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| Last Updated: June 12, 2022

Children continue to memorize and recognize familiar words. Seeing, reading, and remembering the most common words used in grade-level texts is essential to their reading skills in the future.

Below are long vowel teams words patterns generally taught and mastered in the first grade. Finding different ways to practice these will ensure students can quickly and easily read these word patterns when they encounter them. 

Long Vowel Teams Words

The long vowel teams word list includes the following words:

-ail: bail, fail, hail, jai

-ain: afraid, aim, braid, brain, complain, drain, grain, laid, maid, mail, main, paid, pail, pain, plain, raid, rain, raise, Spain, stain, trail, vain

-ay: bay, bray, clay, cray, crayon, day, fray, gray, hay, Jay, lay, May, nay, okay, pay, play, pray, ray, say, slay, spray, stay, stray, sway, tray, way

-eigh: eight, freight, neigh, neighbor, reign, sleigh, weigh

-ey: grey, hey, obey, prey, survey, they

-ea: flea, pea, plea, sea, tea

-each: beach, bleach, breach, leach, peach, preach, reach, teach

-ead: bead, knead, lead, plead, read

-eak: beak, bleak, creak, freak, leak, peak, sneak, speak, squeak, streak, teak, tweak, weak

-eal: deal, heal, meal, peal, real, seal, squeal, steal, teal, veal, zeal

-eam: beam, cream, dream, gleam, ream, scream, seam, steam, stream, team

-ean: bean, clean, dean, glean, jeans, lean, mean, wean

-eap: cheap, heap, leap, reap

-east: beast, feast, least, yeast

-eat: beat, bleat, cheat, cleat, feat, heat, meat, neat, seat, treat, wheat

-eave: cleave, heave, leaves, sheave, weave

-ee: bee, fee, flee, free, glee, knee, Lee, see, tee, three, tree, wee

-eech: beech, breech, leech, screech, speech

-eed: bleed, breed, creed, deed, feed, freed, greed, heed, kneed, need, reed, seed, speed, steed, treed, tweed, weed

-eek: cheek, creek, Greek, leek, meek, peek, reek, seek, sleek, week

-eel: creel, feel, heel, keel, peel, steel, wheel

-een: green, keen, preen, sceen, seen, sheen, teen

-eep: beep, cheep, creep, deep, jeep, keep, peep, seep, sheep, sleep, steep, sweep, weep

-eer: deer, jeer, leer, peer, seer, sneer, steer

-eet: beet, feet, fleet, greet, meet, sheet, sleet, street, sweet, tweet

-eeze: breeze, freeze, sneeze, squeeze, wheeze

-ei: ceiling, conceive, deceive, perceive, receipt, receive

-ey: alley, chimney, donkey, hockey, honey, jockey, journey, key, kidney, money, monkey, parsley, pulley, trolley, Turkey, valley

-ie: achieve, belief, believe, brief, chief, diesel, grief, grieve, niece, priest, relief, relieve, retrieve, shriek, species, thief, thieve, wield, yield

-ie: die, fie, flies, lie, pie, tiw, ties, vie

-ied: died, dried, fried, lied, tied, tried

-igh: fight, fright, high, knight, light, night, right, sight, thigh, tight

-oach: broach, coach, poach, roach

-oad: goad, load, road, toad

-oak: cloak, croak, oak, soak

-oal: coal, foal, goal, shoal

-oam: foam, loam, roam

-oan: groan, Joan, loan, moan

-oast: boast, coast, roast, toast

-oat: bloat, boat, coat, float, gloat, goat, moat, throat

-oe: aloe, doe, echoes, foe, goes, heroes, Joe, potatoes, tow, tomatoes, tow, tomatoes, tornadoes, volcanoes, woe

-ow: blow, bow, crow, fellow, flow, glow, grow, hollow, know, low, mow, pillow, row, shadow, show, slow, snow, sow, stow, throw, tow, window, yellow

-own: blown, flown, grown, known, mown, shown, sown, thrown

-ew: blew, brew, chew, dew, drew, few, flew, grew, hew, knew, new, shrewd, stew

-ue: argue, rescue

Continue to brush up your student’s reading skills with our long vowel worksheets.


Teaching these words can be done in a variety of creative ways like word hunts, memory games, activity mats, and tracing sheets. No matter how they learn them, these words will increase their confidence and reading skills, and set them up for reading success.

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