10 Excellent Letter X Worksheets – No Prep Practice (2023)

| Last Updated: June 12, 2022

The only way to get better at a skill is to practice, practice, practice. Learning letters and letter sounds requires repetition and variety. Teaching kids how to form, identify, and recognize the letter x can be fun if you have the right materials. 

Using worksheets is a great way to practice the letter x. This is a convenient option with a near-endless list of activities you can do. We’ve tracked down some of the best letter x worksheet options, so you don’t have to.

Exciting Letter X Worksheets

Check out the letter x worksheets below to find some that fit your teaching style and needs best.

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1. Preschool and Kindergarten Letter X Tracing Pages

Tracing is essential to learning how to form letters, numbers, and words. These cute pages give kids the opportunity to practice tracing various lines and also the upper and lowercase letter x. This set of letter x tracing pages by DesignsbyBekkiSayler includes 8 pages of practice. Several pages also have checkboxes for students to keep track of their progress. 

Each page lets kids color, trace, recognize, and interact with the letter x. All of these things utilize their fine motor skills while keeping them engaged and interested. These require no prep work so you can print and get started in minutes.

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2. Letter X Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets

If you need a few different ways to practice, this set will fit the bill. It includes 5 pages of letter x practice, covering 4 different activities. These activities are sentence writing, identifying the beginning sound, two penmanship pages, and upper and lowercase letter identification. 

These letter x worksheets from KellyConnors are easy, straightforward, and are ready when you are. Just print them and you’re ready to go! These are great for morning work, home practice, centers, or anywhere you need them.

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3. The Letter X! Alphabet Letter of the Week Package

This is a hands-on, multi-activity set of letter x practice worksheets. Each page features fun and learning for even reluctant or struggling readers. You get 20 printable pages of activities along with a 15-page set that is compatible with the Google Slides or Seesaw programs. This allows kids to practice digitally or on paper. 

Boredom won’t be an issue with fun activities like spin a letter, show and tell, color by code, a letter maze, a picture search, and more! This letter x worksheet package by TweetResources is easy to differentiate and engages students with fun, interactive games and practice. Use these anytime, anywhere since these are printable and require little to no preparation.

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4. Phonics Letter of the Week X Worksheet Set

Need a full letter x curriculum? Here it is! This HUGE printable bundle includes over 80 pages of letter x activities, worksheets, and games. It even includes both English and Australian words and instructions so you can cater to the needs of your students. 

These high-quality pages include activities such as playdough mats, flashcards, write and wipe cards, sentence building, a crown, coloring, and so much more! There is no end to the ways to practice with LaviniaPop’s letter x phonics bundle. With leveled activities, you can differentiate your teaching with no additional prep work.

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5. Read and Learn Letter X Sentences Worksheet

EducationOutside’s letter x sentences are an excellent way to incorporate reading with letter recognition. The page features 6 sentences, each with a different picture of an “x-word”. The picture clues help kids independently figure out the unknown word while practicing reading fluency and sight words as they read through each sentence. 

At the end of each sentence, kids can color the first star box to show they read the sentence. After reading all of the sentences, they can do it a second time to increase fluency before coloring the second star box. This set comes in both black and white and color so you can use the option that fits your needs (and budget) best. Just print off the set you need and get started with absolutely no preparation needed. 

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6. Letter X Maze Activity Page for Kids

For something a little different, this letter x maze from TSRCrafts is a fun option. Kids will get to navigate through the maze within a large letter X to increase letter recognition, as well as utilize critical problem solving skills to find their way to the other side. 

This is easy to print and use, requiring no prep work at all. This is a great transition activity, or can be used for morning work, desk work, or home practice.

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7. Letter X Activity Pack

This set includes 10 different activities to keep kids learning and engaged. There are two options for some sheets where the letter x is either the first letter or is used elsewhere in the word, which allows you to tailor this to your lesson plan. With over 20 pages of practice, you can add these to a full letter of the week curriculum. 

With a variety of activities, including letter building, sorting, mystery letter, trace and cut, and more, you won’t have to worry about running out of choices. KatieRoltgen’s letter x worksheet set is perfect for centers, homework, group instruction, or anywhere you need them.

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8. Letter X-No Prep Worksheets

Marcelle’sKGZone has created these letter x worksheets to easily cater to your students’ needs. There are 2 differentiated sets, one that focuses on pencil control and provides larger print and bubble letters to help young kids develop fine motor skills before moving to the second set geared toward letter formation, recognition, and sounds.

Kids will love the variety of activities including an art template, color and dab, tracing, rolling, and writing the letter x. With 45 pages of practice, you’ll have plenty to work with and students will enjoy the variety, with fun designs and graphics. Since these are printable, they require no preparation work too, so they are easier for you.

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9. Hands-on Letter X Playdough Mats

Any time you add playdough, you’ve created a kid-friendly activity. Manipulating the dough into the shape of letter x will engage their thinking skills and fine motor skills at the same time. Each sheet includes a large upper and lowercase letter x for kids to trace with playdough. Lines are provided for kids to trace and then write the letter x independently. 

You can print these and use them immediately or laminate them for repeated use. This letter x playdough mat by EducationOutside is great as a center activity, group instruction, or as at-home practice.

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10. Letter X Activities for Beginner Readers

Add these letter x activities from KatlynWhite to your letter of the week curriculum to keep kids interested and enjoying learning a new letter. With over 50 pages of practice, you won’t have any trouble keeping your students busy. And they require no preparation on your part, so they are fast and easy to use. 

You get 3 differentiated emergent readers to help students read and progress, 7 word work activities, rebus sentences, and 2 complete center activities. This allows you to add what you need throughout the day. Just print them out and you’re ready to teach.


Providing plenty of ways to practice the letter x is a sure-fire way to help kids master both the letter and the sound. With the variety of worksheets available, you can find exactly what you need to fit your teaching style and lesson plans. 

Browse through the list of worksheets above to find a set that works for your lesson plans and teaching style. We hope you found what you were looking for. Happy teaching!

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