5 Fun and Educational Long e Worksheets – No Prep Printables (2023)

| Last Updated: August 25, 2022

When it’s time to teach the long e vowel sound, you need lots of materials to help kids become familiar with the concept and spellings. 

Worksheets are an easy, fast resource you can typically print and use in just minutes. These are great for substitute plans, sudden schedule changes, at-home learning, and more.

Engaging Long e Worksheets

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1. Let’s Practice Long e Worksheet Set

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Kids will love this long e worksheet set from EducationOutside. You get ten worksheets with multiple activities on each sheet. The cute clip art is sure to entertain kids while they are learning about using various spellings of long e, like ee, ea, ie, and e_e. 

These sheets are fast and easy to use. They include activities such as find and circle, trace, read, guess, complete, color, and more. Each sheet features a mix of spellings to keep kids on their toes. With so many activities, your class won’t get bored anytime soon.

This bundle of long e worksheets from MissGiraffe comes with over 130 different worksheets to keep your students busy and learning. Each worksheet gives kids the ability to work with the ee and ea vowel teams to increase their recognition and skills using these combinations.

With a ton of activities including cut and paste, sentences, puzzles, word sort, mixed ea/ee practice, alphabetical order, coloring sheets, and more, you will not soon run out of ways to practice. From introducing to reinforcing these letter combinations, these worksheets will provide fun, engaging practice for the whole class. And best of all, kids get to play and learn at the same time.

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3. Long E Phonics Activity Sheets

FishyRobb’s set of long e worksheets are excellent and include some which can be printed or used on the Easel app. This includes 40 sheets of practice with the ea, ee, and ie spellings of long e.  By incorporating two mediums (Easel and printed copies), you can diversify how you want your students to practice this long vowel sound.

The self-grading Easel assessment and answer keys are great added features to help make grading papers faster and easier. Each worksheet gives kids an activity such as word cards, picture cards, word sort, crosswords, word search, word ladders, and mystery pictures. This is a great option for integrating Easel tasks and printed worksheets for practice. 

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4. Lots of Fun Long ee and ea Activity Pack

This long e worksheet bundle from LauraBoriak is chock full of activities for the whole class and for individual work. This set focuses on the ea and ee spellings and has 71 pages for plenty of long e practice. The fun designs and interactive activities will engage kids and keep them learning.

You get a variety of activity types including read/write the room, I have who has, word sort, a long e themed book, word cards, a word practice book, memory game, flashcards, cut and paste pages, and more. These are excellent for word work and centers. If you’re needing long e practice worksheets, this set is a great option.

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5. Learn and Practice Long e

This long e worksheet set from FirstTriesandSunnySkies is 66 pages of ee, ea, and ey learning and practice. These are an excellent choice for group work, intervention, and literacy centers. You won’t run out of options for a while and the worksheets are differentiated by the long e spelling for ease of use and printing. There are also mixed spelling sheets to assess and practice all of them at once.

Each sheet features an interactive activity including tracing, rolling, writing, spinning, highlighting, searching, cutting and pasting, writing the room, coloring, sorting, and more to keep kids having fun and learning at the same time. There are 14 sheets for ea, 14 sheets for ee, 14 for ey, and 24 mixed practice sheets so whatever your class needs, you can target it.


Having worksheets on hand for centers, groups, interventions, and practice is always a great idea. Worksheets can provide ample opportunity for learning with no prep work. The long e worksheets above are all excellent resources to add to your lesson plans. Just choose the set that fits your teaching style best and get started!

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