9 AMAZING Sight Word Books – 2023 Printables

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Sight words are a vital part of the reading journey, particularly for young children. The more times they see a word, the easier it becomes for them to recognize it. 

Words on sight word lists are commonly used and so they appear often. Reading age appropriate texts using these words enhances their understanding of the word as well as ensures a solid foundation for reading in the future. 

Sight word books give kids a variety of ways to see and practice these words in a fun, engaging way. Check out the great options below to find activities to fit your needs.

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EducationOutside’s mini books cover the first 100 Fry sight words and provide ample opportunities for young readers to read, write, and identify each word. These interactive books invite kids to do a different task on every page. 

Each book focuses on a single sight word and has pages for tracing, circling, writing, reading in context, and completing a sentence using the target word. These books come in black and white or color so you get to choose whether to add coloring pictures into the mix.

These books will keep kids busy and learning as they memorize these important words.

These readers by JEFishy provide one-to-one correspondence as kids read through sentences each featuring a kindergarten sight word. With colorful pictures and a fun storyline, kids will be engaged and interested the whole time.

You get an option of printing in black and white or color so you can let kids color the pictures as part of your lesson. These are great for desk work, at home learning, or as a center.

Each book lets kids trace one of five sight words multiple times while reading a kid-friendly story. 

If you want to cover a variety of words, this endless sight word bundle by SimplyKinder will keep your students busy for a long time. The bundle includes 67 pages for each sight word and over 200 books to work through. 

The set includes color words, number words, Dolch pre-primer through first grade sight words, Fry’s first 100 words, and a variety of other common words. Kids get to dot, trace, write, cut, search, practice, and read the target word in a variety of fun activities

With this bundle, you won’t soon run out of ways to practice nearly any sight word.

These sight word reader books by SoDangFun provide five common sight words for kids to practice. Also, included are color and number words within two of the books. 

Students will get to trace words and finish sentences, as well as draw pictures to go with their sentences. Each sentence begins with a sentence starter including the sight word and allows students to use their imagination to create their own unique book. 

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If you’re working with preschoolers, this pre-primer mini book set from EducationOutside covers the full list of Dolch words for this age group. The books present a variety of interactive ways for kids to practice each word. Each book features one word and is eight pages of different activities.

These printable books include tracing, circling, writing, and reading the word, as well as a place to finish the sentence.

With both black and white and color options, you can turn this into a coloring activity if desired. This is great for centers, desk work, or at-home learning. 

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6. Comprehensive Sight Word Practice Booklets

EducationToTheCore’s sight word booklets feature the top 100 Fry words and each book targets a different word. Kids will enjoy tracing, coloring, and highlighting the sight word in the book and won’t even realize they’re learning at the same time. 

Picture clues help kids understand the reading passage in each book and a visualization component is included for kids to draw their own picture.

With 200 pages of practice, these printable books are ready in a just a few minutes and are an excellent addition to any lesson plans.

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7. Easy Reader 100 Sight Words Books  

Looking for a simple set that is easy for preschoolers and kindergarteners to follow? These sight word books by PagesWithPurpose feature Fry’s first 100 words in easy-to-read sentences with the target word in a traceable font for kids to practice. 

The cute illustrations also provide picture clues and coloring opportunities to add a fun, creative aspect. Each book has six sentences for kids to read and trace. These are great activities to improve sight word recognition and are quick and easy to print.

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8. HUGE Beginner Sight Word Readers Bundle

If you’re looking for the whole kit and kaboodle, this huge set of sight word books from SightWordActivities will fit the bill. First off, this is the entire 220 word Dolch sight word set from pre-primer through third grade. Each book highlights one sight word and you can progress through each list as quickly or slowly as your lesson plans dictate. 

Each page provides kids an activity to do, such as coloring, tracing, cutting, and writing the word. This is great for any lesson plan or activity center and keeps kids engaged and interacting. You even get a blank, editable book so you can add any word you like.

This is another great Dolch sight word bundle from MrsDsCorner that includes 219 sight words. Each page of the book features a different activity for students to complete. The cover also depicts the word in sign language.

Inside, students will read sentences, trace, write, find and circle, color, and cut and paste the target word. Sentences are repeated to increase comprehension and give confidence as they read through the book.

Each day of the week, the first four pages can be done again to further increase word recognition. At the end of each book, there is a certificate which can be signed as proof of completion and mastery.


Reading is a skill we use throughout our lives and recognizing commonly used words is essential to reading success.

Whether you’re teaching preschoolers or school-age kids, the resources above are great sight word book options to help grow their skillset and set them up for success.

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