6 Engaging Rectangle Worksheets for Preschool Kids

| Last Updated: November 18, 2022

Learning about shapes is one of the essential yet significant things our little ones should learn, along with reading, writing, and counting. The latter three have many children’s songs and rhymes that will help kids learn faster, but we don’t have much of them on shapes.

That doesn’t mean we can’t make learning about shapes more enjoyable and interactive for kids! Here are six engaging rectangle worksheets for preschool kids.

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1. Rectangle No Prep Tracing Worksheets

This is a basic activity where you could collaborate with your little ones to learn and understand the rectangle shape better. It has five exciting learning activities: Trace the Shape, Shape Name, Shape Do-A-Dot, Shape Coloring, and Shape Playdough Mat.

Trace the Shape is, you guessed it, tracing the rectangle shape. 

These worksheets introduce your little ones to the rectangle shape and allow them to distinguish its form from other shapes and figures. 

Trace the Shape Name, as its name implies, is tracing the rectangle’s alphabetical spelling. It teaches kids how to write, read, and spell the word “rectangle.” 

Shape Do-A-Dot might be among one of your little one’s first experiences creating a rectangle shape. Your kids would definitely get excited as it’s more of a fun game rather than a learning activity.

Shape Coloring allows your young ones to color the provided blank rectangle, challenging their inner creativity. 

Coloring might be a fun activity for your kids but wait until they have a go on Shape Playdough Mat! Allowing them to incorporate playdough in this activity certainly would be more exciting.

A fun way to introduce the rectangle shape to your kids, you can get more information about this worksheet and other fun activities at TeachersPayTeachers.com.

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2. Trace, Draw, and Find Rectangles

Another interactive worksheet activity that you can use to introduce the rectangle shape to your little ones. It contains 3 worksheets which are- Trace the Rectangle, Find and Color the Rectangle, and Learning Shapes: Rectangle.

The first worksheet, Trace the Rectangle, teaches your young ones how to draw the rectangle shape in a fun way. 

Find and Color the Rectangle, meanwhile, challenges your kids by distinguishing and coloring the rectangle among other shapes. 

Learning Shapes: Rectangle, on the other hand, is pretty much the summary or review of the first two worksheets. It initially reminds your little ones how to trace a rectangle. In the second activity, it ups the ante by challenging your kids to draw a rectangle without tracing lines. 

The last activity challenges your young ones to distinguish the rectangle shape from other shapes in the pool.  It is an excellent year-long activity that can function as a learning medium in a classroom or home setting.

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3. Rectangle Maze

A learning medium or material is considered effective if it provides multiple benefits to a child rather than just learning one specific objective. Incorporating a game on such material is an excellent idea since it provides your kids additional satisfaction in accomplishing a task while learning something new. 

The game this activity offers provides your little ones more exposure to the rectangle shape, therefore, getting them more familiar with rectangles. It is a great year-long activity regardless of the season. It also is a suitable instruction worksheet that teachers can use in a classroom with a group of kids or at home where two or more kids can collaborate.

For more information on this great activity or to find other interactive instruction materials, please visit SuperstarWorksheets.com.

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4. Trace, Draw, Hunt Rectangles

Learning about rectangles is very important for our little ones to understand since it is somewhat similar to a square. Finding an activity for our kids to learn is as easy as it is important. 

This is what the Kindergarten 2D Shapes Worksheet attempts to accomplish.

It contains eight interactive activities and includes All About Rectangles, a comprehensive lesson, and an exercise for the rectangle shape. 

Color and Trace 2D shapes allow your kids to practice further creating a rectangle shape and providing the fun of coloring it later. The Identify Shape Worksheets- this allows kids to familiarize themselves more with rectangles by side, names, and corners. 

Coloring and Cutting 2D shapes provide your kids with a fun activity in coloring and cutting the rectangle and/or other shapes for use in decorations or other crafts. 

Shape Playdough Mats incorporate an all-time kid favorite into the activity to stay focused on the worksheet. 

The 2D Shape Hunt provides your kids with a challenging game in which they will try to distinguish the rectangle shape from other shapes. 

I Spy Real Life Rectangles allows them to spot real-life things in rectangle shape or similar. 

And lastly, 2D Shape Mazes lets them play a game that helps them familiarize themselves more with the rectangle shape.

For more information about this worksheet, please visit TeachersPayTeachers.com.

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This activity is a great bundle that contains materials to be used in several exciting activities also included in this bundle. Among the cute activities, your little one would enjoy this Tracing and Decorating the rectangle worksheet. The activity allows them to familiarize themselves more with the rectangle shape by providing fun and interactive activities like sorting and tracing the rectangle shape among others. 

This bundle includes;

  • Color posters (full, half, and quarter page six)
  • B/W posters (full, half, and quarter page sixes)
  • Shape Crown
  • Shape watch and necklace
  • Playdough Mat and Playdough recipe
  • Shape Tracing
  • Cut and paste shapes
  • Shape corners and sides or 3D find shape in a row
  • Shape Sort Center Activity
  • Shape Cookie Sort Activity
  • Shape Puzzle
  • Shapes songs and ideas

For more details about this great worksheet and other fun activities, you may visit TeachersPayTeachers.com.

Shapes | Geometry | Fine Motor

6. 2D Shapes: All About RECTANGLES

Learning about shapes is just as crucial as reading, writing, and counting. With that in mind, kids would find learning shapes easier and more fun if we provided them with various exciting and interactive worksheets!

The 2D Shapes: All About Rectangles accomplishes just that by including a lot of activities in this worksheet which allows your little ones to color, cut, trace, identify, sort, create, and so much more! 

This worksheet set is a fun learning activity all year-long and is suitable for use in a classroom or home setting. This set contains the following;

  •  6 Word Cards (4 small, two large)
  • 14 Worksheets
  • 1 Rectangle Bracelet Craft
  • 1 Rectangle Dog Craft
  • 4 Speech Bubbles with text (to attach to the dog craft)
  • 2 Editable Speech Bubbles to add your text (PPT Format)

For more information on this worksheet or any other interactive learning activity, please visit TeachersPayTeachers.com.


Your little one will learn about the rectangle shape with the worksheets we’ve included above. All of the items featured above provide a blend of fun and interactive activity for learning! 

Any of these worksheets will accomplish just that, with the variety of interactive activities they offer. Some even use the concept of a game to make this even more appealing to your young ones! Thank you for checking out our article. We hope to see you again soon with other fun and interactive learning!

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How Do You Teach Preschoolers About Rectangles?

The most accessible way to introduce the rectangle shape to preschoolers is to use rectangular everyday objects. Having your little ones see them regularly allows them to recall real-life objects that resemble the rectangle shape to help them easily distinguish it from other shapes.

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