10 Exciting, Interactive Letter M Worksheets – For Student Success (2023)

| Last Updated: August 24, 2022

Finding ways to practice the same skill over and over can be a challenge for teachers. This is especially true when teaching the letters of the alphabet. Teachers, parents, daycares, and preschools are always looking for new, fun ways to help students learn.

These letter m worksheets are just what you need to build out your letter m curriculum. All of the options we provide here are printable, easy to use, and engaging for your students.

Great Letter M Worksheets

Letter Recognition | Sound Identification | Fine Motor

1. Fun, Interactive Letter M Worksheets Bundle

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This worksheet bundle provides 13 worksheet types and 42 pages of letter m practice. From coloring pages and sentences to letter searches and handwriting practice and more, you get plenty of options to choose from for your daily lesson plans. 

EducationOutside’s letter m worksheets bundle is perfect for morning work, at-home practice, group instruction, literacy centers, or anywhere you need them. These worksheets target letter and sound identification and recognition, so it’s the complete package. All pages are printable and require no preparation.  Many also are available in black and white or color, so you can decide which works for you.

This letter m phonics set from LaviniaPop features a whopping 80+ pages of practice for your student(s). With activities like flip books, cut and paste, picture scrambles, sentence builders, and mazes, kids will be engaged and have fun while learning the letter m. You’ll love these because they are printable and require minimal prep work. You also get posters to use in your classroom.

The 30+ activities, worksheets, and games will provide you plenty of material for your letter m curriculum. The set emphasizes the sound the letter m makes to help kids on the road to reading. These can be used in every area of your letter of the week teaching plans. You can’t go wrong with this huge set.

Writing | Fine Motor | Letter Recognition

3. Cute Kindergarten Tracing Letter m Worksheets

This letter tracing set is meant for beginners and focuses on the lowercase letter m. Each sheet features tracing practice and most include a self-check assessment so kids can track their progress on the page. With a variety of tracing activities, kids will practice tracing lines and the letter m, as well as seeing pictures that start with the letter.

These letter m tracing worksheets by DesignsByBekkiSayler are great for developing fine motor skills and learning to trace. They are cute and will draw kids in with the colorful designs. Since these require no preparation, they are easy to use whenever you need them.

Letter Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

4. Letter M Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets

This set of 5 letter m worksheets from KellyConnors is a great option for a smaller package. If you don’t need all the extra worksheets, this is the perfect number of pages to add for one week of curriculum or as a homework pack for students. You can also use these as a literacy center or morning work. 

The activities include writing worksheets, beginning sound identification, penmanship, and uppercase and lowercase letter recognition sheets.  There is no prep work necessary, all you have to do is print them off and teach away!

Letter Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

5. Color-coded Traceable Letter M Practice

These worksheets are a great visual learning tool. Whether you use them for preschoolers, kindergarteners, or for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or other learning disabilities, these will keep them focused. With easy-to-differentiate color lines and colored, numbered lines to teach proper letter formation, there won’t be any confusion with kids. 

Having colors to keep kids on track is helpful so they don’t have trouble following along. These color-coded letter m practice sheets from KidzNote are a perfect option for this. Just print these out in color and you’re ready for practice.

Letter Recognition | Letter Identification | Fine Motor

6. Letter M – Letter of the Week Printables

Focusing on a different letter each week is a great way to help young students learn the alphabet. If you’re working on the letter m, or getting ready to, this set is the perfect addition. This printable letter m worksheet set from MichelleGriffo contains 10+ pages of practice that can be used for centers, morning work, guided instruction, or homework.

The engaging activities include coloring, tracing, printing, sorting, and reading the letter m. These activities focus on letter recognition and identification, as well as the letter sound to help kids master this letter. Since these require no prep work, they make your job easier while giving students fun ways to practice.

Critical Thinking | Writing | Letter Recognition

7. Printable Letter M Maze Activity Page for Kids

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For a break from tracing and writing, get this fun letter M maze! Students will love using their critical thinking skills to find the path through the uppercase letter M. This increases letter identification and recognition while engaging kids in a totally different type of activity. 

This is easy to print and use, and is ready in an instant. This is a great brain break or morning work activity, or use it anytime you need a quick activity. You can’t go wrong with this engaging letter M maze from TSRCrafts.

Writing | Fine Motor | Critical Thinking

8. Letter M! Alphabet Letter of the Week Package

If you’re looking for a worksheet set with a digital component, you’ve found it here. This letter m, letter of the week package by TweetResources features 20+ printable pages, along with a condensed 15-page digital set that works with Google Slides or Seesaw. This is perfect for differentiated instruction, at-home practice, distance learning, or as an activity center. 

Whether you need the digital version or prefer to print pages for your curriculum, these sheets are at your fingertips and are sure to entertain and engage your students. With activities like letter mazes, picture sorts, show and tell, artwork printable, and more, your students will love the variety, while you’ll love how fast and easy it is to add to your letter m curriculum.

Fine Motor | Creative | Writing

9. Hands-on Letter M Activity Pack

Here’s a set of 10 straightforward worksheets to use in your letter m lesson plans. You don’t always need a plethora of options when creating your curriculum. KatieRoltgen’s letter m activity pack provides just what you need for literacy centers, homework, or guided instruction without excess. 

This set includes color and trace, trace and cut, mystery letter, a letter crown, mini book, sorting activities, and more so you have what you need. And since these are printable with no preparation needed, they’re also ready when you need them. These quality sheets are an excellent option for any letter m curriculum.

Fine Motor | Letter Recognition | Writing

10. MEGA Letter Of The Week-Letter M Activity Pack

Want the ultimate in variety so you never have to give your students the same worksheet twice? Well, this is the set for you! With over 120 worksheets, there are near-endless ways to practice. You won’t run out of options anytime soon with this letter m activity pack from Marcelle’sKGZone. These focus on proper letter formation and identification, and provides guided arrows, dots, and numbers to ensure kids can easily write both the uppercase and lowercase letter m. 

From there, kids will learn to write and blend the letter m with fun activities like tracing, writing, rolling, sorting, playdough mats, word wall strips, art activities, and more. You even get a narrative Powerpoint to help teach the letter m. What more could you want?


Well, there you have it. We brought you some of the best letter m worksheet options out there to help your students learn, practice, and master the letter Mm. If you’re looking for ways to build out your curriculum, any of the options here are a great choice. 

Just choose the set(s) that meet your needs and style best, and you’re ready. All of the options above are printable and require little to no preparation. We call that a win-win for you and your students. Happy teaching!

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