8 Outstanding Oval Worksheets for Preschool

| Last Updated: December 15, 2022

Learning shapes help children gain greater control over their hands’ tiny muscles, which enhances their hand-eye coordination. This serves as a precursor to learning reading and math, among other curricular areas.

This collection of eight outstanding oval worksheets for preschool covers exercises on tracing, drawing, hunting, coloring, and so much more!

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1. Shape Oval No Prep Tracing

Shape worksheets are ideal for preschool students who are learning all about the various shapes. Since an oval deviates from a circle just slightly, it may take kids some time to become accustomed to it. But don’t worry! All you will need is this worksheet, and you’ll have it covered.

This oval shape tracing worksheet is a no-prep activity, perfect for children to master their grip on the pencil. Provide each kid with a worksheet to work on.

As kids need time to master the shape, you might want to turn it into a dry-erase activity. Laminate the worksheet and hand kids dry-erase markers.

Do you have any songs about shapes you can play for youngsters while they trace? That would add extra fun, as there might be some youngsters who would find it monotonous to trace the oval shapes throughout the entire worksheet.

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2. 2D Shapes: Ovals Trace, Draw, and Find

Children can practice tracing, drawing, identifying, and coloring oval shapes in these three-part worksheets.

Begin with a simple exercise by having your children start by tracing the oval shapes. Once they have gotten the hang of the simple shape, you can move on to a more challenging task by having them draw oval shapes in specific boxes. As they strive to draw the shape inside the box you have printed, it helps them solidify their fine motor skills even more.

After that, you can proceed to color. Provide kids with various colored crayons and ask them to find the oval shapes among the assortment of different shapes. After locating the oval shapes, kids will color them with their preferred colors.

The tasks in this worksheet are thoughtfully ordered in a progression from easy to difficult.

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3. Oval Q-Tip Painting

Photo credit: supplyme.com

Through this activity, your preschoolers will begin to identify objects and recognize their shapes. One item that kids frequently use at home is a Q-Tip. Learning to distinguish its shape is the beginning of their awareness of other objects around them.

The worksheet is very straightforward and an efficient way to improve the motor abilities of children.

Let the kids paint or color the Oval Q-Tip using whatever color and pattern they wish. You will be amazed to discover the next Picasso in the class. It is a great opportunity to help them develop their fine motor skills as they try to paint within the bounds of each tiny circle, forming the giant oval Q-Tip.

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4. Oval Maze

What kid doesn’t like games and puzzles? I bet none. Pique your preschoolers’ love for challenges with this oval shape maze. Leave it to them to trace their way out of the oval maze and find their way through.

Hands-on activities like this one are perfect for kids who are learning to write. While kids learn to recognize shapes, they also strengthen their fine motor skills and, more importantly, their problem-solving skills. All these build a strong foundation for more complex tasks they will encounter ahead.

Children sharpen valuable skills while they tackle this delightfully designed oval shape puzzle.

Also perfect as a dry-erase activity, as kids might try one or more paths and exits before succeeding. So, you can have the worksheet laminated. Kids might also find solving the puzzle more interesting if you hand them colored dry-erase pens.

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5. Oval Cut and Paste Worksheet

What could be more entertaining than having children create animals out of oval shapes?

Each worksheet in this set contains two parts – the animal shape and the oval shapes to be cut out to form the animals. From owls to ladybugs, sunflowers, and more!

Kids can start the activity by cutting the oval shapes that are located at the bottom half of each worksheet. Some young kids might need your help on this. When this is done, it’s time to paste those cut-out shapes into the designated spots.

There are several ways to make this simple activity interesting to youngsters. You can allow kids to color those shapes, including the bodies of the animals, or you can print the worksheets on colored paper.

Kids’ one-to-one correspondence will be reinforced as they accurately paste the cut-out shapes to the one that is the exact same size.

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6. Trace, Draw, Hunt Ovals

Let children enjoy using their little eyes to spot oval forms!

These 2D oval worksheets, with three parts, can be used by your kids to explore the characteristics of shapes. Begin by helping them fill in a table about the physical qualities of an oval (e.g. number of corners and sides). Then develop control of their fine motor skills through activities like tracing, drawing, searching, and more.

Preschoolers will have fun looking for oval-shaped things. Kids will be able to identify the forms of everyday objects thanks to this fun and educational activity. The round objects they see in this delightful worksheet can be colored with crayons, so give them some.

This is a great exercise for shape recognition and coloring!

These activities can readily develop into more difficult ones. Kids might be tasked with spotting oval things at home or in class. Then they can share their discoveries with their classmates.

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7. Focus 2D Shape – Oval

Another set of three fun worksheets from Play2Grow would add fun to kids’ learning as they distinguish and group similar shapes. And how about filling an entire jar with all things oval? That sounds like fun!

Print out the jar worksheet, then prepare an assortment of cut objects. Make sure there are oval-shaped items mixed in. There could be eggs, lemons, rugby balls, and so on. Let the kids find the objects with the oval shape and ask them to paste the items inside the jar until it is full to the brim.

This can be an individual or whole class activity. You can create a giant jar to post on the board and attach velcro tape to the back of each cut-out object.

You might also want to reinforce this activity by bringing a real jar and asking kids to bring real oval objects they can put inside the jar.

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8. 2D Shapes: Ovals Pack

This is yet another pack of fun-filled oval-related learning activities, deliberately designed with your preschoolers in mind. They include practice on skills and concepts that students need to learn about ovals!

This pack, with 16 worksheets about ovals, is an awesome resource to help kids recognize and remember ovals. It is especially for kids who have trouble remembering certain shapes after their unit of study.

But who says learning has to be tedious?

You can make it fun for your kiddos! This set contains activities such as crafting an oval bracelet and forming an animal shape using ovals, plus 16 more well-illustrated worksheets. Just everything you need, both for in-class activities or independent practice.

Teachers like you would find this collection extremely useful. Since this bundle has the oval activities all compiled, there’s no need to dig through your collection of printables to use for class.

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Use these worksheets to teach and practice the oval shape. You can also use songs, stories, and poems to make learning extra fun. That way, they learn much easier. Keep an eye on kids who find certain activities too challenging for them so you can give them the support they need. Meanwhile, join them in their meaningful discoveries and have fun!

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