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We’ve compiled these resources over years of work in the field. Help us keep them available to teachers and students all over the country.
Lesson Pathway

Our Lesson Pathway is a curriculum framework that allows educators to plan a sequenced outdoor education program by selecting lessons that are nested into a larger structure. It is arranged by themes (Basics, Soil, Plants, Creatures, Ecology, Materials, and Food) that can be organized into an academic schedule, building the key concepts of each theme over a K-5 experience.
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How to Grow a School Garden

In this groundbreaking resource, two school garden pioneers offer parents, teachers, and school administrators everything they need to know to build school gardens and to develop the programs that support them.
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Tour School Gardens in SF

By popular request, we put together this self-guided tour of school gardens in San Francisco. These outdoor classrooms are all visible from the street and give a great overview of the different types of school gardens that are possible.
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Horticultural Resources

Look here for links to seed companies; sources of mulch, soil, planting, and gardening materials; Bay Area nurseries; pest control; and more.
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Grants for School Gardens

Every school garden needs a little money to help it grow. Check out our list of gardening grants, and see if your school is eligible.
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School Garden Organizations

Looking for inspiration for starting or maintaining your own school garden? Start by checking out these organizations that support and promote school gardens.
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SFUSD Greening

San Francisco Unified School District is growing greener by the day, but starting a green schoolyard project can be daunting. From an overview of the Prop. A bond to master planning to green schoolyard guidelines, here’s everything San Francisco public schools need to know about greening.

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