.

Each page features a single activity including word ladders, trace and write, spin, roll, highlight, word search, color, matching, sorting, and more. You can’t go wrong with these sheets and you can customize your lesson plans by the vowel pattern you are working on. With so many ways to practice, this bundle will keep kids learning.

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3. Long a Practice Worksheets For Kids

For a versatile product, these long a worksheets from FishyRobb are great! The set includes printable worksheets and also adds a digital component for the Easel program. Some worksheets are available on Easel as well as a ten-question assessment to help evaluate how well students are grasping this concept. 

Kids will work with ai, ay, and a_e patterns on these sheets. The included activities allow students to sort, write, search, use word ladders, mystery pictures, and more to grasp these long a patterns. Answer keys are included as well as the self-grading assessment on Easel. Everything in this set is designed to make your lesson planning fast and easy.

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4. Long Vowel /a/ No Prep Printables

This long a printable from TeacherDollarStore includes 23 pages of practice. They are a great addition to any lesson plan and can be used for morning work, practice, homework, or as an activity center. Kids won’t get bored with the variety of activities provided by this set.

The pages feature a variety of activities such as coloring, writing, reading, tracing, circling, and sorting long a words. These sheets target ai, ay, and a_e words, so students can practice more than one way to read and write the long a sound. These well-designed worksheets are an excellent addition to any long a curriculum and can be used anywhere you need them.

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5. Learn and Play With AI AY Worksheets and Activities

With these long a worksheets from MissGiraffe, you’ll be able to work on and reinforce the ai/ay sounds in a variety of ways. The set included 118 pages with multiple pages per activity to keep kids on their toes. Add these in for home learning, desk work, literacy centers, or for group instruction to help build out your lesson plans.

Each sheet features an activity including circle and sort, cut and paste, crosswords, write the word, matching, spin a word, alphabetical order, and more. Some sheets focus on one spelling of long a, while others are a mixture. You also get reference charts to hang up in your classroom. You’ll love the ease of use and value for the money you get with these sheets. Even better, they are ready in minutes with no prep work.


Knowing letter sounds is important to both reading and writing. Kids learn by doing, seeing, and using vowel patterns. The worksheets featured above are excellent ways to teach, practice, and assess the long a knowledge of  your students. No matter your teaching style or plans, there are worksheets to supplement.

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