Halloween Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

Kids look forward to festivals like Halloween and Christmas as they are excited about candy and gifts. What if you use this opportunity to come up with some Halloween activities that can teach your kids something useful? To help you gather some cool, fun activities to do on Halloween with your kids, we have come … Read more

Earth Day Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

Earth is our only home in this vast universe, and we must protect it. This is a fact that must be taught to our kids from a young age. For this purpose, we celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd of April every year. If you are a kindergarten teacher and are planning to educate your … Read more

Dr. Seuss Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

Handling kids can be a daunting task unless you are fully prepared for it. One way you can tackle any classroom situation while making it all the more fun and engaging for the kids is by introducing them to Dr. Seuss themed activities.  Dr. Seuss is well-known amongst kids for unusually grasping storylines and characters. … Read more

Christmas Activities For Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

Christmas time is more exciting for kids than it is for adults. Kindergarten Christmas activities are fun for kids who are eager for the holidays. They are a fun way to keep them busy. From cards to crafts, you can engage your kids in some fun and enjoyable activities.  They are a great way of … Read more

Rhyming Activities For Kindergarten- 2021 Guide

Rhyming is an important part of early childhood education. It helps develop children’s’ reading skills in a fun and interactive way. It can also be a great way of learning new words concerning other words.  As a teacher or a parent, you know that it is not an easy task to keep your kids sitting … Read more

Phonics Activities For Kindergarten- 2021 Make Learning Fun

To develop a child’s phonological awareness, you must focus on it since the age of preschool. The process of sounding out words is called decoding. It requires a good amount of effort from parents and teachers to teach it to kindergarten students. However, following some techniques and teaching phonics with activities can make the process … Read more

Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Activities- 2021 Round-up

Do you have kids who are beginning to read? Do you want them to grasp the technique well? If yes, then different phonemic awareness activities can help them progress better.  Being able to identify and distinguish different alphabetical codes and sounds will enhance their listening, reading, and speaking abilities. Phonemic awareness is an important skill … Read more

Morning Meeting Activities Kindergarten – 2021 Guide

If you are a teacher to a group of young, bubbly kids, you must plan a morning routine.  Deciding upon suitable morning meeting activities for your kindergarten students not only helps create a stronger, friendlier student-teacher relationship, but it also makes your mornings super jolly and fun. There are a variety of fun things you … Read more

Kindergarten Math Activities – 2021 Guide

Bringing up children is a big responsibility, and making sure that their educational needs are met is necessary. Math is one of the subjects that children often complain about later in their lives. This is mostly due to a weak understanding of the subject. Here are some great math activities on the market that will … Read more

First Day of Kindergarten Activities – 2021 Guide

Young kids just entering kindergarten might find the overall experience scary and awful. As a teacher, you must help them adjust and realize that it is not all that bad. You want them to stay put instead of whining about going back to their parents or going back home. The only way to do this … Read more