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| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Once kids know their alphabet sounds, blending words is the next step. Being able to blend words with the short e sound is part of that process. When you need quick, easy ways to practice this, short vowel worksheets are a great option.

Worksheets can be printed on demand and used in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for ways to supplement teaching and reinforce the short e vowel sound, the options below will fit the bill.

Excellent Short e Worksheets

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1. No Prep, Engaging Short e Worksheets

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EducationOutside’s short e worksheet set provides a variety of ways to practice this vowel sound. You get 10 engaging, interactive worksheets with one or more activities per page. You can choose the sheets that best fit your day’s curriculum and then just print and go. 

These no-prep worksheets feature activities such as find and circle, spin, trace, color, read, guess, sentence completion, and more. Kids will love the fun clip art, which can be printed in either black and white or color, depending on your specific needs.

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2. Interactive Short E Worksheets and Activities

This set of short e practice from MissGiraffe features over 40 pages of activities! These are great for literacy centers, morning work, homework, interventions, and anywhere you need a fast activity to keep kids learning. 

You get a ton of activities including sorting, crosswords, cutting and pasting, secret words, sentences, alphabetical order, color by word, tracing, and more! With this set, you won’t run out of work to supplement your curriculum for a long time. And best of all, these require no preparation so they’re ready when you are.

These short e worksheets from BabblingAbby are great for literacy centers and word work. You get 6 targeted activities to help introduce or reinforce the short e vowel sound in your students. This set is ideal for individual practice.

This contains over 30 pages of fun activities including a word mat, highlight the word, cut/paste/sort, read/write/stamp, a nonsense word book, and a real/nonsense word sort. These hands-on activities require minimal prep and can be ready in no time.

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4. Hands-on Short e Worksheets and Activities

This short e worksheet set from FirstGradeSchoolhouse has 30 pages of practice to add to any lesson plan. These sheets are perfect for guided practice, individual practice, or as a literacy center. This set gives kids a variety of ways to manipulate, build, and learn the short e sound. 

With so many activities including read/write/stamp, highlight, read and draw, write, rainbow writing, build a word, a mini-book, sorting, bingo, and more, you won’t soon run out of work. These are quick to print and start, so you’ll be ready whenever your students are.

This short e phonics friends set from MichelleHudgeons is a great way to introduce the short e sound in students. In this unique idea, kids get to “meet” a new phonics friend called “Whatever e”. It is intended to be a weeklong set of activities to help kids grasp the concept of the vowel sound. 

You get over 130 pages of ways to teach and reinforce the short e sound. The activities include sorting, segmenting, dictation, word families, blending, sorting, word building, and more. Each day of the week has a different focus and includes home connection pages to keep the learning going outside of the school day. 


Finding interesting and engaging activities is important to keep the attention of young kids. Worksheets provide nearly endless ways to accomplish this. The products we’ve featured have plenty of ways to teach and reinforce the short e vowel sound and kids will love discovering new ways to have fun and learn at the same time. 

Choose the set that aligns best with your curriculum and then print and go! All of the featured activities require little or no prep and can be ready in minutes, so get started today.

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