10 Absolute Must-Read Preschool Books About Apples

| Last Updated: January 14, 2023

Children can learn a lot from apple books. These materials help them better understand the history and life cycle of apples. Plus, some apple books also provide information on how children can enjoy this nutritious fruit better. 

Your search for preschool books about apples comes to an end with the list below. These books are perfect for preschoolers as stories are conveyed with colorful photos and simple words. 

Great Preschool Books About Apples

Reading | Math Skills | Fine Motor Skills

1. Apples

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This book highlights the tradition of growing and picking apples, including the history of apples and how farmers and families care for apple trees today. It also covers topics on how children can turn apples into treats, like caramel apples, and use them for games, such as “bobbing for apples” during Halloween.

Since the book also highlights different varieties of apples found in North America, it’s an excellent material to teach children how versatile this fruit is. It goes in-depth in discussing the different parts of the apples and how apple trees change through the seasons. 

Apples uses captivating images to promote a cheerful mood as it tackles different topics on apples. Its appearance is easy on the eyes and makes it easy for children to follow along easily. You can also use this book when opening up a science lesson on plants

Vocabulary | Reading | Math

2. Apples for Everyone

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This short little book provides children with information about the life cycle of apples and apple trees. The book starts by showing pictures of apples in bloom with bees flying around and moves to show different varieties of apples. The pictures progress to fall when harvesting season begins. Apples are then taken to farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and roadside stands. 

The book then discusses the different uses of apples. It also introduces children to Johnny Appleseed, an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to different parts of Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. 

The use of bold photos about apples and nice and simple text makes Apples for Everyone an excellent book for preschoolers. Use this book as part of your fall curriculum and have children complete apple-themed activities, like writing a poem about apples. 

Science Concepts | Literature | Math

3. Hello, World! How Do Apples Grow?

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Starting after taking a bite from an apple, this book illustrates the different stages of an apple seed. The author teaches children the concepts of what apple trees need to grow, how to plant and care for them, and their different parts. It also highlights the different stages of apple trees and the changes they go through every season. 

The book uses colorful illustrations to show each stage of an apple’s life cycle and the importance of seeds, trees, and plants in the world. It’s thorough and incorporates factual information, but concepts are presented in an easy-to-read manner. 

Share the Hello, World! How Do Apples Grow? with your class before an apple picking or apple pie baking activity. You can also use the book to incorporate science into literacy or as an introduction to lessons about apples. 

Problem-solving | Social Skills | Literacy

4. Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie

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Amelia Bedelia was at her grandparents’ house, where she was taught how to make an apple pie. Her grandad took her to the farmers’ market to get some apples and then teamed up with her grandmom to make an apple pie. There were leftover apples and dough, so Amelia decided to make her own apple pie all by herself. 

When the first pie was done, her grandma left it outside to cool, but crows feasted on it in minutes. Luckily, Amelia’s apple pie was still in the oven, and everyone was still able to enjoy a bite of the pie even after the disaster!

Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie incorporates literacy devices in a creative, child-friendly way. It’s entertaining as it uses well-rounded characters and vivid illustrations all throughout. Since there’s an apple pie recipe at the back, this book is perfect for fall or Thanksgiving!

Language | Science | Math

5. Ten Apples Up On Top

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This adorable book shows the adventures of three animals — a lion, a dog, and a tiger — trying to best one another through an apple stacking competition, But with a twist, as they stack apples atop their heads. When they reach ten, people in town knock the apples off. It’s a race around town as the three friends aim to keep the ten apples on their heads from falling over. 

The storyline is fun as it’s presented with repeated rhymes and wonderful animals. It’s sure to delight the eyes and ears of the children, as well as tickle the tongues of early readers. It’s a humorous story that’ll keep children engaged during class.

Get Ten Apples Up On Top to help children learn how to count and rhyme. This book can be coupled with many sensory crafts and activities, such as stacking apples using playdough or having children stack apples in their heads using different art materials. 

Reading | Gross Motor Skills | Science

6. Secrets of the Apple Tree

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This book tells a story about the seasons of an apple tree and takes a step further by discussing small parts of animals and nature around it. It explores all the living things thriving in and around apple trees, including its own ecosystem of insects, worms, lizards, and more. 

One thing that makes this book unique is that the pages show more when you shine a flashlight through them. Each page is created with a “secret” that can only be revealed with a flashlight. The illustrations in the book are simple yet soothing.  

Secrets of the Apple Tree is an excellent book for children who find it difficult to pay attention to their books and for introducing the life of plants and nature. This would be the perfect material to use with children during power outages, rainy days, or camping.

Social Skills | Language | Cultural Diversity

7. Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship

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The story begins with Mac, an apple, who becomes friends with a worm named Will. The two were inseparable at first, playing games and finishing each other’s sentences. But since apples aren’t supposed to be friends with worms, other apples start bullying Mac, calling him a “bad apple” and “rotten.” These words got to Mac at first, but he eventually gained the courage to stand up against bullies and realized how important it was to be a loyal friend to Will. 

The book uses bright colors and charming characters that easily capture children’s attention. The author’s use of simple and clean text makes it easier for children to understand the message of the book. 

Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship is an excellent resource for introducing anti-bullying lessons to children. Bring this book to class at the beginning of the school year and use the book’s ideology — which is kindness and acceptance of others — as standards in the classroom.  

Biography | Gross Motor Skills | Language

8. My Little Golden Book About Johnny Appleseed

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This book summarizes Johnny Appleseed’s life and his mission while highlighting the tall tales that grew around him. It does a great job of showcasing Johnny Appleseed and turning him into a simple tale that children can easily embrace. 

Thanks to its awesome illustrations accompanied by informative texts, children will stay engaged as you use this book in class. It also provides an excellent synopsis of his life and death, why he pursued his mission, and the impact he has had for many generations. 

Use the My Little Golden Book About Johnny Appleseed to introduce an American hero to children or after children visit an apple orchard. You can also supplement the book by incorporating apple-themed activities, like making an apple stamp painting craft or a collage on different apple varieties. 

Geography | Vocabulary | Science

9. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

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A young girl who wanted to make apple pies discovered that the local market was closed. She decides to embark on an adventure by visiting different countries to get the ingredients she needs. 

She traveled to Italy for wheat, Jamaica for sugar cane, France for a fancy hen (for the eggs), England for a cow (for the milk), and Sri Lanka for cinnamon. Her trip ends in Vermont, where she shops for the freshest apples. With all the ingredients she got, she eventually succeeded in creating a delicious apple pie. 

The book has eye-catching watercolor illustrations, which are flowing and soft-edged. It also uses descriptive texts that help children see the different places and cultures around the world. 

Maximize the book How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World to introduce the seven continents to children. This book also works well as part of a fall curriculum as it comes with an apple pie recipe at the back.  

Vocabulary | Social Skills | Problem-Solving

10. Apples to Oregon

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This is a story where a girl named Delicious shares how her dad brought apples and other fruits when the family trek on the Oregon Trail. The family faces many obstacles during their trip, such as the lack of resources and extreme weather conditions, but has surpassed all of them and ends up being happy together. 

The illustrations in the book are beautiful as they capture the hardships of pioneer life and the relationship between a father and daughter. The concepts of exaggeration used in the book also make the story more fun and relatable. 

Use the Apples to Oregon to introduce a history lesson to children. It’s also a wonderful material for reading aloud in class while discussing vocabulary used in the book. 


Teaching children about apples doesn’t have to be boring. Look for the books we’ve mentioned here and incorporate them into your classes right away. 

Besides teaching children how to grow and care for apples, we also provide suggestions on the best books to use based on different themes. Visit our website regularly to learn the best books to use as resources for your classes!

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