10 Creative and Interactive Letter C Worksheets – Learning for Kids (2023)

| Last Updated: August 24, 2022

Learning all 26 letters of the alphabet is a big task for young kids. It is often best to break them down to one letter at a time. The more often a student sees, interacts with, and writes a letter, the quicker they will master it. 

Worksheets provide various ways to practice, giving kids plenty of repetition to increase letter recognition, identification, and sound. We’ve found some of the most popular worksheets for practicing the letter C to help you out. Check out the list below to learn about each one.

Excellent Letter C Worksheets

Letter Recognition | Writing | Fine Motor

1. Fun, Hands-on Letter C Worksheets Bundle

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With 13 types of activities and 42 pages, you will have lots of options for practice with this option. EducationOutside’s hands-on letter c worksheets give you the tools you need when and where you need them. They require no preparation, so your planning can be quicker and easier. 

A variety of fun, engaging activities such as activity mats, sorting sheets, playdough mats, coloring pages, and even sentences are included. This is the perfect option for preschool and kindergarten kids, as well as for struggling students who just need a bit more practice. Use these for at-home practice, introducing the letter c, activity centers, or as an independent learning activity. Whether you need a full letter of the week curriculum or just a few extra practice pages, you’ll find it in this bundle.

Creative | Letter Recognition | Cognitive

2. Letter of the Week – Letter C Pack

If you’re looking to build out your letter of the week curriculum for letter c, this set is a great choice. It includes 13 pages of practice with activities like coloring, tracing, printing, sorting, and more. These are ready to use when you need them so add them anywhere. Kids will enjoy interacting with the letter C on each page to improve letter recognition and identification. 

For multi-use purposes, you can slide these into page protectors and wipe the clean every time. This letter C worksheet pack from MichelleGriffo can be used for centers, homework, group instruction, or independent practice. Just print these off and they’re ready to go!

Letter Recognition | Sound Identification | Writing

3. Letter C Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets for Kids

Don’t need an excessive number of worksheets to wade through? This set of 5 worksheets is just right to add a little bit of practice or assess your student’s skills. These differentiated sheets are excellent for morning work, centers, homework, or as an intervention tool. 

These no-prep letter c alphabet worksheets from KellyConnors will add high-quality practice to your lesson plans that kids will love. The activities include penmanship, upper and lowercase letter identification, sound identification, and writing worksheets. They’re easy to print and use so they won’t add to your workload.

Creative | Fine Motor | Letter Recognition

4. Letter C Preschool Curriculum

LifeWithPeanut’s letter c activities feature fun ways to practice for young kids. The activities are particularly suitable for those learning fine motor skills. These are printable and require little to no preparation to get started. With over 30 pages of activities, you’ll have plenty of options for teaching and practicing the letter c. 

You get coloring pages, dotting sheets, letter sorts, crafts, counting, tracing, and more. Preschoolers and kindergarteners will love the eye-catching images and large spaces to color. Let kids have fun while learning the letter c by drawing, coloring, and crafting. Use these at home for practice, as a homeschool parent, or in a preschool, daycare, kindergarten for extra practice or letter introduction.

Reading | Cognitive | Letter Recognition

5. Letter C! Alphabet Letter of the Week Package

Sometimes you need paper worksheets and other times, you may prefer digital practice. Thankfully, this package provides both. This letter c letter of the week set from TweetResources gives you 20 pages of written practice along with a 15-page condensed version that you can use with Google Slides or Seesaw. 

The activities include posters, a letter c watch printable, picture search, read and match, letter maze, color by code, an artwork activity, and more! This is great for a letter of the week curriculum, as an ELL option, intervention strategy, letter introduction, or as homework. You will love the fun and engaging activities on every page. And since they require no preparation, they are easy to use and add.

Cognitive | Reading | Letter Recognition

6. Phonics Letter of the Week C Mega Bundle

This bundle features over 80 pages with 30+ games, activities, and worksheets to keep your student or class busy for a long time. Whether you are doing daily practice, sending home a homework packet, or using this as a full letter c curriculum, you’ll find the tools you need in this set. It is designed to be used with beginners in kindergarten or preschool to teach proper letter formation, recognition, and identification. The emphasis is on the letter sound, so kids quickly make the association. 

The phonics letter C pack from LaviniaPop is the whole package and with the variety of activities, you can use just this to teach the letter C. This pack includes posters, flashcards, mazes, hidden letters, flip books, reading strips, crowns, reading pages, and more. And since all the materials are printable, they can be ready in minutes. Most require no preparation, so your job is faster and easier.

Creative | Writing | Creative

7. Letter C Alphabet Tracing Printables

These letter c tracing sheets from DesignsbyBekkiSayler are perfect for young kids who are learning pencil control and letter formation. You get 8 engaging pages of tracing practice for tons of fun learning. With no preparation required, you can be ready to go at the push of the print button. Cute pictures adorn each page to keep kids interested. 

Have kids follow lines and trace the letter Cs on the pages to help them learn to form the letter. There are also coloring and cutting activities to further develop fine motor skills and provide variety in the activity. The pages feature a self assessment checklist so your student(s) can keep track of their progress.

Letter Recognition | Fine Motor | Writing

8. Letter C Alphabet Printables and Centers

This set will meet all your letter c needs with over 70 pages of interactive practice. SimplyKinder’s practically everything to teach the letter C bundle is a great value with tons of options at your fingertips. Not only do you get practice pages, you also receive materials like posters, graphic organizers, and anchor charts to display in your house or classroom. 

Activities like write the room, 4 in a row, sound sort, craft pages, letter stamping, and more will definitely keep kids learning for as long as you need them to. Just print the page(s) you need and you’re ready to teach. This set is perfect for a letter of the week curriculum, as an intervention, homework, or for letter C practice anytime.

Creative | Cognitive | Letter Recognition

9. All About C Alphabet Activity Pack

This set gets straight to the point with 10 excellent activities centering on the letter C and its sound. KatieRoltgen’s letter C activity pack features everything you need for a week’s worth of learning including, coloring, cutting, tracing, sorting, mystery crown, spot and dot, a mini book, and more!

Create or add to your current curriculum at the touch of a button. Just print and add where you need them. These can be used for literacy centers, at-home practice, desk work, or for group instruction. Each activity is interactive and will engage your student(s).

Fine Motor | Letter Recognition | Writing

10. Letter C-No Prep Worksheets Pack

This set is suitable for pre-k, kindergarten, and struggling older students who just need some extra practice. With 46+ pages of engaging activities, you can use them anywhere you need them. There are plenty of options to use for classroom instruction, centers, homework, or as an intervention tool. 

With this letter c worksheets pack from Marcelle’sKGZone, you get 35 different printables that are differentiated into 2 categories. The first group is for students just learning pencil control and are developing fine motor skills. Pages in this group are larger and easier to use for young kids. The second set moves forward to proper letter formation, recognition, and sound to help them gain a good foundation and targets students who have gained pencil control and feel more confident in their tracing and writing abilities. Just use the set that fits your student(s) best.


Practicing the letter C takes time and repetition. Thankfully, worksheets exist to keep the learning fun, interactive, and engaging by providing many ways to practice. The list above features some of the most popular worksheet options available and are great resources to have on hand. 

We hope you found a great set to meet your teaching style and objectives. Just browse through each product and find the one that fits your needs best. Happy teaching!

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