10 Fun and Interactive Preschool Positional Word Activities

| Last Updated: September 8, 2022

It can be difficult to know how to help your child learn positional words but don’t worry, there are plenty of fun activities that you can do together! Here are ten great ideas to get you started. With a little bit of creativity, you and your child will be having so much fun learning positional words, that you’ll both be surprised at how much progress you make.

Great Preschool Positional Word Activities

These kinds of activities are great for teaching positional words to young children. Playing games and doing other fun activities will teach them concepts such as above and below, inside and outside, left and right, etc. This is an important foundation for later math and reading skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun! So go ahead and give these activities a try with your little ones. They’re sure to enjoy them.

Before you know it, your child will be a positional words pro! Here are ten fun and interactive activities to help your child learn about positional words:

Following Directions | Listening Skills | Comprehension

1. Over Under Game

This game is super easy to set up and play and your kids will have a blast! All you need is a cup (or book or shoe or really anything…) and a small object.

To start, choose a position word (over, under, in, on, etc.) Then give the direction, such as “Put the object on top of the cup.” to your preschoolers. They will follow along and have a great time!

This is a great way to practice following directions and listening skills. Give it a try today!
Check out Busy Toddler for more examples of positioning words for this game.

Fine Motor Skills | Learning Body Parts | Following Direction

2. It’s Time for Simon Says Games

Photo: youtube.com

You can play this game to help teach your children about positional words. In Simon Says, “Simon” will say things like “Put your hand under your chin,” or “Put one hand in the air.” This is a great way for kids to learn how to follow directions and understand different positional concepts.

The great thing about this game is that it can be easily tailored to the age group you are working with. For example, with very young children, you could use simple commands such as ‘Simon says touch your nose.” You could use more complex commands with older children, such as “Simon says touch your right elbow with your left hand.”

This game is a great way to help children learn about following instructions and develop their listening skills. So next time you want a fun and educational game to play with your child, why not give Simon Says a try?
If you want additional details about this educational game to play with your child, check Simon Says here at Early Impact Learning.

Drawing | Creative Thinking | Listening

3. Barrier Drawing Fun Time

Photo credit: hes-extraordinary.com

Looking for a fun and challenging way to pass the time? Look no further than the Barrier Drawing Game!

When playing barrier games, it’s important to encourage creativity in the children. One way to do this is by asking each child to draw a snowman. You can help kids by providing a background by sharing a picture book that includes a snowman.

To get started, name various objects and where they should be placed, such as, “please draw a hat next to the snowman.” Kids must follow directions and add a hat to their drawing.

This game is not only fun, but it also helps children with following directions and creative thinking. So grab some paper and some crayons, and give it a try!

For a full description, visit Empowered Parents.

Fine Motor Skills | Following Directions | Singing

4. Play with Your Fingers: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wiggle Worms, and More

Photo credit: empoweredparents.co

Fingerplays are a great way to incorporate fun and movement into your day. They are also a great way to teach positional language words. Here are three of our favorite fingerplays:

  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider: This classic fingerplay is perfect for teaching positional words like up, down, in, and out.
  • The Wiggle Worms: This fingerplay is perfect for teaching positional language and also reinforcing rhythm and rhyme.
  • This is My Turtle: This fingerplay is perfect for teaching the words in and out.

We hope you enjoy these fingerplays! They are a great way to incorporate some fun and movement into your day.
Do you have a favorite fingerplay? If you don’t have any yet, check this game out at Empowered Parents.

Reading | Visual Learning | Object/Animals Recognition

5. Reading Rosie’s Walk

Photo credit: amazon.com

Rosie’s Walk is a fun and interactive way for preschoolers to learn about positional words. Following Rosie, as she walks, they will learn about left, right, up, down, in front of, behind, and next to. These words can be used in their daily lives.

Positional words are an essential part of speech for young children to learn. By reading Rosie’s Walk, they will be exposed to these words.

Rosie’s Walk is more than just a book, it’s an interactive learning experience that will help your child excel in school and life. Give them the gift of learning today with Rosie’s Walk. Order your copy today!

You can purchase it here at Amazon.com. Enjoy!

Listening | Independence | Following Visual Direction

6. Digital Positional Words Activity

This activity is great for learning positional words and following multi-step directions. The audio and visual directions make it easy to follow and perfect for independent work or small group work. Plus, it’s a great way to review the material at the beginning of the year or for remediation preschoolers. Either way, your students will love it!

This activity includes:

  • Ten different slides
  • Four directions per slide
  • Moveable pieces
  • Recorded auditory and visual directions

To use this product, you will need:

  • An electronic device that can open and view the Google Apps file (i.e. iPad, laptop, desktop computer, etc.)
  • A way to project the file for your students to see (i.e. interactive whiteboard, projector)
  • Speakers or headphones for the auditory directions
  • Printed copies of the activity for each student (optional)

Here’s how it works:

  1. The teacher projects the file for the whole class to see.
  2. Students listen to the recorded auditory directions and follow along on their printed copy or on their device.
  3. The teacher circulates to provide assistance and guidance as needed.

This game is a wonderful method to review material before the beginning of the year or for remediation in preschoolers. Your kids will enjoy it, and you’ll appreciate how simple it is to use and how much fun your pupils will have while learning.

You may download it here at Teacherspayteachers.com.

Creativity | Fine Motor Skills | Reading

7. FREE Positional Words Animal Cut and Paste Activity

This activity is perfect for young children just learning positional words. It focuses on positional words rather than shapes, so it’s a great way to introduce the concept. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! 

Positional words are an important concept for young children to learn. They lay the foundation for later math skills, and they’re also just really useful in everyday life. For example, knowing how to say “in front of” or “behind” can help your child communicate more effectively. This activity is a great way to introduce positional words to your child in a fun and interactive way.

Plus, it’s a great way to spend some quality time together! So print out the pages, cut the animals, and get started! Your child will love creating their own positional word scene. 

This activity is brought to you by The Measured Mom.

Reading | Math Vocabulary | Color Recognition

8. Humpty Dumpty Positional Words Activity Set

This activity set is a fantastic way to review positional words with your students while also getting in some much-needed fine motor practice. Simply print out the included worksheets and cut out the Humpty Dumpty pieces. Students will then use the pieces to follow the directions on each sheet, placing Humpty in the correct position. This is such a fun and easy way to teach an important concept! Plus, your students are sure to love getting to work with such a classic character.

Whether you use it as a review or an introduction to the concept, your students will surely benefit from the hands-on practice it provides. So don’t wait – add the Humpty Dumpty Positional Words Activity Set to your lesson plans today!

Grab your copy now at Teacherspayteachers.com.

Hand and Eye Coordination | Identifying Object | Color Recognition

9. Seasonal Positional Words Activity Pack

The Seasonal Positional Words Activity Pack is perfect for teaching your students about positional words. Each month has a pair of pictures for you to glue on popsicle sticks. Print out multiple copies to give your students a set during group work. All activities are also in black and white for your students to color or if you don’t have a color printer!

Included in this unit are picture of:

  • backpack with pencil
  • pumpkin with candy corn
  • bag of leaves with a rake
  • tree with present
  • snowman with hat
  • big red heart with a little pink heart
  • rainbow with cloud
  • basket with egg
  • sunshine with flower

Some of the positional words used in this activity are:

on, in, under, next to, in front of, behind, above, and below

Each set has pictures on the cards and a directive such as “Put the cloud ON TOP OF the rainbow” to show you where to place the pieces. A data sheet is provided at the end, which includes a table of all of the positional words so you may keep track of your child’s understanding.

Buy now at Teacherspayteachers.com.

Spatial Skills | Identifying Objects | Direction

10. HUGE Positional Words Activity Bundle

This comprehensive packet is full of fun and interactive activities to help your child learn about positional words!

The posters and cards are a great way to introduce the concepts, while the workbook provides tons of practice. The book and book companion are perfect for bedtime reading, and the build a city project is a great way to put everything into practice.

The interactive game is the perfect way to review and reinforce all that your child has learned. With so many great resources included, this packet is sure to become a favorite in your home or classroom!

Don’t miss out on this HUGE Positional Words Activity Bundle – get it today! With these fun and interactive activities, your child will love learning about positional words.

Order now and get started today! Visit Teacherspayteachers.com.


These fun and interactive preschool positional word activities are perfect for helping your little ones learn about positional words. By playing these games and participating in these activities, your children will have a blast while also learning important concepts. These activities will help your child understand positional words such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and more. So get ready to have some fun while learning to follow directions!

We hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please share it with your friends and family. And be sure to check out our other great activities for young children! Until next time!

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