9 Interactive Letter A Worksheets – For Student Success (2023)

| Last Updated: August 24, 2022

Finding new and interesting ways to teach and reinforce the letters of the alphabet can be a challenge. Thankfully, worksheets are an easy way to add to your daily plans and they provide a large variety of activities to keep your students engaged. 

Worksheets are printable, usually require minimal prep work, and take the stress out of lesson planning. We have tracked down some of the best letter a worksheets available so you can find what you need in one place. The products featured below are high-quality, entertaining, and loved by previous teachers. Check out the list to find a great letter a worksheet set to fit your curriculum.

Amazing Letter A Worksheets

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1. Fun-Filled Letter A Bundle

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For plenty of fun practice without a hassle, you need this set. With 13 different worksheet types and 42 pages of printables, you will have what you need at your fingertips. Every page is filled with engaging activities kids will enjoy while requiring zero preparation on your part. Just print the page(s) you need and you’re all set. 

Your students will enjoy, coloring, tracing, sorting, cutting, and searching for both the uppercase and lowercase letter a. The pages feature adorable clip art to help kids learn the letter and sound it makes. You can’t go wrong with this letter a worksheet bundle by EducationOutside. Use these anywhere you need them, like for morning work, at-home practice, centers, independent practice, or even as an intervention tool. You can’t go wrong with this great bundle.

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2. Hands-on Letter A Activities

LifeWithPeanut’s letter a activity set is just what you need to introduce, teach, and practice the letter a. These chunky pages are made specifically for young children to be able to color, cut, paste, trace, write, dot, and read while learning this letter. With over 30 printable pages, you can add just what you need, exactly when you need it. 

This worksheet set is perfect for daycares, preschools, kindergartens, and for older or remedial students who require a bit more practice. The large pictures and letter provide plenty of room for kids with limited fine motor control while still showcasing the letter a. You will love having these in your curriculum and kids will love the fun activities.

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3. Letter of the Week – Letter A Pack

This worksheet set is perfect for a letter of the week curriculum focusing on the letter a. It includes 13 pages of practice, which provides various activities to fill in your letter of the week curriculum, while keeping your students engaged. Mix and match these printables for use with literacy centers, homework, group instruction, review, or as an assessment tool. 

With this letter a pack from MichelleGriffo, kids can color, trace, print, and read to help them master the letter a and its sound. Since there’s no prep work needed, you get the best of both worlds, fun for kids and easier lesson planning for you.

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4. Complete Letter A Printables and Centers Set

SimplyKinder’s letter a bundle provides practically everything you need to teach the letter a. Use the wall posters, anchor chart, and other sheets to decorate your room and set the tone for your letter of the week. Next, choose from 70+ options to create homework packets, for literacy centers, or for group instruction. Every page is easily printable and ready when you are!

Your students will love the variety of activities including a craft page, write the room, letter stamping, letter sorts, handwriting practice, and an emergent reader, to name a few. Many of the pages come in both black and white and color versions to suit your teaching style best. Don’t hesitate to get this great resource.

Tracing letters is foundational to forming them. This set provides 8 pages of tracing practice focusing on the lowercase letter a and is best for preschool and kindergarten students. Young learners will trace letters, lines in different patterns, and even cut strips by following lines. 

These tracing sheets from DesignsByBekkiSayler provide tracing, a self-editing checklist, and pictures to help kids associate the letter with its sound. Use these in a daycare, preschool, or kindergarten setting to help kids hone their fine motor and alphabet skills in a fun and interactive way.

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6. Pre-KG, Kindergarten Letter A No Prep Printables

Teach kids the letter name and sound with this printable worksheet set. With 45 pages of fun, engaging pages, you’ll have plenty of ways to teach and practice. This pack is split into two differentiated sets; one for beginners with bubble letters and larger print to help children learn pencil control and general penmanship, and the other for teaching proper letter formation, letter sound and recognition for more advanced students. 

This letter a worksheet set from Marcelle’sKGZone is great for young students from pre-k through kindergarten or for older students who need a bit more practice. These sheets include opportunities to trace, color, write, find, dot, cut and paste, and more. Kids will love the fun activities and you’ll love how easy they are to use.

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7. Letter A! Alphabet Letter of the Week Digital and Printables

Check out this letter a bundle from TweetResources! Not only do you get 20 pages of printables, but you also get a condensed 15-page digital set that is compatible with Google Slides and the Seesaw program. This is great for distance learning, homework, or differentiated classroom practice.

The fun activities include a letter a foldable book, a watch activity, an artwork template, crowns, a show-and-tell printable, and more. You even get posters to put up in the classroom to help set the stage for learning. You won’t run out of activities during your letter of the week lessons for letter a with this pack.  Whether you have a preschool, kindergarten, daycare class, or are a homeschooling parent, you’ll be sure to love these quality pages and interactive activities.

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8. Color-Coded Traceable Letter A Practice Tracing Sheets

For students who struggle with lines and letters, this is the answer. These tracing sheets have colored lines so kids always know which set they are working on and the letters are color-coded to help them differentiate each part of the letter. These are suited to those with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities, as well as for kids who are just learning. 

This visual learning tool is easy to use, print, and is simple for kids to use and understand. Don’t hesitate to get these color-coded letter a tracing sheets from Kidzone. Use these for homeschool, preschool, kindergarten, or as an intervention strategy for those who need a bit more help to master the letter a. You get one uppercase and one lowercase sheet to use. Print as many as you need for extended practice or as homework.

For some great interactive worksheets, you should check out this letter a pack from LaviniaPop. This provides everything you need for one week of teaching the letter a. This emphasizes the sound along with letter recognition to help your students master this letter. You get 80+ pages with 30 activities, games, and worksheets to add to your weekly lesson plan. 

This set includes center activities, flip books, picture scrambles, coloring, letter finds, crowns, and even posters to use in the classroom. It also features both the Australian and American spellings of words, so you can differentiate your instruction. With this comprehensive, printable set, you won’t need anything else to create your letter a lesson plans.


Having the right materials is essential for you and your students. These great letter a worksheet sets are just what you need whether you’re a homeschool parent, preschool or kindergarten teacher, or if you have a daycare full of kids. All of the options above are printable and require minimal prep work to make your planning easier. 

The list above has some of the best letter a worksheets available, so browse the list and find the set that works best for you. Then, just print them and you’re ready to go. We hope you found what you were looking for. Thanks for stopping by!

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