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| Last Updated: June 15, 2022

You can never have too many ways to practice when learning a new skill. This is particularly true when learning the letters of the alphabet. There are many aspects to this including letter recognition, sound recognition, letter identification, matching the letter and sound, and proper letter formation.

Worksheets can target all of these aspects to help students master their letters in many different ways. If you are focusing on the letter v, we have gathered some of the best letter v worksheet options available so you can easily choose one that fits your needs. 

Fabulous Letter V Worksheets

Critical Thinking | Letter Recognition | Fine Motor

1. A”maze”ing Letter V Maze

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This worksheet features a large letter v with a fun maze inside to challenge critical thinking skills. The letter helps with letter identification and recognition while the maze adds a fun, interesting component. You can use this as morning work, a transition activity, or homework.

The letter v maze by TSRCrafts is printable for your convenience while kids will enjoy finding their way to the other side. You’ll love that this is a quick, easy activity for use whenever you need it.

Letter Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

2. 5 No-Prep Letter V Worksheets Set

For some differentiated activities, this set of letter v worksheets by KellyConnors is a great choice. It includes 5 worksheets which cover four activities including penmanship, beginning sound identification, upper and lowercase letter identification, and a writing worksheet. 

Use these to customize your lesson plans and add them as a center activity, deskwork, morning work, sub plans, or at-home practice. Since they are printable, you can have them ready for any last-minute additions. Choose the sheet(s) you need, print, and you’re ready to teach!

Creative | Critical Thinking | Fine Motor

3. Letter V Activities For Busy Hands

This set lets kids color, trace, cut, paste, create, find, sort, dot, and build. No boring worksheets here. You get 10 different activities for your students to work on. So whether you need something quick, daily practice, a homework packet, or a creative way to practice letter v, this pack has what you need. 

The activities include letter v sorting and letter building mats, a make a crown activity, color and trace, trace and cut, a mini-book, letter maze, and more.  This letter v activity pack from KatieRoltgen is great for anytime use and you can fit one page or the whole set into your letter v curriculum quite easily. Just print them out and they’re ready to use with minimal prep work.

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4. Learn Letter V – Easy Sentences

Learning to associate the letter sound with a picture is a necessary skill and EducationOutside’s basic letter sentences do an excellent job at reinforcing this. Additionally, sight words are repeated in the sentences to allow kids to practice reading common words. Each sentence features a picture that ties into the letter v to help kids learn.

Choose between black and white or color, then kids read each sentence and color one of the stars at the end. Then, they can start again, reading each sentence a second time for fluency before coloring the second star. This is a prep-free activity to make your day easier.

Creative | Letter Recognition | Fine Motor

5. Hands-on Letter V Activity Set

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This set gives kids lots of hands-on ways to practice the letter v. From playdough mats to coloring pages and letter crafts and more, you will appreciate the ability to add just the right activity to your letter v lesson plans. 

LifeWithPeanut’s letter v activity set is great for preschool or kindergarten students and features fun illustrations kids will love! These are printable sheets and require little to no prep work so you don’t have to spend a bunch of time getting things ready.

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6. The Letter V! Alphabet Letter of the Week Package

This letter of the week set featuring letter v by TweetResources is a great deal as it features both printable and digital options! You get 20 printable pages and 15 digital pages that work with the Google and Seesaw apps. The options make this great for distance learning, at-home practice, or as a literacy center. 

Some of the activities included are a trace and print watch, picture search, letter maze, color by code, letter sort, and more! This will surely fill up your letter v curriculum and keep your students interested and learning all week long!

Reading | Writing | Letter Recognition

7. Letter of the Week – Letter V Pack

If you need some worksheets to use for your letter v – letter of the week plans, MichelleGriffoFromApplesandABCs has a set for you. You get over 10 pages for printable practice anytime. This set lets students practice reading, writing, recognizing, and practicing the beginning sound of the letter v. 

This is a wonderful option for literacy centers, homework, independent practice, or for group instruction. The activities include coloring, tracing, printing, sorting, and decoding the letter v. Put these sheets in page protectors or laminate them for repeated fun!

Fine Motor | Writing | Letter Recognition

8. Fun, Interactive Letter V Playdough Mats

Playdough is always a hit with kids, so combining the letter v with some hands-on fun is a great addition to your lesson plans. Let kids roll and shape the letter v with playdough to practice fine motor skills while tracing both the upper and lowercase letters.

Also included are a line of tracing and a blank line to independently practice writing the letter as well. EducationOutside’s letter v playdough mats can be printed and used immediately. You can laminate these if preferred for repeated practice. Use these in class, at home, or as an activity center for fun practice anytime.

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9. Letter V Tracing Printables

Working on tracing skills? BekkiSayler’s letter v tracing practice sheets provide lots of traceable activities to develop fine motor and tracing skills. This includes 8 pages of practice which is great for desk work, homework, or as a transition activity. Just print these pages and you’re ready to go. 

All of the activities include tracing but incorporate counting, coloring, cutting, and more. The fun characters add a bit of whimsy to learning, too. This set is great for preschool and kindergarten kids and is sure to entertain while practicing the letter v.

Fine Motor | Writing | Reading

10. Phonics Letter of the Week – Letter V

Want to present an inclusive curriculum for both Australian and English learners? This phonics letter v set provides both spellings to help your students grow and learn. You get a HUGE bundle of over 80 pages which includes 30 games. With this much variety, you can prevent kids from getting bored with the same old worksheets while still teaching the letter v. 

This includes posters for the classroom and so many great activities like write and wipe cards, build a sentence, a mini book, coloring, reading strips, a crown, and cut and paste sheets. Use these to introduce, reinforce, or practice the letter v anytime. Whether you need material for homework, literacy centers, group activities, or morning practice work, you’ll find what you need in this letter v phonics set from LaviniaPop.

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11. BIG Letter V Activity Pack

Looking for a complete no-prep set? This 40-page letter v activity pack by Marcelle’sKGZone is exactly that. You get 27 printables, an art activity template, two printable letter v books, and a character playdough mat. 

The included activities are intended for differentiation and are broken into two groups; the first set features larger print and is geared toward penmanship and uses bubble letters to teach and reinforce the letter v. The second hones in on proper letter formation and focuses on the letter sound and name, as well. With this set, kids can go from learning letter v basics to mastering the letter. Just print and add to your lesson plans for fun, interactive practice.


Teaching the letters of the alphabet requires lots of patience, repetition, and of course, ways to practice. We hope the options we presented above have piqued your interest and that you found one or more worksheets to add to your letter v curriculum.

Everyone learns differently and at a different pace. So, having plenty of ways to practice is essential to student success. Many of these activities incorporate hands-on activities which is a great way to keep boredom at bay when teaching young kids. Thanks for stopping by!

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