10 Catchy Butterfly Songs for Preschoolers

| Last Updated: December 15, 2022

Preschoolers will enjoy seeing flowers blooming and butterflies flying as the spring season approaches.

So, if you’re looking for some fun music to educate children this week, we’ve got a few ideas for you. The songs in this article will provide amusement while learning about butterfly movement and lifecycles.

Great Butterfly Songs for Preschoolers

Locomotor | Cognitive | Social Skill

1. Fly, Fly, Fly, Butterfly

Studying can be tiring, and having an icebreaker is beneficial. As a result, educators can teach children to sing the Fly, Fly, Fly, Butterfly song. This dance activity will aid in the development of children’s social, cognitive, and locomotor skills. Everyone will enjoy demonstrating their ability to dance around the room while pretending to be a butterfly. Plus, they can also do this activity indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore, educators will have the opportunity to teach children how to form their bodies, particularly their hands, as wings and flap them around like flying. They can also engage in play-pretend learning by allowing the children to use their imaginations. However, everyone should first learn the entire song.

Everyone must pretend to “fly” around the classroom for this song. Then, when the song says “flying high,” stand straight, and squat when it says “flying low.”

Visit the Little Conservatory website for more information on the actual engaging song.

Sensory | Recognition | Locomotor Skills

2. ABC Butterfly

Singing ABC Butterfly is more than just jamming to the tune; it also has numerous benefits for everybody. Children will practice their social, sensory, and recognition skills and locomotor movements through singing and dancing. The goal is for youngsters to memorize the butterfly song while also learning the letters of the alphabet.

Teachers will appreciate this simple song because it provides students with another fun song to learn. They can even use it as a starting or ending song in their class. It would also be entertaining if educators could create a simple dance movement for the music that children could mimic and be active during the singing moment.

Furthermore, everyone can do this activity inside and outside the classroom. If by chance, the weather is perfect, singing and dancing outside can also be beneficial.

So, if you want the full lyrics to the butterfly song, go to the Pre-K Fun site.

Sensory | Hand-motion | Recognition

3. Butterfly Food

Butterfly Food is another interesting song about butterflies. Singing this one will help kids improve their recognition, hand-motion, and sensory skills. Teachers will have no trouble teaching this to their students because it is simple to remember and repeat.

Educators can use finger plays to reinforce the concept while adding a coordination element to the overall song. Allowing the children to learn this song also helps them review the numbers and nectar, a butterfly’s favorite food. They might even want to include an interactive activity, such as learning about each child’s favorite food.

One of the best practices for instructors to make this work is to teach it in school and then take the students to a butterfly museum. They will truly appreciate the piece of music and may even witness a butterfly eating its favorite food.

Please visit the Preschool Powol Packets website to learn more about the song.

Memorization | Locomotor | Recognition Skill

4. Five Little Butterflies

Photo credit: bussongs.com

Five Little Butterflies is another great song for this spring season. It’s easy to remember and doesn’t require much movement to teach children. The melody of the music is similar to the “Five Little Ladybugs” that children enjoy singing while watching Dave and Ava. This song will significantly improve the children’s memorization, recognition, and locomotor movement.

This new song will help children learn how to remember and count numbers in a fun way. Teachers can create a presentation for this song and make it interactive by incorporating simple dance steps. Furthermore, educators can create crafts to provide an excellent visual for the children.

This addition will make classroom learning more enjoyable because students will know how many butterflies remain after each one has flown and how they can start all over again.

If you want to know more about the piece, go to BusSongs.com.

Science Knowledge | Recognition | Social

5. Fuzzy Caterpillar

Photo credit: clapforclassics.com

Another great musical addition to your butterfly-themed lessons is the Fuzzy Caterpillar song. Teachers can use this music to teach students about the butterfly’s life cycle, which begins with it as a caterpillar. Singing this piece will help children improve their science knowledge, recognition skills, and social skills.

Furthermore, educators can bring a caterpillar to show the children an actual representation of the song, but this requires extra caution. This “flight” themed activity can be another musical fun for the kids while teaching them about science and letting their imagination work.

Aside from that, kids can pretend to be a caterpillar and crawl around with the help of their instructors. This music is so captivating that you can teach children how to transform from a tiny caterpillar to a blossoming butterfly in a showcase.

Visit ClapforClassic.com to learn more about the whole song and to discover more great music.

Body Movement | Science | Recognition

6. 10 Little Butterflies

Here’s another great counting butterfly song worth adding and singing along to during your circle time. Introducing 10 Little Butterflies to preschoolers will help keep them engaged while learning one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, and rote counting up to 10.

Because the song is simple and easy to remember, educators can easily teach it with a recording or video. You can also incorporate some dance moves to bring the activity to life. Using the 10 Little Butterflies song can also help children learn number sequencing.

To teach children, you must first allow them to memorize the song. You can also record the music or create a visually appealing video presentation to help them remember it. Furthermore, it is ideal for posting the full printable version on the board inside your room.

If you want to hear the entire song, go to FantasticFunandLearning.com.

Recognition | Memorization | Science

7. Butterfly Life Cycle Song

Photo credit: misterkipley.com

Learning the Butterfly Life Cycle song can also make school more enjoyable. Singing this music will help children improve their recognition, memorization, and science abilities. Everyone will have a good time recalling where the butterflies come from and how it finds their food to survive. The insect develops from an egg to a fuzzy little caterpillar and into a lovely butterfly.

Teachers can use this piece to introduce science to students more vividly and straightforwardly. The main goal is for children to develop their attention to detail and understanding ability by understanding the lifecycle from a kid’s point of view. 

The song will assist everyone in memorizing and adding to their scientific vocabulary. Furthermore, teachers can provide good visuals while each student sings along with a catchy tune. They can also create a simple activity after learning harmony together.

You can find more information about the song at MisterKipley.com.

Recognition | Memorization | Science

8. Fly like a Butterfly

Photo credit: youtube.com

If you like to learn how to fly like a butterfly, this song is an excellent place to start. This music will teach children how to improve their body movements, understand science, and memorize and recognize the entire piece. Everyone can appreciate this enjoyable music both indoors and outdoors.

Educators can add this music to the kid’s playlist as another favorite butterfly song. They must teach the children how to “fly” around the area using their body parts. This activity can be great to do outside because it promotes good physical exercise for everyone.

This activity is engaging, especially if instructors allow students to watch the instructional video they can copy. It is simple to imitate the movements shown in the video, and everyone will enjoy the tune and melody of this song.

If you want to hear and see the Fly Like a Butterfly music video, go to youtube.com.

Creativity | Body Movement| Recognition

9. Butterfly, Butterfly, Scarf Song

Photo credit: youtube.com

Another fun butterfly-themed song that preschoolers will enjoy learning is the Butterfly Scarf song. This activity song will assist them in improving their creativity, body movement, and recognition abilities. The song has a lovely melody, and the lyrics are simple enough for anyone to remember.

Furthermore, this song can help educators teach children how butterflies move. When doing this movement, kids will enjoy having “props,” and educators will explain how a scarf can resemble a flying butterfly. Similarly, the content can be downloaded and played at school, events, or even at home.

This whimsical butterfly song is simple to recognize, and teachers can create a lyric video matching the simple flying movement.

But before we start singing and dancing to the song, we’ll need a scarf of any color to depict our flying butterfly.

You can go to youtube.com and watch the full video version to learn more about the actual performance.

Science | Recognition | Body Movement

10. Butterfly Dance – Egg Caterpillar Chrysalis

Photo credit: youtube.com

The butterfly dance – egg caterpillar chrysalis is the last on our list. Because of the sing-and-dance concept, this song will help children develop their science, recognition, and body movement skills. The music is catchy, and everyone will enjoy jamming to it anywhere from indoors to outdoors.

Educators can easily teach children to recognize the life cycle of a butterfly in a simplified manner. They can also instruct the students to mimic the movement on the video while singing along with it. This butterfly song does not require any props. Furthermore, because of the space and the possibility of spotting butterflies, doing this activity outside can be more enjoyable.

The song promotes physical activity that anyone can do, even at home. Instructors can also download and use the material during recess or for butterfly-themed activities

Visit youtube.com to watch the full music video, and you can also download one for personal use.


These fun butterfly songs will undoubtedly pique the interest of any preschooler in learning more about butterflies. Besides that, learning to sing and dance to the beat will help children with their physical activity.

So, if you want more ideas for active learning and fun rhythmic exercises to include in your school playlist, return to this page from time to time. And have fun singing and dancing to the music.

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