5 No Prep Long o Worksheets – For Educational Fun (2023)

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

There are several ways to make the long o sound and it can get confusing for kids who are just learning their long vowel sounds. Providing quality materials to teach and reinforce these ways is necessary for them to master this skill. 

Worksheets are an easy, no-prep way to add engaging activities to your long o teaching curriculum. These are useful for nearly any purpose from substitute plans to at-home learning. We have found several excellent options you can add right now to your lesson plans. 

Top Long o Worksheet Sets

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1. Fun, Interactive Long o Worksheets

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These long o worksheets from EducationOutside are fun and full of whimsical clip art. The set features 10 worksheets with one or more activities per sheet. The sheets incorporate oa, ow, oe, and o_e spellings on every page. This bundle includes all of the most common long o spellings for comprehensive practice. 

With a variety of activities including tracing, writing, coloring, finding, guessing, spinning the word, and more, kids will have fun while they are learning. The printable sheets are available in color or black and white for your convenience, so you can print and be ready to go in minutes. 

BabblingAbby created these long o worksheets to give you plenty of variety when working on this skill. The set of 6 activities feature the o_e spelling of long o so you can target this specific combination. 

These are great for literacy centers and include a word mat, highlight the word, word sort, stamp the word, tracing book, and real and nonsense word sort. All activities are hands-on and allow kids to work on fine motor skills and critical thinking, while practicing long o spellings. You can’t go wrong with these when you add them to your lesson or sub plans. 

Spelling | Reading | Motor Skills

3. Huge Long O Vowel Teams Worksheets Bundle

You won’t be disappointed if you get this long o worksheet set from MissGiraffe. It features the oa and ow vowel teams and is 85 pages of learning fun. These are designed to be printed in black and white to add the element of creative coloring to the mix. Kids will love the combination of creativity and learning. 

The activities include sorting, crosswords, cut/paste/sort, writing, reading, circling, finishing the words, tracing, and more. This is a comprehensive set for teaching the oa and ow sounds and can be used in literacy stations, centers, for group work, or anywhere it fits in your curriculum. With this printable set, it’s ready to go in minutes so is perfect for last minute additions.

TheDesignerTeacher has designed these long o word work pages to be aesthetically pleasing to young students. The large spaces and fun clip art keep kids interested and can be used to give kids a creative outlet to color, as well. The set of 12 worksheets of long o words is great for word work, independent centers, for substitute plans, and more.

These worksheets target the ow, oa, and oe spellings of long o. They include activities such as color/trace/write, matching, cut and paste, word search, draw the words, and more. Customize your lesson plans by printing and adding to your curriculum. The words included are easy to decode to ensure student success and helps kids feel confident in their work.

You get a lot of value for your money with this 73 page long o activity set from LauraBoriack. This pack targets oa and ow spellings in 11 unique activities. Many activities involve getting out of their seats and moving, and will improve social skills at the same time. 

This set includes specific activities for centers, whole group games, small group resources, word work, a decodable reader with comprehension questions, color by code page, and more. These will enhance your lesson plans and give kids plenty of long o practice. Movement, color, and engagement, what more could you ask for?


The resources provided are great for practicing the long o sound in a variety of ways. Each has its strengths and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also check out these long o flashcards, coloring sheets, or playdough mats as other helpful resources. Then just print your worksheets and you’re ready to start class. Happy teaching!

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