10 Captivating Bug Books For Preschoolers

| Last Updated: August 8, 2022

Bugs are of never-ending interest to preschoolers and young kids. Reading books about bugs can be fun, whimsical, and even educational. Whether you are looking for fun stories or some non-fiction texts for your preschooler(s), there are a lot of great choices.

We’ve tracked down some of the best bug books for preschool and listed them here for your convenience. Teach, entertain, and inform your little ones with any of the fun books below. Check them out and pick some or all to read to your kiddos. 

Great Preschool Bug Books

For a complete overview of insects, this is an excellent option. It walks kids through what an insect is, body parts, life cycle, types, and more! The live, in-depth images make it easy for kids to follow along with and go perfectly with the text on each page. 

Whether your preschooler is interested in bugs or you are just introducing them, this text has everything you need. The National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs by Catherine Hughes is one of the best non-fiction texts for kids on insects so don’t hesitate to grab this one.

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2. The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter

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Do you have a child who is afraid of bees or do you just want to make sure they know bees aren’t scary? Author, Shabazz Larkin wrote this book because as a child, he was afraid of bees and didn’t want his own children to share that experience. He brings personal experiences, accurate information, and also shares how important bees are to our foods. 

Through a love poem to his children, The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter by Shabazz Larkin, helps kids understand bees and dispel fears. The cute illustrations and loving words will set preschoolers at ease and give them a view of the importance of bees. Use this as a sweet story to combat fears or use it as part of an insect or bug curriculum.

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3. Some Bugs

A classic board book is great for small hands because they don’t rip or tear easily. This bug book is simple and informative for preschoolers who will be able to associate the pictures and words easily. The illustrations are engaging and detailed, showing the many things bugs do. 

Preschoolers will enjoy the thick pages that are easy to turn and the colorful pictures that adorn each page. Read this anytime as a fun bug book or use it to discuss bugs with your preschoolers in an age-appropriate way. Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi will be a great addition to any bug curriculum or addition to your home or classroom library.

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4. The Big Book of Bugs

This aptly named big book has tons of information about bugs! With over 60 pages, this book delves page by page to many types of insects, family trees, bug behaviors, and much more. Kids will love browsing through this reference book and discovering new bug facts every day. The illustrations are beautiful and are sure to engage kids of all ages. 

You can use this solely as a reference book, discuss one section each day to give your child(ren) a complete overview on bugs, or add it to an insect curriculum to make learning fun. Current and future bug lovers will thoroughly enjoy The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer, so grab it today!

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5. In the Tall, Tall Grass

For a fun bug book with lots of onomatopoeias, this is the book you need. Each page features just a few words, making it an easy, quick read. The illustrations are cute and you can have children locate the little yellow caterpillar hidden on each page. 

Preschoolers will engage with rhyming words and entertaining pictures. Use this as a spring text, intro to an insect curriculum, or anywhere. In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming might just become your child’s next favorite book.

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6. The Book of Brilliant Bugs

Kids and adults alike will love this book filled with factual information about bugs coupled with pictures and illustrations. Learn about bug types, habits, body parts, families, behaviors, habitats, and so much more! It even helps kids understand why bugs are more than annoyances and how important they are to our world. 

Get this as a permanent addition to your at-home or school library. Your preschooler will find endless opportunities to pull it out to identify bugs they find or see. With The Book of Brilliant Bugs by Jess French, kids of all ages can get the inside scoop on insects.

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7. Bug Dance

Dance along with Centipede and his friends in this adorable story of perseverance. Even though the centipede has trouble with a new dance, he keeps trying until he gets it right. The book also lets kids see the difference in size, shape, and movement of several types of bugs. 

There are also math and movement elements included so kids can get up and dance while counting their steps and hops. The Bug Dance by Stuart J. Murphy will bring lots of laughs and fun to your preschooler(s). This is just right any time of the year and can be part of the math, insect, or physical education curriculum.

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8. Are You a Ladybug?

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How do you know if you are a ladybug? This beautifully illustrated book will help preschoolers learn about the life cycle of a ladybug and see the step-by-step transformation these tiny insects go through. Kids will love watching tiny bugs grow from an egg to a full-fledged ladybug. 

Are You a Ladybug? by Judy Allen is a journey from start to finish learning about how a ladybug grows from an egg to the insect we are all familiar with. At the end, it helps preschoolers see why they are NOT a ladybug and how they are different from these bugs. It also includes a great informational section so kids can further understand ladybugs.

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9. Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Big, vibrant illustrations cover the pages of this book about bugs. Your preschooler(s) will be drawn in by the rhyming words and pictures as they learn about a different bug on each page. It even includes a page where kids can see the actual sizes of bugs around them. Then, at the back, they can play Bug-O-Meter and answer questions about each bug-like, “Can it fly?” “Where does it live?” and “How many legs?”.

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner not only gives kids an overview of bugs but reinforces the various aspects of different insects, allowing you to assess your child’s knowledge of the bugs featured in the book. You can’t go wrong with this amazing book!

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10. Two Bad Ants

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This book starts with a bit of a mystery as an ant brings back a mysterious crystal to the ant hill. The other ants follow to find more and an adventure ensues for two mischievous ants who don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. This story and its fun pictures will delight and entertain kids over and over.

See the human world from the perspective of two ants as they encounter a human’s house. Can your preschooler guess what each object is as the ants deal with challenges? Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg shows preschoolers the trouble you can get into when you don’t do what you should. Use this for insect curriculums or just as a fun tale. 


See the world from a bug’s perspective, learn about the tiny insects all around, or go on an imaginative adventure with bug books for preschoolers. Kids love stories and learning about the world around them. The books on the list above offer a variety of both. Choose whichever book(s) fit your needs best and it’ll surely be a hit at story time. Thanks for reading!

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