10 Fabulous Letter F Crafts and Activities for Preschool

| Last Updated: August 23, 2022

Teaching the letters of the alphabet can be tricky and adding in crafts and activities is a sure-fire way to engage kids and help them with letter identification and recognition. Each letter deserves special attention and the letter f is no exception. 

We gathered some of the best letter f crafts and activities for preschoolers and featured them here to make your job easier. Just browse through our list to find the options that fit your curriculum and needs best. 

Great Letter F Crafts and Activities for Preschool

Fine Motor | Letter Recognition | Hand Strength

1. Education Outside’s Letter F Playdough Mat

Playdough is a great choice for young kids because it not only teaches them skills, it also helps develop hand strength, fine motor skills, and adds a component of fun to any learning objective. Practicing the letter f is just more fun when you add playdough. 

This worksheet from EducationOutside features both the upper and lowercase letter f and gives kids 3 engaging ways to practice. First, they will form both letters with playdough by rolling and shaping the dough. Then, using the writing utensil of their choice, they can trace the letters before moving on to write the letters independently. This increases their letter writing, recognition, and identification! It’s a simple hands-on option for the letter f. 


  • Clay or playdough
  • Printed letter F playdough mat
  • Writing utensil
Critical Thinking | Shapes | Letter Recognition

2. Geoboard Letter F

Photo credit: abcdeelearning.com

Practice shapes and letters at the same time with this letter f geoboard from ABCDeeLearning. Of course, you’ll need pegboards and rubber bands to do this activity, along with the geoboard template provided. 

The template shows the shapes necessary to create the letter. Kids will then use rubber bands to create each shape in the set to make the lowercase letter f. This is a great way to work with shapes and discuss how each shape is formed. It can be a challenge for young children, so step-by-step modeling may be necessary. 


  • Geoboard
  • Rubber bands
  • Printed geoboard template
Creative | Sound Recognition | Letter Identification

3. Artistic Handprint Fish

Photo credit: lessonsfromhome.co

Being able to connect the sound with its letter is a vital component to reading. This fun art project is great for a letter f curriculum to help kids remember that fish starts with the letter f. There are 2 versions of this to try from LessonsFromHome.co. The first is just tracing the child’s handprint and cutting it out. You can then let your child decorate the fish, add eyes, a mouth, or whatever. Attach it to a craft stick for more fun play. 

The second option is to paint your child’s hand and press it onto paper. Be sure the fingers point out to the edges so they look like fins. You can do a second handprint so it looks like to fish looking at each other too. Add googly eyes and some bubbles and you have a cute craft to hang on your refrigerator or wall!


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  • Craft sticks
Fine Motor | Hand-eye Coordination | Letter Recognition

4. Letter F Cotton Swab Painting

This fun activity from EarlyLearningIdeas.com features an easy-to-use template. The template features a designated starting point so kids know where to begin, followed by small circles that form the letter. Kids can use a cotton swab dipped in paint to dot each circle. 

Using a cotton swab requires several fine motor skills such as hand control, grasp, and hand-eye coordination, so it’s a great way to help kids practice those skills along with learning the letter f. This activity requires few materials, most of which you likely have on hand, so it’s simple to do. Just print the template and you’re ready to go. 


  • Paint
  • Cotton swab
  • Printed letter f template
Creative | Cutting Skills | Color Recognition

5. F is for Fire

Photo credit: teachbesideme.com

Build a fire without any heat with this fun craft. All you need is a letter F template (or outline), tissue paper, and some creativity. After you print or draw the letter f (uppercase, lowercase, or both), color or paint the letter(s), then add some tissue paper flames. 

Fire is usually a mix of yellow, orange, and red, so layering those colors in tissue paper gives an awesome 3D fire effect. This activity from TeachBesideMe.com is a great way to tie in the letter sound with a word to help kids remember. 


  • Letter F template or drawing on white paper
  • Red, yellow, and orange tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Yellow, red, or orange paint, crayons, markers, or pencils
  • Scissors
Letter Recognition | Fine Motor | Letter Formation

6. EO’s Capital Letter F Activity Mat

Grab this easy practice activity for your child to use anytime, anywhere. This activity mat from EducationOutside.com provides 4 interactive exercises for kids to practice capital letter F.  One section focuses on seeing and saying the letter name to increase letter recognition. Then, kids can practice writing the letter on the two provided lines. 

Finally, they can practice finding the letter F among other letters and color the picture to help tie the letter name to the sound it makes. All in all, this is a great multi-activity sheet to practice capital letter F. 


  • Printed activity mat
  • Pencil or pen
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
Cutting Skills | Creative | Letter Recognition

7. Lowercase f is for Flower

This cute craft is perfect for preschoolers. Just print out the template and trace the shapes onto colored cardstock or construction paper. Cut out each shape and the letter f or let your child practice cutting skills by doing themself. 

Have your child pick out a full sheet of colored cardstock and get ready to glue! Start by gluing the letter f to the cardstock, then add the leaves. Glue the flower and inner flower to the end of the letter, and voila! Practice saying the word “flower” while emphasizing the first sound to help your child remember the letter f sound. This requires minimal supplies and is quick and easy to do. Check out AllAboutLearningPress.com to get the template and to find out more. 


  • Printer and printer paper (to print templates)
  • Colored cardstock and/or construction paper (green and dark green for leaves, a variety of colors for the letter f and flower parts)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Following Directions | Fine Motor | Sound Recognition

8. Egg Carton Fire Truck

Fire truck starts with the letter f and making one is a fun way to help kids associate the letter sound with a familiar item. This egg carton fire truck craft is adorable and is a great hands-on craft for anytime. You’ll have to do some of the prep work by cutting the carton into several pieces and cutting off the pointy ends of the egg cups. An adult will also need to use a metal skewer to pierce a hole in the plastic lids for the wheels. 

Have your child paint most of the carton red and the small piece for the windshield white. Paint the long, thin ladder pieces and toilet paper tubes white also. Using a marker, draw details for the ladder, windshield, and bumper once the paint is completely dry. Next, push the metal skewers through the egg carton to attach the wheels. Trim the skewer to the proper size and add the wheels. You’ll also need something to secure the wheels so they don’t slide off. Finally, roll shoelaces around the toilet paper rolls as hoses, and glue all the pieces together. When you’re done, you have a functional fire truck that is perfect for pretend play!

For pictures and more details, check out TheCraftTrain.com.


  • Cardboard egg carton
  • 1 empty toilet paper roll cut in half
  • Red and white paint
  • 2 bamboo skewers and one metal skewer
  • 2 shoelaces 
  • 2 metal bottle caps
  • 4 plastic caps
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Movement | Gross Motor | Sound Identification

9. F is for Foot Stomping Craft

Photo credit: woojr.com

Activities, where young kids can move their bodies, are great. Not only does it engage their minds but the movement helps them learn and recall what they’ve learned. This foot stomping craft found on WooJr.com is so much fun! An adult will need to draw and cut out footprints from cardboard. These should be oversized and silly. 

Next, poke 4 holes in the center where your child’s feet will go and thread pipe cleaners through the bottom. Use one long pipe cleaner for each set of 2 holes so they can securely attach to a child’s feet. Have your child step onto the feet and twist the pipe cleaners together. Now, your child can stomp around the house like bigfoot. Use this to reinforce the letter and sound as well as inspire pretend play as your child can be a monster, giant, or even Bigfoot. 


  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Scissors or a box cutter
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Pen or marker
Sound Identification | Sensory | Imaginative Play

10. Farm Sensory Bin

Sensory bins give kids the ability to play and feel various textures. This is an excellent way to let preschoolers explore the differences and also engage in pretend play. This farm sensory bin found on LifeWithMooreBabies.com can be filled with the medium of your choice. You can even customize it to the theme. Use corn kernels, rice, oatmeal, or soybeans to show things that grow on a farm. 

Add in some toy farm animals and let the play begin. Kids will love feeling the animals move through the medium and exploring the texture. They can scoop, drop, flatten, or run their fingers through. While this may be messy, that’s all part of the fun!


  • Plastic bin
  • Corn, rice, oatmeal, soybeans, or other material
  • Farm toys


Learning the letter f is more than just tracing and writing. Kids need to be able to understand that letters have sounds associated with them to prepare for reading. Playing games, making crafts, and doing fun activities are all great ways to teach and reinforce this skill. 

Our list gives a variety of options to help you out. From movement to fine motor skills and more, you’ll find some great activities on the list above. We hope you enjoyed the list. Come back again soon!

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