9 Engaging Letter J Worksheets – For Reading Success (2023)

| Last Updated: June 12, 2022

Learning 26 letters all at once is a lot for young kids. So, it makes sense to break them down one by one. Many teachers like to focus on a letter of the week. Finding plenty of ways to practice a letter for a week can be a challenge.

However, there are many excellent worksheet options out there that will help build out your letter j curriculum to keep kids on their toes all week. We compiled a list of some of the best letter j worksheets available to present you with options all in one place.

Great Letter J Worksheets

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1. Printable Letter J Maze

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Many kids love a challenge and seeing the uppercase letter j with a tricky maze running through it is sure to spark some interest. This helps kids recognize the letter while using critical thinking skills to find their way through the maze. 

You can use this as a transition activity, morning work, or anytime it fits your schedule. This letter j maze from TSRCrafts is printable, fun, and requires no preparations, so add it where you need it.

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2. 5 Interactive Letter J Worksheets

This letter j worksheet set from KellyConnors gives you 5 pages of practice with 4 different activities. These include penmanship, sentence writing, upper and lowercase sound/letter identification, and beginning sound identification. 

If you need some worksheets for literacy centers, homework, or morning work, these are an excellent choice. All of these require no preparation to make lesson planning quicker and easier.

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3. The Letter J! Alphabet Letter of the Week

If you’re looking for a little variety, these letter j worksheets from TweetResources have it! Not only do you get 20 worksheets for practice, you can also use 15 of them digitally through Seesaw or Google. Whether you need activities for your letter of the week, ELL, literacy centers, or homework, this pack has what you need.

The fun, interactive activities include a show and tell printable, spin a letter, counting, a maze, picture search, and more! Kids will love the diverse ways to play while learning. With no preparation necessary, all you have to do is print and you’re ready to go.

Fine Motor | Writing | Letter Recognition

4. Play and Learn – Letter J Playdough Mats

Get their fingers moving with some playdough. This worksheet does not require laminating but if you do, you can use them again and again! Kids will roll playdough into both upper and lowercase j to fill in the bubble letters. Then lines are provided to trace and write the letters for more letter practice.

Nothing motivates kids more than being able to play. And adding play to learning is a great way to help them master new skills. Teachers will appreciate this easy way to practice, while students will have fun playing with playdough with EducationOutside’s letter j playdough mats.

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5. Fun and Engaging Kindergarten Letter j Tracing Sheets

These tracing sheets have kids to trace lines, lower and uppercase js, and squiggly paths. This is a great way for young children to practice their tracing skills and learn the letter j at the same time. Included are 8 pages of tracing, some which include boxes for kids to check off as they complete the activity.

This set of letter j tracing sheets from DesignsByBekkiSayler is perfect for morning work, independent practice, group work, or as homework. With no prep work needed, they are ready in an instant. Just print and practice.

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6. Let’s Learn – Letter J {Letter of the Week}

MichelleGriffofromApplesandABC’s has created this pack of letter j worksheets to add to your letter of the week curriculum. You get over 10 pages of worksheets and activities to keep your student(s) busy all week long.

Use these for independent practice, morning work, literacy centers, or for at-home practice. Your kids will be able to practice with activities like coloring, tracing, writing, sorting, and reading a letter j decodable. And you don’t have to do any additional work to get these ready, just print and go.

Creative | Fine Motor | Letter Recognition

7. Phonics Letter of the Week J MEGA Bundle

This is a huge set of letter j worksheets that will give you everything you need for a letter of the week lesson plan and then some. You get over 80 worksheets which includes 30 games! This will teach kids correct letter formation, identification, and recognition. 

Some of the featured items include posters, flashcards, playdough mats, sentence builders, flip books, coloring, and more. Your student(s) won’t get bored with such a variety of activities. This letter j bundle from LaviniaPop is excellent for home practice, morning work, daily literacy practice, or group instruction. Just print these off and you’re ready to teach.

Reading | Letter Recognition | Sound Recognition

8. Letter J Sentences – Sound and Letter Practice

Learning letter recognition and sound leads to reading fluency and this set of sentences combines both at a beginner level to get kids reading and associating letters with sounds. EducationOutside’s letter j sentences include easy-to-read sentences to reinforce the sound this letter makes. 

Each page features 6 sentences that relate to the letter j and use simple sight words to build reading fluency in your student(s). These include cute clip art and can be printed in black and white or color to fit your needs. This is a quick, easy activity that prints in seconds and requires no prep work at all.

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9. Hands-on Letter J Activities

Cutting, gluing, coloring, sorting, all of these are hands-on ways to help kids learn and keep them interested. This set of letter j activities by KatieRoltgen provides all of that and more. You get 10 pages of activities including building the letter, mini book, spot and dot, a letter maze, coloring sheet, and make a crown, just to name a few.

Each well-designed activity increases letter and/or sound recognition and identification. Kids all learn differently so having different ways to practice ensures every child can be successful when learning the letter j. These require minimal prep work so they won’t eat up a lot of your time when lesson planning either.


Learning can be fun as evidenced by the worksheets above. These creative options provide everything from tracing to reading and hands-on activities. You can choose any of them to add to your letter curriculum or as practice for new or struggling readers. 

Once kids learn their letters, they’re on track for blending, reading, and writing. So choose the letter j worksheets that fit your needs and get started today. Happy teaching!

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